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10 Foods That Boost your Immune System

10 Foods That Boost your Immune System

Have you started eating immune-boosting foods? If you haven’t, what the hell are you doing this time? It’s really important now to consume foods that boost your immune system. We all know what’s the reason. So, why not start eating these foods. There are lots of foods we take every day and every week. But now, we have to be specific about food and take only the foods that improve our immune system. Having a really good immune system reduces the risk against viruses, diseases, cold, and cough and of course the new deadly virus.

In scientific, an Immune system is a group of cells and proteins that protects our body against infections. It can also perceive the gems and eradicates from our body. However, to boost the power of the immune system that can defend our body against the virus. All we need to do is start eating immune-boosting foods. You don’t need to take medicines or pills to improve it which I wouldn’t recommend. Instead, you are suggested to boost your immune system through specific foods.


Can these foods protect your body from viruses?

Yes, though, it depends on where you’re going or what you’re doing. If you spend time with a person who has a cold. You may get infected too. So, you really have to be cautious with those persons. Yes, these foods prevents the virus as much as possible to keep your body healthy. If you’re feeding them whatever they want. Why your immune system wouldn’t protect you.

Although, now let’s talk about what are the best immune-boosting foods :

Oranges / Lemon

orange citrus immune boosting food

These fruits are also known as citrus fruits. These foods are highly rich in vitamin C which is really important to accelerate our immune system. You better keep these fruits at your home especially in winters where mostly cold and coughs attack us. At that moment, these fruits will be very helpful for our health and keep viruses away from us. Vitamin c has really cool benefits which you may not know. It also gives you bright glowing skin and gets rid of acne from your face. As I said, the immune system has the power to destroy the virus if it was previously eradicated by the immune system. Though, we have to give a boost to immunity to improve our health and keep us healthy.



spinach immune boosting food

These green leaves are known as spinach contain a high level of vitamin C that boosts the immune system. It has really loads of antioxidants and properties to beat off viruses and infections that make us sick. These green leaves also rich in nutrients, fiber, and beta-carotene that will furnish your body with lots of nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin C and vitamin E.  It is also low in calories so, you can add this veggie in your routine to keep your body safe. This is one of the best vegetables that you should eat to make your body strong and healthy.



guava immune boost food

It’s really important to note that those foods which are rich in vitamin c will improve your immune system and boosts it. In the same way, Guava’s are highly rich in vitamin C which contributes to immune-boosting.  Just like other foods, it keeps your immune system powerful enough to kill off infections and bacteria causes cold and cough. Not only it boosts the immune system, but it also has tons of benefits that may surprise you. It improves your blood sugar levels, boosts your digestion process, and helps in weight loss. Though, it’s good to eat guava every day and make your body strong.



 papaya immune boost food

Papaya is a great source of vitamin c to improve your immunity power and fight off infections and bacteria. It also has vitamin A,B, and K which contributes to healthy hair and healthy skin. It is one of the best fruits you should eat on a daily basis. It protects your body from any illness and virus. It is an excellent fruit that has abundant vitamin C that makes you buy it and eat every day. However, it also helps in protecting you from any heart disease and cancer by supplying antioxidants and nutrients to your body and it also maintains the levels of your sugar by preventing diabetes and cleanses your skin. What more you expect, have this fruit at home.



Broccoli is one of the underrated vegetables you may eat this less. But, this vegetable really has a lot of capability to boost your immune system and keep your body healthy. It is rich in vitamin C including iron, beta-carotene, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. This veggie has an assorted group of nutrients that help the immune system to protect you from illness and sickness. It also helps your brain function to work well and encourages muscle growth with the help of potassium. Surprisingly, this veggie also helps in repairing your skin damage.

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers immune boost food

Bell Peppers also contains high levels of vitamin C that are good for your immune system. You can add this veggie in curries, salads, or any other food. So, it can boost your immune system and your body defends against infections and virus, It also contains Vitamin E and Vitamin A which is a good source of beta-carotene makes this fruit perfect to eat every day.  As I said, vitamin A is good for cleansing your skin and improving your eye vision. Though, it’s good to keep this veggie at your home.



almonds immune boost food

Almonds are a great source of vitamin E to eat this daily. Are you eating this daily? If not, I recommend you to eat 4-5 almonds every morning. You can soak them in water before night and eat them or else you can add them to any breakfast. That’s your choice. These are easily available in any store and a bit costly. Vitamin E offers antioxidant properties and nutrients to your body and boost your immune system to work perfectly. However, it’s also good to add walnuts along with almonds. They are also as good as almonds.


Ginger / Garlic

Ginger and Garlic immune boost foods

Ginger and garlic are the very common remedy to fight off cold and cough infections. We all know what is the best remedy to get rid of cold. Most of us say it’s ginger or garlic. If we add them in any soup or curry, our condition get improves and we’ll do better. They are the best home remedies that contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. They are the best remedies to boost the immune system and get rid of cold and cough infections from our bodies. If I would have to say the best remedy for cold, I would choose ginger and garlic. So, it’s best practice to eat this every day and protect your body from sickness.


Green Tea

green tea for acne

Do you have habit of drinking green tea every day? If you have, you’re really doing great because green tea contains polyphenols antioxidants which helps our body to protect from infections and viruses.  Chamomile green tea will boost our immunity power and make us calm. It also helps in fighting infections like cough, asthma, and lung infection. While talking about cough, I have to tell this. It’s like Miracle, when I was suffering from cough a few months ago, I didn’t know what was caused, I think it was icecream. I felt uncomfortable and unbearable. I know green tea may help me. Then, I drank the green tea and don’t know what was just happened, my cough was gone. This is true, that was like a miracle. It’s one of the best effective remedies for a cough I would say.




Turmeric is one of the best remedy to fight off colds and cough infections. This remedy is highly suggested by a lot of people. Especially, when you are living in india. You know it’s importance. Turmeric is one of the best ways to  boost our immune system and keep us healthy. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are really good for our body which we all know. So, it’s better to eat this or add in any food in winter seasons especially.


How much water you should drink every day?

2.5 – 3.0 liters / 84 – 101 ounces


Although, these are the perfect foods to boost your immune system. You have to eat one of these every day to sustain immunity power. These items can be easily available in any area so, it isn’t hard for you to buy this. Consume these foods and keep your health steadily. In the same way, consume water sufficiently every day.

Stay Healthy 🙂 Stay Hydrated 😉

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  1. As a rheumatoid arthritis warrior I try to eat a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods. Thanks for your wonderful insights into all the food we should all be eating and why!

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