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Business vs Job – What you should choose or Which is best ?


Usually what parents tell their children? I’m assuming most of the parents tell ” study well and get a job” right?

However, This is a new generation where everyone has to think in a different way and start pursuing new things to earn money. The reason why I’m telling you because there is only the least number of people wants to become entrepreneurs and start their own business.

I saw a lot of people seeking jobs and working hard which you have to depend on the company and the boss. I don’t know why would they do that for the job that pays you the least salary. Of course, Some people get high paid salaries if they choose the right path. But, what if you become your own boss? what if you can earn money?

However, many people can’t able to perceive the benefits of a business. They don’t know how much business gives you compared to a job which pays you a fixed salary. Although, there are tons of benefits you could get by choosing business over a job. If you’re a person who doesn’t know what to choose? Read ahead.

I’m gonna tell you why you should choose a business platform that I personally found and I will share each point in simple words while comparing it to a job.

1. Money

Why everyone does jobs? For money right. Money plays a major role in the business stream. You can earn a numerous amount of dollars if you do own a company or business. You don’t have to depend on a fixed salary job which wouldn’t help you if you want money for emergency purposes. I saw tons of people struggle to pay money for family expenses and house maintenance who does a normal job. Do you want to become one of them? So, follow a business, the business gives you money as much as you want if you get succeeded and run it successfully without mistakes.

2. Status

Status means something that you can get being an entrepreneur. You can get an expensive car, a luxurious house, a bike and so many benefits you get by pursuing the business. Do you get expensive items vehicles and houses by doing a job? no right. Some big entrepreneurs and celebrities own private jet too.

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3. No fixed time

Do you need to work for a fixed time as an entrepreneur? The answer is no. The best benefit you get in business is you don’t need to work for a fixed amount of time. Whereas, you have to work for fixed hours in the job. If you don’t, you will be fired lol. It’s kind of freedom you get as an entrepreneur.

4. Boss

You can be your own boss and lead everyone in the company. You set your own rules and regulations without any consultation. An entrepreneur can do anything he wants. Nobody will stop you doing from what you want. Sadly, in a job, you have to listen to every word of your boss. If you failed to do what he orders . You have to bear his words and sometimes, you will be fired too lol. You’d probably want to sit in a chair where you can lead everyone. That’s crazy right!

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5. No retirement

There’s no retirement as an entrepreneur. Retirement depends on you in the business. Whereas in job, the company would set the retirement age, you have no option. you have to get retired from the job. Meanwhile, as an entrepreneur, you don’t have to retire unless you’ve decided to do so. You will be earning income as much as you want. While,your income will be stopped once you’ve retired from the job ( private ).

6. Fame

Once you succeeded in the business. Why don’t you get some fame? The higher your business goes, the higher fame you will achieve. If you do have a plenty of knowledge about the internet. You can do wonders on it. But, everything depends on the work you are doing. You won’t get fame overnight right. The Greatest success takes greatest time. It needs a lot of patience and commitment to reach your goal.

7. Freedom and Independence

As I said, once you got success in your business, you can go beyond your limits. But that doesn’t mean earn money in a wrong way lol. While in a job, you are restricted with limits and have to be doing what the company demands you. You bearly get a holiday or leave on a job. Some companies wouldn’t even allow employers to take leave for one day. Those are the persons who don’t have any kind of freedom and independence. Whereas, you can whatever you want. You can take a holiday without requesting anyone. It is freedom and independence you will get as an entrepreneur.

8. Security and Risk

The security will automatically be guarded to you once you got great success and become a popular entrepreneur. While in the job, nobody will guard you and nobody knows who you are. Well, an entrepreneur has to face some risks in the business only if you do something wrong. Nothing will go serious if you’re doing your work perfectly without any malpractices and other relating things. Whereas you have to bear some risks too in a job like ceasing down of a company, you don’t know when you’re gonna get fired or anything. Anything could happen while doing a job.

There are so many e-businesses evolving in the world which is a trend now. Among them, few have a great future like unique platforms of blogging which is so popular now, youtube influencer, e-commerce, affiliate marketer and etc. For inspiration, you can see Mark ( Facebook ), Bill Gates ( Microsoft), Jeff Bezons ( Amazon ). They are the most earning entrepreneurs in the world who are doing wonders on the internet with their knowledge. Anything can be done on the internet.

Create something unique and useful 😉

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11 months ago

I’m more inclined towards business these days. Thanks, your post made me feel that I’m on my right track.

11 months ago
Reply to  Maymuna

That’s what heroes do ! Keep following us