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8 Advanced Technology Changes in 2020 that will blow your Mind

8 Advanced Technology Changes in 2020 that will blow your Mind

technology changes in 2020

Finally, It’s an end for 10’s decade. Time for the future 20’s decade which will impact our whole life through the technological changes. We used to hear a lot of things about how the future is gonna explore and how technology will be advanced in the coming days. I think It’s time for the actions because many companies have been introducing and working on tons of technical stuff to bring the change in our lives. So far, we have seen the huge changes in our society. for e.g, from a button phone to a foldable full-screen phone. That’s how technology has developed so far. We are probably gonna see hologram technology in the future considering the technological changes till now.In 2018, Samsung submitted a patent for a holographic technology device. Samsung has been working and developing on it for a successful holographic device.

We may can’t believe the fact that we all gonna get a facility to go space. That’s unbelievable right ?. From many years, Virgin Galactic and SpaceX have been working on it rigorously for the success. Not only this factor, We all gonna witness so many technological changes in 20’s that will blow your mind in which in terms of health, technology, internet, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cars. That’s exciting, right ? Here’s list of huge changes in 2020.

1. Space Tourism

space toursim technology

We talked about space tourism right? Wanna go deep into it. Here we go,  I suppose you all know about space tourism. It’s simple, It’s an activity of traveling into space for space exploration i hope you get it. There are many companies that have been working on it for many years. Among all of them. promising companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin have been developing the project. In 2017, the founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, announced his intention to take two paying clients on an inaugural lunar travel mission on journey around the universe.The mission was planned for 2018, but it has been postponed since then. SpaceX has not yet announced an official pricing list and hasn’t started to sell tickets for either lunar or mars trips. Moreover, Virgin Galactic, there’s spaceship completed a successful test flight into outer space in 2018. The company has a waiting list of people who want to become space travelers with an initial deposit of £ 200,000 to obtain a spot on this list. While, SpaceX founder stated that the prices could be b/w $500,000 and $100,000.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence technology

We have to talk about this. It’s Artificial Intelligence which is gonna play a vital role in the upcoming days. AI Artificial Intelligence is gonna be everywhere around the world.  Most companies started to work on AI to improve the user experience of a person. The companies have been working on AI as a service provider to every person. They are designing and improving the AI in every factor that could understand the human. AI is the future that is gonna explore throughout the world. Currently, platforms like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have been developing the AI in every factor. Till now, we got Alexa, Siri and Google Voice Assistant. They are pretty useful in our phones to help us. We all gonna see about AI in 2020.


3. 5G Network

5g network technology

Those were days where we used to get struggled for downloading an app with a 2G mobile network and these are the present days where we can easily download everything quickly and upload as well fastly. Although, the 5G Mobile network has developed in China and some areas. They are available and limited to particular areas only and moreover, they’re still expensive to afford. but, 2020 is gonna be the year where we can use it cheaply and 5G network connectivity would be available in budget phones at the end of 2020. Unlike, 5G Signal connectivity has to come to the availability everywhere. 2020 is likely to get availability in most areas. We can download and stream the movies at super speed and use the internet.

4. Self Driving

autonomous vehicle

We can enjoy traveling if we wouldn’t have to drive the vehicle. It’s unbelievable that future cars are gonna be an autonomous vehicle that can drive itself just like a self-driving.Many companies have done trails, as a result, some succeed and some are failed. Tesla, CEO Elon Musk said his company working on a full complete autonomous vehicle which planned to bring by 2020. You can use the car as a toy. You don’t have to do anything with the car. The car takes care of itself. Every part of the car will be autonomous in terms of the braking system, lane changing, security, music system, and other systems. We will gonna see autonomous driving in the decade of 2020. It’s gonna evolve around the world and the technology continues to develop.

5. Blockchain Technology

block chain technology

Blockchain Technology is the most popular and trending topic over the years. If you don’t know what block technology means it’s simple but, complex.  Blockchain technology is a digital ledger that records transactions with full encrypted security and decentralized finance. Most companies like FedEx, Mastercard, IBM, and Walmart have invested in developing blockchain technology . The blockchain tech is currently in development and is likely to begin in 2020 if it’s worked successfully. Facebook and Libra Association members are also working on blockchain technology based on cryptocurrency.

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

IoT is essentially the network of interconnected devices that are integrated in sensors, applications, networking, and the needed electronics to collect and exchange data and responsive. Internet will be embedded in every device and applications that help us most of the time in our life. IoT includes devices built-in sensors that are connected to the Internet of Things which collects data. Sensors are integrated into many devices and objects like phone, autonomous cars, bikes, microwave, fitness bands and etc. The Internet of Things is gonna play an essential role in the future.  IoT will take care of everything in the future. With 5G Network, The IoT will reach to the large scale and the IoT’s will be easier to use and to store data.


7.Solar Power

solar power technology

Solar Power is the future of our lives. It’s renewable energy which we can use it without limit and it’s no harm to the environment. We would have implemented solar energy in our houses if it isn’t expensive. But, in 2020, The solar power may get to the reasonable prices that we can purchase and use it daily.

As the fight against climate change is accelerating, so will renewable energy sources be demanded. Solar power will play a significant role in mitigating global climate change. It is gonna be clean electricity. The Future will suffer from lack of greenery and other useful resources for the environment. Don’t know it all depends on the things we are doing now.

8. Cure for Cancer and Aids

cure for aids

It’s like the beginning of the end for cancer by 2020. capacity to track cancer, the complex immune system and the intestinal flora and prediabetes in real time will change medicine’s existence and lead to new age in human health where longevity is secured against disease. The organization, amfAR’s “Countdown to a Cure for AIDS aimed at finding a broadly applicable cure for HIV by 2020. We are gonna get a cure for every health problem and bacteria that are incurable in the past. Hope,  2020 decade will bring advanced tech for solution for every problem.

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8 thoughts on “8 Advanced Technology Changes in 2020 that will blow your Mind

  1. I really liked your article! I will admit 5G actually worries me a bit. I’ve heard a lot about how it isn’t good for human health.

    Self-driving cars on the other hand, that is something I can get excited about!

  2. Just think how fast new tech is moving, it’s amazing! All the SF movies are becoming reality very quickly. Interesting article, I just hope we are going to use solar power and autonomous cars to stop the harm we are doing to the planet.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of these technologies. There are a ton of positives but also some concerning things about each one. Thanks for a great summary!

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