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Top 6 Bathing Soap Brands in India 2021

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If you’re not buying a high TFM value soap, it’s obvious that it’s of low quality. Because It’s pretty easy to recognize the quality of soap by simply checking the TFM value found on the back cover.

It is all about the Total Fat Matter (TFM) which is the critical factor that determines the quality of soap. It is typically defined as the total amount of fat, or fatty acids, that can be separated from a sample after splitting with a mineral acid (HCl). Don’t rush, I will convey it in normal language & dumb it down for you: Basically, TFM is a measure of soap quality. The higher it is, the higher the soap quality is. Indeed, the highest TFM values appear to be the best. Thus, we call them Grade 1 soaps.

Here, In accordance with TFM, I have compiled a list of the Best 6 India Bathing Soap Brands in India (Grade 1).


1. Mysore Sandal ( 80.67% )

mysore sandal soap

Product Description :

Mysore Sandal soap is one of the top soap brands in India, holding a special place in the hearts of Indians for more than a century. This soap is made from vegetable oils and contains Natural Mysore Sandalwood oil, popularly known as ‘Liquid gold’. The oil of Sandalwood is recommended in ancient ayurvedic texts for skin care and has excellent antiseptic properties. Sandalwood oil – a nature’s gift, emanates lingering fragrance, keeps your skin glowing, soft, blemish-free, forever young and beautiful.


  • Made with 100% pure Sandalwood oil and Almond oil
  • Nourishes rejuvenate and keep the skin wrinkle & blemish-free
  • The sweet, woody, and warm fragrance of sandalwood entices your senses




2. Cinthol  (80.15%)

cinthol soap

Product Description :

Cinthol Original Bath Soap protects you from exposure to sun, dust and pollution, and helps you prevent acne, blemishes and rashes. Doctors often recommend Cinthol Original Bath Soap for skin protection. This soap for body odour keeps you and your family protected from all the skin problems as it reduces the risk by up to 95%. Its high TFM keeps your skin healthy and glowing as it leaves the skin soft, supple and acne-free. With Cinthol Original Soap, being alive is awesome. Explore the wide range of refreshing Cinthol bath soaps, available in 4 other variants, namely Cool, Deo, Lime and Original.


  • Bathing soap that keeps your skin healthy and glowing
  • Reduces risk of skin problems like acne, blemishes and rashes by up to 95%
  • Contains high TFM (Grade 1 soap)



3. Superia Silk  (76.21%)

superia silk soap

Product Description :

Superia Silk soap enriched with natural ingredients like almond oil, orange peel, and butterscotch gives radiant glowing skin.


4. Park Avenue  (76.17%)

park avenue soap


Product Description :

indulge in a rejuvenating and nourishing bathing experience as you cleanse your skin with Luxury – a fragrant soap bar from Park Avenue.

Moisturizing Action
Enriched with the goodness of shea butter, this bathing soap not only cleanses your skin from deep inside, but also heals and re-hydrates it, so that it feels soft like satin.



5. Godrej No.1  (76.15%)

godrej no.1 soap

The natural ingredients Sandal and Turmeric have traditionally been well known and trusted for skin care. The goodness of these ingredients, combined with Natural Oils, gives you clear skin that glows with nourishment.

Features :

  • Natural Oils gives you skin that glows with nourishment
  • Contains natural ingredients – Sandal and Turmeric that have traditionally been well known and trusted for skin care
  • Gives you smooth and beautiful skin, naturally



6. Godrej Fair Glow  (76.07%)

godrej fair glow soap

Features :

  • Fairness with proteins formula
  • Removes dirt and impurities
  • Reduces existing melanin
  • Inhibits production of melanin that causes skin darkening





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