Best 6 Bathing Soap Brands in India ( 2020 )

Best 6 Bathing Soap Brands in India 

As According to TFM ( Total Fatty Matter ). I made a list of Best 6 Bathing Soap Brands in India.

The Total Fatty Matter (TFM) is one of the most important characteristics describing the quality of soap and it is always specified in commercial transactions. It is defined as total amount of fatty matter, mostly fatty acids, that can be separated from a sample after splitting with mineral acid, usually HCl.

This is a list of  best soaps which are considered to be GRADE 1 Soaps

1.Mysore Sandal ( 80.67% )

mysore sandal soap


2.Cinthol  (80.15%)

cinthol soap

3.Superia Silk  (76.21%)

superia silk soap

4.Park Avenue  (76.17%)

park avenue soap


5.Godrej No.1  (76.15%)

godrej no.1 soap

6.Godrej Fair Glow  (76.07%)

godrej fair glow soap

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