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How to Get Approved For Google Adsense in 2021

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We all know google adsense is the best ad network for monetizing websites and make money out of it. Most bloggers consider adsense as their topic priority and also recommend everyone to start with it. The primary reason why adsense is the best ad network because it provides highest CTR rates which any other ad network doesn’t offer. However, as a top ad network, it’s also not as easy to get approved as you think. Adsense imposes a lot of strict guidelines and requirements on your blog to approve. Even, successful bloggers had a challenging task with adsense approval, and in fact, I had a tough time with google adsense. However, I eventually got approved for google adsense.


Is your blog ready for AdSense?

The first thing you gotta make sure if your blog is ready for google adsense. I saw a lot of new bloggers are just applying for adsense without proper knowledge and end up getting rejected.  It’s mandatory your blog should comply with adsense guidelines first. You cannot fool them, adsense has a crawler that scans all our content and it decides if our blog is eligible for their services. It’s all about what content we are producing on our blog. It’s about SEO as well. If you’re writing quality content and optimizing well with SEO. You will be approved definitely.

How to Apply AdSense for your Blog?

If you properly don’t know how to apply for google adsense. Check out this and if you already applied. Skip to the next step!

  • The first step you need to do  open Google Adsense Sign up Page
  • Fill up website URL and your email address ( make sure you provide the same email address that is connected with your blog )
  • Provide all the details as it asks such as ( Country, Phone Number, Address )
  • After you entered all the Info, Click Submit and right away it will provide you AD code
  • Copy the ad code and paste in the headers of your website
  • Tick the checkbox ” I’ve pasted ” and after several days, you will get an email from adsense ” if you’re approved or rejected “

It’s great if you got a mail from adsense that you’re approved. However, what about people who got rejected? I suppose most of the newbies will most likely to fail. So, let’s see what are the must-do things you must apply to get approved for google adsense.

1. Make Sure Your Blog is a Root Domain

I saw a lot of bloggers applying for google adsense with a subdomain. If you don’t know what a subdomain is. It looks like “”. It gets tricky and adsense doesn’t give much priority to subdomains. So, you have to apply with the root domain which looks like

Subdomains are very bad for SEO and for the reason, adsense doesn’t consider these kinds of sites. Though, they rarely approve sub-domain blogs. But, you are likely to get  approved for google adsense if your blog is the root domain.

2. Well- structured and Well-Designed Blog

As a new blogger, it’s a little tricky to choose themes for your blog. In the process, some bloggers chose heavy themes that hurt the load time of our blog. In that case, adsense rejects and doesn’t approve your site. There are tons of themes available in WordPress and Blogger which are clean and responsive.

In wordpress, you need to apply a flexible theme that shows content in a tidy. Make sure your blog is customized well with a header, sidebar, footer, and content area. If users don’t like your site structure, you will see a low bounce traffic and low traffic. Besides, Adsense mostly approves sites that have good speed load and good optimization.

Here: 35 Best WordPress Multi-purpose Themes

3. Write high-quality content and don’t plagiarize

This is the most important factor that google adsense looks for. Producing and writing high-quality content plays a more prominent role on your blog. At least, you should write articles with a maximum of 800 words. This is my personal recommendation I would give. Even, if you don’t write articles with 800 words. It’s okay that’s not a problem. But, make sure your article provides value and worth read to the readers. In case, if your blog fails to do that so, you won’t be approved for google adsense.

Also, The minimum posts you should have on your blog 15-20 high-quality posts before applying for adsense. But, that doesn’t mean to copy other’s site work.

Plagiarizing the content is against google adsense community guidelines. Either way, don’t think you can copy other’s work after you got approved for google adsense. Google will always keep an eye on your blog. If you plagiarize the content, adsense will definitely halt its services till you get rid of the information you copied from other sites. So, don’t do those things.

4. Use Free-Royalty Images

Free Royalty images means free-copyrighted images. It is compulsory that you should use free royalty images on your articles. Otherwise, Google adsense will not approve you if you have copyrighted images or you’ve taken images from other sites without their consent. A lot of new bloggers don’t know about this. They just search the images whatever they want and take out and insert them on their articles. But, the reality is often disappointing. Do you think google will allow that? No, they will ban your site if you do that. So, make sure you use free royalty images on your articles. Personally, I suggest you check out the below sites for free-royalty images:

5. Are you Engaging in Malpractices or illegal Acts?

You may don’t understand what I’m talking about. Since, you’re a beginner. Google AdSense has some program policies that you need to adhere to. If you don’t comply with them. There is no doubt you will be rejected. The Google Adsense program policies say:

Paid Traffic: There are some bloggers who buy traffic and bring them to their site for the sake of views. But as I said, google always keeps an eye on your blog. It will not tolerate if you’re committing any action that is against their community guidelines and rules. Adsense will ban your site.

