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Blogging vs Youtube – Which is Best Platform to Start ?

Blogging vs Youtube – Which is the Best Platform to Start?

blogging vs youtube

Blogging and Youtube have become the most powerful ways to earn money online. Nowadays, lot of youngsters and people sharing their skills, creativity, and knowledge through youtube and blogging mostly. We all can recognize the numbers on these platforms are increasing day by day. People are keen to create their own brand through these platforms by seeing a lot of people which is really inspiring and good step . However, to Distinguish youtube and blogging,

Youtube is a video platform where you can share your ideas and knowledge by videos and upload it on youtube.

Whereas, Blogging is where you share information and ideas in written and message form on your site.

However, to tell, why these platforms have become successful. It gives you an opportunity to share your skills and particular knowledge whatever you know. It depends on what you’re interested in. There are no restrictions and rules imposed on you sharing the ideas. As days pass by, people are more interested in acquiring knowledge through online. If they want to learn about something, they have an option to search and figure it out on google. It’s their preference, and some people like to watch videos and other people like to see the information.

Every person has a particular interest and they can share through youtube or blogging. But, that’s where the problem starts. They will get confused about which one to start with.Is it Youtube or Blogging? To answer all your questions and clear all your doubts. I will be sharing you which is the best platform to start!





First of all, let us talk

What is Blogging?

Blogging is where you can share the information and ideas about anything you know. In other words, let’s assume you searched a question on google “ How to Lose weight “You will see a ton of links and among them, you will click on the first link and you are gonna see the information about how to lose weight. So, the information you are seeing on a site is called ” BLOG” and the person who wrote the information ( article ) is called ” author ” who is blogging.

I hope you got that, there are different kinds of blogs out there on google. For example, News blogs, Fashion blogs, Health Blogs, How to topic blogs, Movie blogs and etc. You need to choose a topic for your blog. That’s all you should want in the beginning. Select a niche you’re familiar which helps you to write much content about it.

It isn’t easy to create a blog . You have to invest money to create a blog.

What is Youtube?

Youtube is a video-sharing platform where you can upload videos, watch videos, like, share and comment on the videos. There’s no much difference between youtube and blogging. Blogging is in message form. while youtube is in the form of digital video. For instance, if you want to know about “How to Install Photoshop in your Pc”. You can search on youtube and watch videos. You can also find this on the blogs. It’s your preference

There are different kinds of youtube channels. There are channels where you can find about technology, make-up tutorials, howto tutorials, Health, games streaming, entertainment, and etc.

How to Start a Youtube Channel


So, now let’s talk about what are differences b/w Youtube and Blogging.


Blogging :

To Create a Blog, you need to spend money to buy hosting and domain for a blog. If you don’t know what is Hosting and Domain. I will suggest you to look out How to Start a blog

To explain in simple words, A domain is something you see before .com or.in. Hosting is a service that provides the technologies and services needed for the website to be viewed on the Internet. Without Hosting service, you cannot able to see your site on google.


Creating a youtube channel is a simple process. All you need to have is a Gmail account. If you created a Gmail account, you can simply create a channel. No money is needed to invest in starting a youtube channel.

Summary: Blogging requires an investment of money. While youtube doesn’t!


Blogging :

There are tons of blogs making millions of million per month. Huffington Postโ€“ is the top 1 earning blog with $41.6 million per month as according to Forbes list. If you write useful and provide valuable information to the users. You will definitely make money in huge. But, Earning money in blogging is a slow process. You need to have great patience in blogging. It may take you 6 months to 1 year. But, it is damn sure that you’ll earn money one day if you’ve worked hard and put a lot of effort. Earning money isn’t an easy process in any job. To talk about earning in blogging, You need to know SEO – Search Engine Optimization first. If you perform some SEO tactics and succeed in bringing your site in Higher Google search results. You’ll make money in huge amounts. That’s for sure.
One of the common sources of income in blogging is ADSENSE. When you’ve reached a certain extent, you can apply Adsense for advertisements for your site. Not only AdSense, but there are also a lot of options and alternatives for you in blogging such as :

