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6 Best Ways to Get Rid of Oily Hair and Scalp

how to get rid of oily hair and scalp

There are a lot of factors that inflict oily hair and a greasy scalp. Even sometimes, we all just want to trim off our hair because of the itching scalp. In some cases, the production of excess oil in hair follicles also leads to dandruff itchiness which worsens our condition & makes us irritated. Many people don’t know what exactly causing oily hair and scalp. Often, we all know it happens in the summer when sweat produces due to hotness.

Having said that, there are several reasons why we’re getting oily hair and scalp. One of the common reasons is shampoo and conditioner accompanying with other things that could also prompt excess oil on the scalp. We’ve discussed a few amazing tips that can save your day.


1. Don’t Oil Often

One of the common and biggest mistakes people do is oiling their hair too often. Especially, i’m talking about oily hair persons who should stay away from essential oils as much as possible. Oiling may have tons of benefits for hair. It can repair your hair issues and gives strength, nourishment, shininess, smoothness, and what not it encourages blood flow throughout your scalp to promote new hair growth. Yes, oiling has wondrous benefits. But, not for a person who sustains an oily scalp.

Usually, people who have oily hair tend to wash their hair on alternate days. As far as what i’ve experienced, our hair becomes greasy on the second day so we have no option but to wash it. If you also have that kind of hair that becomes oily the next day. Then, i strongly recommend you to avoid oiling.

With my oily hair, i’ve tried a number of oils on my scalp but, none succeeded. Instead, they backfire and contribute more oil to my scalp. For this reason, i’ve been applying oil only 2 times a month. It’s enough for our type. In this way, you can control and get rid of oily hair and scalp.

2. Shampoos for Oily Hair

There are wide range of shampoos available in the market. You can buy whatever you want by seeing it’s description and it’s benefits for the hair. However, with this particular probelm, you really have to be cautious while purchasing the shampoos. As i’ve told you over-oiling aggravates your hair condition. Some shampoos which comprises silicones & parabens could also trigger oil production on the scalp. So, you have to make sure if the shampoo is formulated for oily hair.

Especially, you should look out for clarifying shampoos that help to get rid of product build-up and thoroughly cleanse all your scalp without debris. They are effective & mild for the people who sustains oily scalp all the time & whoever is trying to get rid of oily hair.

Go for either mild or clarifying shampoos, but, never ever buy shampoos that contains silicone & parabens which severely damages your hair shafts and prompts greasy hair. You should definitely stay away from them.

Yea, I know you might be wondering how to see if a shampoo has silicons & parabens ?

Just look out for words ( siloxane, cone, & conol) if parabens, ( paraben ). In case you find these words on ingredients list, avoid those shampoos.


3. Rinse properly

There is another aspect you need to be aware that not rinsing your hair properly also contributes to greasy hair. You have to make sure whether you washed your hair properly without leaving any residue. Sometimes, we may not realize some buildup still lingers on hair shafts, but that’s what worsens & snowballs  your condition. So for this reason, rinse your hair with lukewarm water properly till you get rid of oils.


4. Heating Products

Using Heating products such as blow dryer and hair straightener is also one of the biggest culprits of oily hair. It not only causes oily hair and scalp but also leads to hair fall adversely. Due to the excess heat releases from them, hair becomes more weak and prone to oil breakout. Our hair would also get hurt and becomes vulnerable.

A lot of people despite its negative impact still using them for the sake of hairstyle. But believe me, you have to stop using them as quickly as possible. That’s gonna wreck your entire hair.



5. Over Conditioning and How to Apply it?

Sometimes, we may apply the condition too much. In those conditions, our hair becomes more oily and triggers a greasy scalp. Over-conditioning is one of the typical mistakes people do in a hair bath.

Here’s how to apply conditioner properly on hair?

Once you rinse out all the shampoo from your hair :

  • Take some adequate amount of conditioner on your palm depends on your hair size
  • Apply it at the ends of your hair strands only
  • This is where most of the people commit mistake: DO NOT APPLY IT ON SCALP. Otherwise, you’ll see the negative effects of the conditioner
  • Leave it about 3-5 mins
  • Rinse out with water properly without residue

Some conditioner tends to linger amidst your hair shafts. Make sure you cleanse out all the product buildup. If not, as I said you’re gonna have to face oily scalp. If you did correctly and follow all the steps, you can able to get rid of oily hair and scalp. Do things properly or else things will boomerang.

6. Hard Water leads to Oily Hair

In a few conditions, some people have no choice but to sustain hard water in their area. Hard water contains a lavish amount of minerals that lead to breakage and hair fall. It mostly contains salts like (calcium carbonate) and( magnesium sulfate) which are responsible for damaging the hair health. It doesn’t help to remove buildup from the scalp and consequently you end up getting oily hair and scalp.

There are lots of negative effects you will get from using hard water. It causes :

  • Hair thinning and hair fall
  • Grey gair
  • Hair breakage and frizzy
  • Damages your hair texture and gets dull
  • Mineral build up leads to an oily scalp and dandruff

If you don’t know if your water is hard. You can feel the difference between soft water and hardwater. Whenever you use hard water, your skin gets itchy and your hair becomes dull.

In those conditions, it’s really important to install a water filter. It’s affordable and available in a wide range of markets. Alternatively, you could also set up a softener which is a bit pricey and expensive. In regards to water filters, it helps to eradicate chlorine and chloramine from the water making it favorable to the hair as well as skin. If you could able to buy a shower filter, you can get rid of oily hair and scalp and in the same way, you can reduce hair fall to some extent.

If you’re itching what are the benefits of the shower filter, Don’t scratch: 5 Benefits Of Using Shower Filters


In the meantime, if you’re experiencing hair fall. I would recommend you to check out below links 😉

If you’re suffering from dandruff :

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Britt K
6 months ago

It’s incredible how much of a difference your choice of shampoo can make! I used to really struggle with oily hair until I started experimenting with new products. It was really important for me to find something that allowed me to go longer between washing my hair as I dye with semi-permanent dye, meaning that it fades a little with each wash. My colour lasts SO much longer now!