Linking to unauthorized and illegal sites: Unauthorized and illegal sites means sites such as keygen, cracks, piracy movies, adult content, and related stuff. If google Adsense finds out that you are linking to their sites. They will ban you for contempt against their rules.

Invalid clicks: Some newbies and bloggers think they could earn money from ads if they encourage their friends to click on his blog ads. Apparently, Google will ban those kinds of sites.

6. Make Sure You Buy Good Host

Purchasing a hosting platform is always the biggest factor for every beginner. Even I was hesitated to buy a hosting platform in the beginning. If you don’t know what hosting is. It’s simple. A web hosting platform provides the technologies and services needed for the website to be viewed on the Internet. Website data is stored on special computers called Servers. Without Hosting and servers, you cannot create a website. Assume hosting as CPU, the computer doesn’t work without it. Just like that, without hosting, the website cannot work and cannot be created as well.

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The primary reason why hosting is important because it influences your site performance. If your site isn’t performing and loading quickly. It mainly because of your hosting platform. At least, you should need an 80% score in the loading time. You can check your site’s performance in GT Metrix or Google page speed. Google Adsense considers this point and It is one of the reasons they will reject your approval. Not just that,  it also hurts your SEO which results in losing traffic.  Users always don’t have a tendency to wait for your content. They just want everything quickly.

7. Contact, About, Privacy Policy pages are Mandatory

Google once stated that bloggers should need to create contact, about, and privacy policy pages to higher your chances for approval. This way, users can able to contact through the contact page and visitors could able to know about you. Even, Google adsense checks all that information if you’re really valid or invalid. Likewise, privacy policy page is compulsory along with these pages. If you don’t know how to create a privacy policy terms. Then, you can use this free tool like Privacy Policy Generator. So that adsense would believe that your site isn’t a fraud. I did the same and I eventually got approved for Google Adsense.

8. SEO Optimized Content

Optimizing your articles and SEO always plays a key role for the success of your blog. Make sure you use targeting keyword for your article. For example :

on-page seo MOZ

It’s on-page SEO. If you use WordPress with Yoast SEO. You know this stuff if you’re a beginner. Some newbies may don’t know about this. It’s very important to learn about on-page and off-page SEO. But, the basic SEO is the image I put in the above. It’s called on-page SEO where you have to do stuff inside your blog. Whereas, Off-page SEO is where you have to do stuff outside of your blog. So, You make sure you target the keyword in meta descriptions, meta title, and URL as it shows in the page. In this way, google crawler boots scan your content and approve your site if you’ve optimized your articles with SEO.

Although, if you followed every point I’ve said and unluckily if you’re still getting rejected. Don’t worry !

Are you still getting rejected?

Create a New Gmail account and Try with that

I’ve rejected for the google adsense program for 8 times precisely. I’ve learned along the way and put all my efforts to get approved for adsense. After getting disapproved for the 8th time, I thought I should create a new gmail account and try with that. So, I’ve created a new email and applied for google adsense again. Eventually, after 3 days i got a mail from Adsense that i’m approved. What more could I ask for! so, I would suggest you to create a new email after following all of my steps I’ve told you.

Keep producing quality content and Have patience

you gotta do is keep producing high-quality articles and make your blog worth. You could make your site worthwhile by just writing good articles by optimising SEO. Automatically, users will land on your site and thus, you may get a chance for approval. Google AdSense isn’t the only option you got. You have a lot of options that you can monetize your blog. You don’t need to depend on sole adsense.

There are alternatives for Google Adsense which offers similar services and ads to your blog. Be sure to check out the options and earn money from it :

Conclusion :

Consequently, you will be approved for Google AdSense if you follow my steps. All you need to do is producing SEO optimized quality content. It’s not about traffic. Needless to say, no one gets traffic at the beginning itself. Google takes time for your post to rank in higher search results. There are some sites claiming adsense takes 6 months if you’re from ( India and China ). But, it didn’t happen to me. I’m from India, adsense took only 3 months to approve my blog so, don’t worry about that stuff. Perhaps, if you’re getting major traffic from Us or Uk. You may be approved earlier like me.


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