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Blogging vs Youtube – Which is Best Platform to Start ?

Blogging and Youtube have become the most powerful and propitious platforms for people in this current era. They both have brought profits to a lot of content creators. As Blogging and youtube grow, we all can recognize people are more keener to pursue these practical platforms.

In point of fact, every platform is created for useful purposes. But, the real question is if you’re utilizing them properly. However, since we’re talking about blogging vs youtube, many beginners are getting baffled about which one to choose. Is it blogging or youtube?

Both blogging and youtube empowers you to share the skills and talent. Once you become perfect, you can earn a hell of money. As technology is progressing, people are more interested in acquiring knowledge online. If they want to learn something, they have access to the internet and learn from either of these platforms. It’s their preference, and some people like to watch videos, while others prefer to see the information. So, it just keeps bothering which platform is best for you and which platform is more profitable. To clear all your concerns, we’ve discussed the most important aspects of blogging and youtube.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is where you share information and ideas about a particular topic. In other words, let’s assume you searched a question on google about “ How to Lose weight “You will see an order of links. Once you clicked on the link, you are gonna see the information about how to lose weight. So, the information you are reading on a site is called a ” BLOG” and the person who wrote the information ( article ) is called ” author ” a.k.a blogger.

I hope you got that. There are different kinds of blogs out there on google. For example, News blogs, Fashion blogs, Health Blogs, How to topic blogs, Movie blogs, and many more. You need to choose a topic for your blog. That’s all you should do at the start. Select a niche you’re more familiar with. So, you could write more and more with insightful essence.

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What is Youtube?

Youtube is a video-sharing platform where you upload videos, watch videos, like, share, and comment. There’s no much difference between youtube and blogging. Blogging is in message form. while youtube is in the form of digital video. For instance, if you want to know about “How to Fix so-called error in your Pc”. You can search on youtube and watch videos. You can also find this on the blogs. It’s your preference.

Like with blogging, you have to choose a field in youtube aswell. There are channels which you can find about technology, make-up tutorials, how-to tutorials, Health, games streaming, entertainment, and etc. Every channel has its own niche, so you have to choose a specific niche for your channel as well.

How to Start a Youtube Channel


Now let’s talk about the differences b/w Youtube and Blogging which you’re mostly waiting for.

1.Facile Startup for Youtube & Investment Required for Blogging

investment on blogging

Blogging :

To create a blog, you are gonna have to invest some amount of money on hosting and domain. If you don’t know what is hosting and domain. It’s simple, to explain in a nutshell, A domain is a name you see before .com or. in ( extension ). Hosting is a service that makes your website appear and view on the internet.

You may find creating a blog is difficult. So to make it simple and easy to understand, we’ve discussed how to start a blog with easy steps.


Creating a youtube channel is a simple process. All you need to do is to create a gmail account. You create an account, open youtube, click create a channel on the right top. That’s it, you can simply create a channel by following the steps to create a youtube channel. The best thing about youtube is “no investment is required to start a channel”

Summary: Blogging requires an investment. While youtube doesn’t!

2. More Monetization Options for Blogging

blogging has more income sources

Blogging :

There are tons of blogs making millions every month. Amongst, Huffington Post is the top 1 earning blog with $41.6 million per month according to Forbes list. If you write profound and provide insightful information to the users. You can definitely make tremendous money at the end of the day. But, earning money in blogging is a slow process. Most bloggers wouldn’t get paid in their initial years, though they get monetization ahead, the big problem is traffic. Every successful blogger had a challenging time to drive traffic to their blog. This is what you need to work on.
One of the common sources of income in blogging is ADSENSE. When you’ve reached a certain extent after writing some high-quality articles. You can apply adsense for advertisement services on your site. Adsense isn’t the only option, but there are also diverse options and alternatives in blogging.

Best Alternatives for Google Adsense

Moreover, the second common source is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission from other company’s product you promoted. Whenever a user buys the product through your recommendation and link, you will be paid by the company for bringing the customers. Affiliate marketing has been lucrative to many bloggers. They have earned millions with the technique of affiliating. It’s surely one of the things you must do in blogging.

Other Alternatives :

  • Media.Net
  • Info Links
  • Sponsorship ( after your blog got a lot of success )

Earning on Youtube is similar to blogging. There are tons of youtube channels making millions every month. Earning money is a slow process everywhere. You could not get money overnight. To get a stable and progressive income, all you need to do is just work on your videos. You need to put a lot of effort into creating great perceptive content and producing your video with good editing.

In monetization, it’s the same case with youtube. ADSENSE is also one of the income sources on youtube. But, here’s the tricky part.

You can’t be monetized on youtube unless you have 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Don’t think it’s easy! It is difficult to achieve them especially if you’re a beginner. Besides, there are also other options for earning money on youtube. But, you may find the least sources. Adsense is the only primary source on youtube that a lot of creators have. Although, it’s good to know that AdSense has more scope on youtube. The reason is youtube shows advertisements in video form that are more communicative than static images we see on websites. So that’s why creators earn more adsense money on youtube than blogging while also it’s hard to get approved on youtube.

Yet, you can also do your business with :

Summary: The earning process on both platforms is slow. But, Blogging has more monetization options. While also youtube has more scope for adsense.

