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Best Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin- Tips to get Healthy Skin 2021



Everyone has a different kind of skin. They really want their face to be clean and glow. The ones who care about their face would get clear skin and the one who doesn’t care wouldn’t get fair and clear skin. There are so many people like me who has oily skin. I too get irritated when my face is so oily on my face. Sometimes, it gets worse especially when you’re outside for some time. So, I started to follow the Skincare Routine for my face with good products. Seriously, I’m not the kind of person who purchases cheap products for the skin. It’s your skin guys, every product doesn’t suit your skin. Just explore Google and Check the best products based on your Skin and buy it only after seeing reviews of that product.

Although, I’m gonna tell the  Best Skincare Routine that I follow regularly without skipping.



Especially, Oily skin guys should cleanse their faces thoroughly to get rid of oil. The majority of Oily skin guys may have prone to Pimples and Acne. I’ve already shared remedies for pimples in my site. Personally, I Daily use Garnier Acno Fight Face wash. It’s a perfect face wash for my skin. You can try that too if you have pimples on your face. Cleaning your face daily like 3 times will remove dirt and oil from your face that you have gone through. Use Facewash at Morning and Night.


Some people say Moisturizer for Oily Skin isn’t that Necessary. But, There are Products that only for Oily Skin. Factors like pollution and UV rays can damage the skin’s moisture barrier Thus, It leads to an increase in oil production. So, We must use Moisturizer Regularly, if you are aware of your skin. Use Moisturizer before going outside.

Face Mask :

Using a face mask at least a week is very helpful for your face. Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to help you with your skincare concerns. It can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores. I’ve been Using Beardo Facewask for a year. As usual, It is doing a great job on my face.

Face Scrub :

Just like Facemask, I use face scrub before Facemask. It is good to use like that which I’ve seen on Google. The Face Scrub I use is also Beardo. Using a face scrub can make your skin feel beautiful, youthful, soft, and like it’s glowing. It is also called Exfoliation. Use it for Best Results for your face As My face is getting Cleaner day by day.

Bar Soap :

You may know about TFM if you are serious about soaps. If you don’t know, I can help with that. If you are from India, Go Best Bar Soap Brands in India. As I’ve been using Mysore Sandal Soap for many years. It has no side effects too. Prefer the soaps with a high TFM percentage.

Products I use for my face :

1.Garnier Face Wash

2.Beardo Face Mask

3.Beardo Moisturizer

4.Beardo Charcoal Face Scrub

Personally, It’s really doing a great job for my skin. You can try it too.


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