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How to Find Blog Post Ideas and Topics6 min read

You definitely might have stuck at a certain point of time and ran out of blog post ideas for your website. It’s a common struggle that happens for every blogger and even me. As an author, I’ve faced this several times. But, did I stop? No, every intention of the author is to draw attention of the audience. Even so, when you keep writing articles on your own. It becomes time-consuming. It’s never possible. So, we as an author must have stuck and think what is our next article is gonna be about?

There are many ways to research topics for our blog. Let’s see 6 best ways to find blog post ideas and topics:

1. Research on Quora

quora to find blog post ideas

Quora is one of the biggest question and answers websites where you get to meet some people and get answers from them. It’s easy as it’s simple. You ask a question and the one who has savvy about your concern will give you answers. That’s it. It’s one of the useful websites to gain enlightenment and knowledge from people in the world. It’s sort of a knowledge-sharing website.

Just like that, if you look at the top. You can find a search bar where you can find for things. So, whenever you ran out of blog post ideas. Just search for a keyword term. There you will see tons of relevant questions and keywords. Out of that, you could derive blog post ideas and outline your schedule.

As you can see at the above image. Find low competitive keywords and get complete attention to your article. That’s it


2. Read Blogs in your Niche

This is really important as a blogger. Reading blogs in your niche would give you limitless ideas for your blog. You may think it’s kind of stealing stuff. But no.

Just because I said read blogs in your niche doesn’t mean replicating the same topic from them. Just swap the title and make a piece on it.

For instance, if other site wrote an article on ” 5 Best Features of Google Chrome “. You write an article on ” 5 Hidden features of google chrome”. Is that it! It’s a simple and easy process to get blog post ideas.

Being said that, you could also derive blog post ideas from within the article sentences. Whenever an article is referring to another subject. There you get a topic and just write a piece on that one. Not only this, while reading other’s blogs, you would get tons of post ideas. All you gotta do is just keep finding and delving into the blogs in your niche.

3. Find Blog Post Ideas from your Existing Article

No, I don’t think it’s bizarre. This is what I do several times. Whenever I want to find for a blog post idea. I would look at what I’ve written and examine them thoroughly. Now there, you will be introduced to lots of ideas to make. That’s called finding blog post ideas from your existing articles.

Not just that, while you’re writing an article, you definitely must have known what you’re about to write. At that time, in case you about to refer some other subjects. There, you get a blog post idea.

For instance, you’re writing a piece on ” How to Get Rid of Dandruff ” and while writing, you might have to refer to ” home remedies for dandruff” while talking about curing dandruff.

Are you looking closely?  Make another article to your cornerstone article as a followup to it.

I would look at what I've written and read them carefully. Now there, you will be introduced to lots of ideas to write. That's called finding blog post ideas from your existing articles. Click To Tweet


4. Study in Keyword Analytic tools

This is one of those popular ways to get blog post topics for lots of bloggers. I also use this sometimes whenever I literally found nothing.

There are some best keyword analytic tools you could utilize and get some great ideas :

In these all tools, you will see complete data of google search results and see what other authors are doing. These tools will help us to find blog post ideas and competitive analytics. to find blog post ideas

Moreover, last two tools give us suggestions, relevant keywords, and generate new topics namely for us. Through that, it will be really easy to sketch out our pieces and keep looking at your competitors to win against them.

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brainstorm for blog post ideas

As I was saying at the beginning. Brainstorm is the first thing wakes up in our minds initially. If it didn’t work. We move on to other ways to generate blog post ideas. But, you don’t know how potential your mind possesses. If you focus and pay attention to the sole subject. Your mind unlocks to a door where it carries tons of ideas for your blog.

The simple process is to brainstorm on a cornerstone content and bring secondary topics to it.

6. Leverage Social Media Platforms

As you know, social media is now one of the biggest traffic sources for tons of blogs. You could drive countless traffic to your website. On these platforms, you can do different things to achieve blog post ideas to your site alongside traffic. It’s neither too easy nor too hard.

Here’s how you can leverage the social media :

1. Follow #Hashtags

#Hashtags is one of the best ways to connect to various social media pages and get tons of ideas through it. You are definitely aware of this topic. Hashtags are mostly used on twitter where we see them in the trending lists every day. So, whenever you stuck and seeking for blog post idea.

Search a hashtag and see what others are doing with it. At the end, you end up getting an idea.

2. Browse pages in your niche

This one of those things I do sometimes. I explore through some social pages in my niche and see what they’re doing. It’s sort of thing a competitor does. Many authors do this and see what authors are doing with their articles. So on social media, you get to search for topics and switch to pages. There, it shows you the pages in your niche.

Read what they wrote. But don’t leave it that way. Take the same topic for your blog and you write a better article than that one by adding more value and shrewd to it.

3. Embrace Guest Bloggers

Sometimes, You can’t just write the articles on your own continuously. It’s better you give opportunities to other authors who are ardent to contribute to your blog.

Take leverage of your social media and ask if anyone is interested to provide pieces to your blog. If someone liked your blog that they would get the benefit. They’ll definitely mail you and ask for guest post opportunities.

Besides, when you want to embrace guest bloggers on your blog. Create a ” Write for us” Page like how I did. So, they could see what we’re expecting from them and the guidelines for the authors.


If you’re interested, have a look at these articles :

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Britt K
1 month ago

One great option that has helped me a TON was to listen to your audience. Read your blog comments, social media comments, etc and see what questions they are asking. It’s a gold mine! They are literally telling you what they would love to read about next.

Lisa | Mind and Body Intertwined

Great tips, I especially never thought about re-reading my older posts to get inspiration. I love this idea, since I can also link to each other that way!

29 days ago

So many great tips in one post! I’ll definitely come back later when I have I can’t come up with new subjects to blog about. Thank you so much for sharing!

Tiffany McCullough
29 days ago

Great suggestions! A few of them never would have occurred to me. Thank you!

Joe @ Mini Riches
29 days ago

Great advice! We all hit a block every now and then!

Karalee Shotola
17 days ago

These are great tips! I find reading other blog posts helps come up with ideas, but I haven’t thought of using Quora or looking at keywords!

Lanae Bond
17 days ago

Thanks for sharing! I never thought about using SEO for ideas. Thank you for sharing!

Paul W
17 days ago

Good tips. I have started using Quora more to find out what people are talking about and reading about, especially with history & philosophical questions (I.e. Why did the Eastern Roman Empire Survive, What did Schopenhauer say about reading, etc.). For my niche (humanities), it’s a great place to get a prompt. Your #3 is another good one. I often get an entirely new topic from a digression in the current article I’m writing. That digression doesn’t make it past editing but is worthy of its own essay later on. That’s the fun thing I’ve discovered about writing. Things I never expected – ideas, insights, and even wisdom – pop up out of nowhere when I least expect them. I love it!

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