The earning process on both platforms is slow. But, Blogging has more monetization options. While youtube has more scope for adsense. Click To Tweet

3. Re-Correction on Blogging and Youtube

recorrection on blogging and youtube

Blogging :

In some cases, If you did a mistake in terms of grammatical errors or sentence construction. It’s easy to edit after you published an article, and later whenever you noticed errors. You can simply log into your WordPress admin and update it without having to worry. You have no limitations. You can either add the information whatever you want. If your article is outdated, you can upgrade it even after publish.


When it comes to youtube, the major bugger is once you publish a video on your channel. You can’t do anything. In few cases, You might make mistakes in the post-production. After you published it, you cannot alter the mistakes and rectify them. The only option you have is to delete and republish after erasing the errors. Though, you can also find some options like changing the music of the video, trimming videos, and more.

Summary: You can alter the information in blogging, while you can’t touch anything on the video on youtube.

4. Preference over Blogging or Youtube

Blogging :

The blog is a site where you see the information in the message or written form. Some people may like to acquire knowledge from text form and read all the information. Those people like to prefer blogging over youtube.


Youtube is a platform where you watch information in form of videos. Some people may like to acquire knowledge by reading text. But, there are also some people who like to watch videos over reading. Those people prefer youtube over blogging. It’s not only that fact, but also people are more keener to watch videos. As I told you, youtube has 2 billion monthly active users which gives you a clue that people are more interested in watching videos. The best thing about youtube is you can give a graphical explanation.

Summary: There are different kinds of people. Some like youtube and other like blogs.

5. Enough Courage to Make Videos

blogging youtube

Blogging :

The reason why I’m bringing out courage because you don’t need to show your face or voice when it comes to blogging. There are people out who are bashful and timid to show their faces to the world or even voice over in the videos. They rather chose to blog.


Initially, when you’re thinking about starting a youtube channel. You have to decide whether if you want to show your face or give a voiceover. If you are brave enough, you can prefer the youtube platform. Whereas, in blogging, you don’t need to do it. All you gotta do is to type the informative text and provide knowledge to the audience.

Summary: It depends on one’s preference. If you’re the one who wants to give voice-over and show your face in videos. You can choose youtube. While blogging doesn’t need either of them. It just needs your fingers to type a piece of text.

So, these are the differences between youtube and blogging. You can prefer whatever you like the most. Keeping every aspect in your mind, decide what you like to start with. Both platforms have the equivalent potential to build a pathway to your career. They both have their own benefits and advantages. You cannot underestimate the value of blogging or either youtube. Youtube have their own benefits and so do blogging. The question isn’t which is the best platform. The real question is which one of these platforms you are gonna leverage.

However, if we talk about similarities, there are some similarities in Blogging and Youtube which I would like to mention :


No Plagiarism on Blogging and Youtube

plagiarism on youtube and blogging

Plagiarism is nothing but copying or stealing other’s information or ideas without getting reservation of copyrights. There are tons and tons of people who are just stealing other’s work and uploading in their channels for the sake of views. It’s the same case with blogging, some authors are copying other’s information without accrediting original sources. This will give you nothing but a penalty. Google always explores everything. If it finds out anything suspicious, it will report for plagiarising other’s work as your own.

YOUTUBE: Youtube will automatically find out which video has plagiarised content or music. If your video is matched with an existing video. You will get a violation against their guidelines. If this happens constantly till 3 strikes. Then, you will be banned from youtube and you no longer can upload content on your channel. On other side, there are some cases when you’re using other’s work for a fair purpose. You can mention copyright disclaimer text on the description or beginning in the video. Youtube may cooperate with you.

BLOGGING: If you’re using other’s content. You should give credit to them underneath the content as like images. You probably use other’s images for fair purposes. You have to accredit at the bottom. If you fail to do it, adsense will stop advertisement services on your blog. So, instead it would be wise to take only images from free royalty sites like Unsplash, and pixabay to avoid copyright claims.

Patience, Consistency, Commitment, and Hardwork – How to Pull out on these platforms? : MUST READ

Let it be Youtube or Blogging. Persistence, commitment and hard work plays a great prominent role in achieving success. It’s better to be unique among other content and provide information in your own approach. In that way, You can build relations with subscribers and your audience. Also, you have to be very active when it comes to publishing your content. Consistency is an important thing you need to have on these platforms. Otherwise, how google could find your content? there’s a chance your content will be shown in the recommendation tab if you’re consistently active.

However, in regards to blogging, You don’t need to write a long amount of words in an article in order to rank in higher google search results. All you need to have is quality. Quality defeats quantity. Make sure you add quality to the information with interactive images. It may take you a year or even more. With this, you can achieve success gradually. Keep this in mind, progressive success is the greatest success you can ever achieve than the success you get in overnight.

Bear in mind, progressive success is the greatest success you can ever achieve than the success you get in an overnight 😉 Click To Tweet


So, I hope you pulled out everything till now. To wrap up this article. I would like to recommend you to explore:

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Anthony Gaenzle
7 months ago

This is a nice roundup. Very useful comparisons between the two platforms. I think there is a lot of value in doing both, actually. YouTube is challenging if you aren’t used to speaking. It can be difficult to get used to putting together a script and executing on camera. So…for those jumping into video production, I highly recommend filming a number of practice runs to get used to being on camera.

9 months ago

I just started a YouTube channel and still haven’t uploaded anything! I have a million ideas, I just don’t even know where to start!