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5 Best Action Movies of All Time You Must Watch6 min read

5 Best Action Movies and Franchises of All Time You Must Watch

There are tons and tons of action films have produced in the cinema industry. Among them, only some movies have good content and a perfect storyline to watch. Every action movie must need a strong character and a strong intention to fight the enemy. Without perfect characterization and proper story, can the audience connect to the movie?

So, we’ve listed out some of the greatest action movies that every movie lover should watch. Especially, if you’re an action movie lover, then you definitely cannot miss these stunning films. I think you shouldn’t call yourself an action movie lover if you still haven’t these yet.

Before going into the list of best action movies of all time. Just to let you know that we didn’t include any movies relating to marvel or dc. Apart from, we’ve listed the 5 Best Action movies of all time.


1. John Wick

john wick

Hell Yeahh! John wick is the most loved franchise by the audience and film lovers. Almost everyone would love to watch John wick films because of its characterization and insane action sequences. Keanu Reeves who portrayed as john wick has done a splendid job in these movies. He became a social media star and many people love his humbleness and of course he is gentlemen. John Wick movies are so brutal and insane to enjoy thoroughly. It makes us stick to the seat ad screen.

Chad Stahelski is the director of the JohnWick franchise who is originally a stuntman has done awesome work choreographing the action sequences in a cool way that everybody would freak out. In the same way, he has shown the storyline perfectly and narrated it well to the audience. Though, Johnwick is the most recommended acti0n franchise that you must watch if you’re a film lover. DO NOT MISS THIS EPIC FRANCHISE. You will surely love JOHN WICK

Plot: John Wick, retired hitman seeking revenge for killing dog given to him by his recently deceased wife

John Wick Franchise :

  1. John Wick
  2. John Wick: Chapter 2
  3. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum


2. Mission Impossible


Mission Impossible is one of the largest action franchise. It was started in the year 1996 and still, the franchise is ongoing. It is one of the most liked action series by the people too. The latest movie of this franchise is Mission: Impossible – Fallout which was a massive hit and loved by the audience. The Sequel is currently in Shooting progress and scheduled to release in 2021 July 23. The reason why these films got a lot of hype is because the actor TOM CRUISE who is the main lead in this series. Tom Cruise is known for his action movies and especially for this Mission Impossible Action Franchise. He is a great actor and has done spectacular stunts in the movies. Several directors for this franchise and one of them is Christopher McQuarrie who directed the latest movie and is also gonna direct sequels too. Regardless, you will enjoy thoroughly watching action sequences designed in this franchise.

Plot: It follows the operations of the IMF’s main field team under the leadership of Hunt who is forced to take over after the team was betrayed from within during the first film.

Mission Impossible Franchise:

  1. Mission: Impossible
  2. Mission: Impossible 2
  3. Mission: Impossible III
  4. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
  5. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
  6. Mission: Impossible – Fallout


3.Fast and Furious

fast and furious

Fast and Furious / The Fast Saga is the largest action franchise and highest-grossing series in the box office. The first fast and furious movie was released in 2001 and the franchise is still going on. It is one of the most loved franchises by the audience especially because of their streetcar racing action sequences. The franchise has an ensemble cast like Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sung Kang. In 2013, Paul Walker died in a car accident which was a tragedic moment for everybody and Fast & Furious 7 became his final performance.

Since the fast saga got a lot of hype and massive success. The franchise continues to exist. The ninth installment of this series is currently in post-production progress and scheduled to release on May 22, 2020, and it also has been said that that there is going to the tenth installment for this series which will be the finale one. Recently, the spin-off for this franchise was released in 2019 Hobbs & Shaw. Although, Never miss this franchise if you’re an action movie and car lover.

Plot: The series concerned illegal street races, heists and spies.

Fast and Furious Franchise :

  1. The Fast and the Furious
  2. 2 Fast 2 Furious
  3. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
  4. Fast & Furious 4
  5. Fast & Furious Five
  6. Fast & Furious 6
  7. Furious 7
  8. The Fate of the Furious




Terminator is one of the most loved and timeless action movie franchise. The first installment came out in the year 1984. At that time, the film created a lot of hype and Arnold Schwarzenegger who was a professional bodybuilder became an action star with this franchise. The Terminator franchise had potentially gained massive success from the box office. The most loved installment from this franchise is Terminator: Judgment Day  which was directed by one of the greatest director James Cameron. Maybe, this makes you watch terminator for sure. It is one of the best action franchises you shouldn’t miss. Terminator is an old franchise and first franchise where you see lots of action and thrilling scenes. The series inspired so many action movies and franchises. Although, Terminator always remains in the best action movie franchises list.

Plot: The battle for survival between the nearly extinct human race and the Artificial intelligence

Terminator Franchise :

  1. The Terminator
  2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  3. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
  4. Terminator Salvation
  5. Terminator Genisys
  6. Terminator: Dark Fate


5.Mad Max

mad max

Mad Max is one of the most popular action movie franchises in the cinematic world. The first installment of this franchise came out in the year 1979. It is one of the best franchise in the post-apocalyptic and action genre. Among all mad max movies, Mad Max 2 and latest Mad Max: Fury Road considered as the best movies from the franchise. In 2015, MadMax Fury road got a lot of hype and greatly lauded by critics and audiences. MadMax Fury Road is also considered to be one of the greatest action films of all time which makes you more curious to watch the film. The sequel to Fury Road is being delayed and currently in pre-production. According to some reports, the sequel will start filming in 2020 Autumn. The sequel tentatively named as Mad Max: The Wasteland. Although, the Mad Max franchise is great watch films.

Plot: police officer in the future of Australia who is witnessing social collapse due to conflict and vital resource shortages. When his wife and child are killed by ruthless biker gang, Max kills them in vengeance and becomes lonely weirdo in the Desert.

Mad Max Franchise:

  1. Mad Max
  2. Mad Max 2
  3. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
  4. Mad Max: Fury Road


Die Hard
James Bond


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Tea Spangsberg
Tea Spangsberg
6 months ago

I agree with John wick but that’s it 😋
The list should totally include:
Die hard
Boondocks saints

Okay I could keep going hehe

Thanks for sharing

6 months ago

I’m actually really glad you left out Marvel and DC, as there were so many great mentions! Plus I now really want to watch Mad Max: Fury Road again, as it was just so entertaining. I do think a lot of my faves seem to straddle the action/adventure side of things though with the Indiana movies and Kingsman.

Quinn x

Garrett Carlson
6 months ago

Hell yeah on including the Fast and Furious franchise! I always describe the series as “the movies are like when you’re a kid and are playing with hot wheels. Except they’re all real people.”

Great post!

4 months ago

That’s a good list of action films. Thanks for sharing!

4 months ago

Great post I’m gonna watch John Wick..this is a great list


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