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How to Delete Your Instagram Account – Simple and Easy

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Did you rush all over on Instagram to find the delete button?

Did you just open every option on your Instagram account settings and couldn’t find delete your account option. Yea, that’s a bit annoying. Instagram is a little tricky when you want to delete the account. Meanwhile,You can delete the Facebook account and twitter account easily. However, it’s easy to delete instagram account if you know one small thing.

It’s simple and effortless to delete the Instagram account. All you need to do is follow the steps as I tell you.

Here you can find how to Delete Instagram Account easily with just opening a link provided.

Follow the below steps :


1.Sign in your Instagram Account in Google Chrome

insta account


  1. Open Delete Your Instagram Account Page



  1. Fill the reason why you’re deleting for and Type the Password

instagram account


  1. Click Permanently Delete my account and You will get an overlay popup message like below one and Click Ok

.delete account


  1. And that’s it, Your Instagram is deleted Permanently


delete insta account


This is what you can do to delete your Instagram account. By following these steps, You can permanently deactivate your Account easily.

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