  • Media.Net
  • Info Links
  • Affiliate Marketing ( Amazon, CJ, Click Bank )
  • Sponsorship ( after your blog got a lot of success )


Earning on Youtube is similar to blogging. There’s no much difference when it comes to working hard and having patience. There are tons of youtube channels making millions of millions per month. Earning money is a slow process everywhere. You could not get money overnight. That’s impossible. There are some rare cases where some videos from youtube beginners became trending in an overnight. It depends on your topic. But, that one scenario doesn’t mean your channel became successful. Those are only temporary. After a week, does your video still trending? Okay or after a month, are you still getting the same amount of views for that same video? No, it won’t. To get a stable income and increasing income, all you need to do is just working hard on your videos. You need to put a lot of effort into providing great value to your content and making your video more beautiful enough.

Similarly, ADSENSE is also one of the common sources of income on youtube. But, there are restrictions imposed on the youtube channel. The Adsense says you will not get approved unless you have 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Don’t think it’s easy! You may get views but, what about gaining subscribers. That’s a tough and working process. There are also other options for earning income :

  • SponsorShips
  • Affiliate Marketing

Summary: The earning process on both platforms is slow. But, Blogging has a lot of options in earning money while comparing to Youtube


Blogging :

Correction means if you’ve done a mistake in terms of grammatical errors or sentence formation or anything. You can re-edit and correct the sentence in blogging. It’s easy to edit, after you published an article, later you noticed that you made a grammatical mistake in a somewhere. Then, you can come to Blogger or WordPress and edit the sentence or word and update it without issues. Not only, correction. But, you can change whatever you want. If you want to add some more information like images. You can do even after you published it.


Oh shit ! you gotta be kidding me. Once you publish a video on your channel. You can’t do anything. You might have made a mistake in the editing part of the video. After you published, you cannot dispose of it. It’s impossible. You cannot re-edit the video as you can do in blogging. But, there are some options like changing the music of the video, trimming videos and etc.

Summary: You can alter the information in blogging, while you can’t touch anything in the video on youtube.

4. Preference

Blogging :

The blog is a site where you can see the information in the message or written form. Some people may like to read all the information. Those people like to prefer blogging or a blog.


Youtube is a platform where you can watch videos. Some people may like to get knowledge by reading the stuff. But, there are some people too who would like to watch videos over reading stuff. Those people prefer youtube over blogging.

Summary: There are different kinds of people. Some like Youtube and Other like Blog.

5. Courage

Blogging :

The reason why I’m bringing out Courage point because you don’t need to show off your face or voice when it comes to blogging. There are people who don’t like to show their face to the world or even voice over in the videos. They prefer blogging over youtube where you have to show face and put your voice.


Initially, when you’re thinking about starting a youtube channel. You need to think if you want to show your face to the world. If you would like to do that so, you can prefer youtube too. Whereas, in blogging, you don’t need to show off your face.

Summary: Not showing your face in blogging doesn’t mean you don’t have to show your face. After your blog got successful, you may get invited to the blogging community to share your ideas or speeches. You need to have courage everywhere. While in youtube, the subscribers can recognize you.

Although, these are the differences that will face b/w youtube and blogging. You can prefer whatever you liked. Keeping every point in your mind. Decide what you should start with. Both platforms have particular benefits and different options unless when it comes to some mentions.

There are similarities in Blogging and Youtube which I would like to mention :


No Plagiarism

Plagiarism is nothing but copying or stealing other’s information or ideas without getting reservation of copyrights. There are tons and tons of people who are just copying other’s work and uploading in their channels for view’s sake. In the same way, some authors in blog are copying other’s information without giving credit to them. This will give you nothing but a penalty. Google always explores everything. If it finds out anything suspicious, it will report you for plagiarising other’s work as your own.

YOUTUBE: Youtube will automatically find out if your video is copied or replicated. If your video is matched with an already existing video. You will be reported against their guidelines. If you got 3 reports. Then, you will be banned from youtube and you can no longer upload content in your channel. Oops, do you think your channel still be there? Nope, your channel also gets deleted. There are some cases where you’re using other’s work for a fair purpose. You can mention Copyright Disclaimer. Youtube may cooperate with you.

BLOGGING: If you’re using other’s content or information. You should give credit to them at the end of their content in some instances like images. You probably use other’s images for fair purposes. You can credit at the bottom or source them. But, I would suggest you to take only images from free royalty sites like Unsplash, pixabay or even can buy photos. However, if you failed to mention them. Adsense will stop advertisement services in your blog for plagiarizing other’s work without acknowledgment. You have to pay for that. Although, do not plagiarize the content of others.

Patience, Consistency, Commitment, and Hardwork – How to Pull out on these platforms? : MUST READ

Let it be Youtube or Blogging. Patience, commitment and hard work plays a great prominent role in achieving success. You could not get success if you’re lazy AF to beat your work every day. You need to put a lot of effort and bring out all your creativity in the work. You have to become an inspiration to everyone and make people to get inspired by your work. Better be unique with your working style and way of providing information. You have to be friendly with the audience to build relations with them. People would like to be with you if you provide enough information to them without making them bore. You have to very active when it comes to publishing your content. Consistency is an important thing you need to have on these platforms. Let it be 2 videos or 2 articles.

You don’t need to write the long amount of words in an article to get in higher google search rankings or make long duration videos. All you need to have is quality. Quality plays a vital role than quantity. Even if you have a less matter about a particular topic. Make sure you add quality to the information with attractive images and examples. Feel like you’re talking to them directly. Don’t talk or write like you have to. Add humor between the information. That would be easy to gain an audience to your blog or channel. It may take you a year or even more. But, Never ever give up on what you’re doing. You need to pull off every work you’re providing to the audience. With this, you can achieve success gradually. Keep this in mind, Process of slow success is the greatest success rather than achieving success overnight ๐Ÿ˜‰

Although, I hope you pulled out everything till now. To wrap up this article. I would like to recommend you to explore:

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22 thoughts on “Blogging vs Youtube – Which is Best Platform to Start ?

  1. It’s true that both take a lot of hard work, but again it does depend on which platform a person prefers. Your guide was a very detailed comparison between both platforms.

  2. You made some great points. People always tell me I should start a YouTube because youtubers make so much money. I know they do but I also know itโ€™s a lot of work, which I donโ€™t mind. But itโ€™s just so much that goes into that I had no idea about. I thought blogging was hard. Sheesh YouTube is complex! Thanks for this post.

  3. I am relatively new to blogging and this was helpful to determine if I wanted to also do vlogging to compliment it. Also, with links to share how to get paid!

  4. I haven’t started a youtube channel yet, I’m still focusing on blogging but I definitely consider it. Thanks for sharing these informations x

  5. When I started this journey I went back and forth on starting with a blog or youtube. I ended up starting with a blog because I felt like I could put more time into that. Moving closer to starting that Youtube channel though! Great read ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Great info! I started my blog first then youtube, although I havenโ€™t posted a YouTube video in soooo long. Video editing takes so much time! Thank you for sharing all the real details of both of these. In 10 months though, Iโ€™ve only made about $20 off Adsense! It takes so much time!

    1. Yup ! You have to try youtube as well since it is equal to blogging. First year is always like learning process. It’s more like a foundation to your channel. Although, let’s beat off your work ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’ve been hesitating to create a YouTube channel because Im uncomfortable in front of a camera, but I can create a PowerPoint presentation, some animation and have some friends as narrators ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for the insights.

  8. My husband does you tube and with all the changes it is getting harder to get anywhere now and despite having close to 2k subs really not making what he use to. But this is all still very good information especially for me since I am very new to blogging.

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