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5 Legit Ways to Grow Organic Instagram Followers

Gaining Instagram followers can be tough and difficult especially if you’re seeking for a loyal audience. You can grow followers in many ways. Let it be unethical ways or legit ways. Amongst, everyone wants organic legit followers who will stay permanently in your follower’s list. You can get followers in another way too, an unethical way where you can buy followers and get them within a few hours. But, are they gonna stay permanently? are they your loyal followers? The Answer is No.

However, the best benefit of gaining organic followers is we have fewer chances to get terminated from instagram and make a professional page. As we’ve seen tons of people are getting blocked as spam notices after they are using illegal tools and spam machines to grow followers. It would be far far better to gain organic followers rather than choosing paid followers who are likely to unfollow you after a few days.

ORGANIC may be a slow process and tough. But, FAR WORTH than paid ones. Click To Tweet

Although, let’s see the best legit ways to grow organic followers on Instagram.

1. Post Awesome Content

Grow Organic Instagram Followers

Basically, a lot of newbies don’t know how Instagram works. They just put out the content randomly. But, that isn’t what people like. They will more likely ignore your Instagram page after seeing your posts. Most of the people expect your content to be unique and proficient. People don’t follow you if your content is boring. Here’s how you can do that.

Quality :

Quality is the biggest factor for growth on Instagram. Nobody is gonna come to your Instagram and follow you immediately. Personally, I feel Instagram has the best layout structure design than every other app. It is a pretty aesthetic app that allows you to post anything you want. However, followers determines on what are you gonna post. Instagram provides us tons of features such as stories, posts, IG TVs, Lives, where you can produce content in various ways and interact with your users.  Just Put out your skills and craft your work and utilize all the features to it’s extent.

Once you hit 10k followers, Instagram enables you swipe up feature that allows you directing your users to a particular site or video. So Use them wisely to gain an audience.

Own content:

So far, I’ve seen lots of beginners copying other’s ideas and content and posting on their accounts as their own. But, that wouldn’t give you anything. People who are following you will certainly recognize your posts and if they find out that you stole other’s posts. They will more inclined to unfollow you and follow the other account you’re stealing posts. You have number of Softwares and apps where you can edit and design your images. If you aren’t good at editing, consult any editor for your sake, and post your own content. But, don’t copy other’s stuff.

You may find other’s image useful and you want to post on your page too for fair purpose. You can ask them for permission if you can use their content. If they approved, you can post and give them credits. This is a polite way to posts other’s content. Otherwise, as I said you will be doomed.

Ideal size:

Posting inappropriate size posts for Instagram is the bad factor that makes you unprofessional and shabby. People think you’re lazy enough to customize your post in an ideal size.

  • Portrait : 1080 x 1350 pixels
  • Square ( Best size ): 1080 x 1080x pixels
  • Landscape: 1080 x 566 pixels

Personally, I would recommend you to use square and portrait post sizes. They would make your feed look organized and attractive.

2. Consistency and Scheduling

Consistency is the second biggest factor to grow the organic following numbers on Instagram. The more you post, the more people will follow you. Minimum, you should do one post every day as well as a few stories. That’s gonna keep your account updated and accelerate your engagement. If more people and followers are engaging with your posts and they’re liking your content. Then, Instagram will get a tendency to influence your popular images to a certain target audience who are following relevant pages. That is where you have high chances to gain followers and engagement for your posts.

Alike, Scheduling is also one of the important tactics that will encourage your engagement. Instagram provides you an option to see your Insights where you can see which time is more beneficial and at which time, more people are engaging with your content. So, you can schedule your posts and publish them at the perfect time.

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3. #Hashtags are Must

hasttags are important on instagram

I’ve seen tons and tons of beginners ignoring one of the best strategies #Hasttags. A lot of beginners may not know the significance of inserting hashtags for every post. But, as I said it’s one of the best tactics to grow your organic following and increase engagement certainly. The simple formula to find trending and top hashtags is searching on search bar or else alternatively, you can find them in popular accounts what hashtags they’re using. You might get an idea which hashtag is more favorable to your post.

In another way, the simplest way is using an Instagram keyword tool which helps to find the right #hashtag.

Hashtags have a lot of benefits on Instagram. It attracts specific users you’re looking for, directs the audience to our posts, increases engagement, and reaches the target audience. You can add extra features to your posts and build your brand through the use of hashtags. This is sort of campaigning to build your following list and build your account.

However, many Instagram users use hashtags for good reasons as well as bad intents. There are a lot of spam hashtags that may give you fake interactions such as #followforfollow, #likeforlikes, #comment, #likeforlike, and #followme. You have to avoid them and don’t get tempted to them. It’s just a temptation that provokes you to use it. But This is one of the worst things on Instagram to grow. So, avoid them as much as possible to prevent blocks and terminations. You only need to add hashtags relevant to your subject and content.

4. Be Professional and Organised

Grow Organic Instagram Followers

There are certain things that you will make your page organized and professional.

It can be determined by five factors :

  • Your bio style
  • The structure of your post
  • Usernames
  • Image colors and quality
  • The way of interacting with your audience.

You have to be perfect in these five factors without flaws. The first 2 things the people see on your page is Bio and your username. Irony is I suppose there are few people among you who are reading this article probably have different font styles on their bios. This might be you. Yea I know that, that is what makes you shoddy and mediocre. Write your bio naturally in default.


Writing a bio description is pretty simple. It isn’t that hard. All you have to do is just introduce what you are and what work you do ! Eg. (Blogger, Content Creator, Techie ) and next, promote your work and add keywords of your niche in form of line. This is Must, this would exhilarate your engagement rate and exposure on Instagram. Your page reaches to like-minded people and lastly, direct your users to your blog or channel ( leave a link ). This is the most common and best bio you could write. It’s all simple and clean 🙂


Your username determines what are you. You may have a username like ( instagram_014 ) or ( David_jacob_127). Don’t use this kind of third-grade usernames. I’ve seen this username on many people’s Instagrams. Choose a unique username and a simple one to remember. So, your audience could search again and again.


Regarding the structure of your post and image theme. This is the second thing the audience sees when they stumble on your page. To allure the audience , Choosing a specific grid layout is must which means every image you post should have some color resemblance with other posts as well. So, your page will have a theme that would make your page feed charming and appealing. At this point, people are more likely to follow.


The final one is, Interacting with your audience. Wanna get some reputation?

Communicate with your audience in a humble way and be diplomatic. Even though the opposite person is offensive to you, It’s important you have to bewithin your circle and talk to them.

These five factors are very essential for growing your Instagram page.

5. Ask Some Popular Relevant Accounts to Give a Shoutout

A shoutout is the most popular way to gain followers organically nowadays. Most of the pages are using this tactic while they’re promoting their content on various platforms. A shoutout is attributing brand names and mentioning their pages ids on posts. This is also called some sort of promotion.

The process is to Ask other popular relevant pages for the shoutout exchange. If they approve, you would get profit, simultaneously, they’ll get the profit from your page too. ( A benefit to both sides) what more you could expect. Sort of a promotional strategy to every Instagram handler nowadays.

Therefore, this is what you need to do for growing organic followers on Instagram. Besides, there are a few things you may need to know. You might be doing one of those things every day and has not realized that it’s a bad factor on Instagram.

Things that make your Instagram Spam and Mediocre:

Don’t set private account:

There are still a few pages I’ve seen on Instagram switched to a private account. Trust me, that is the biggest mistake you’re doing. In case, you switched your page to private. Switch it now to the public immediately. You’re losing lots of followers and audience. Generally, admins do this assuming people just look at their posts and go away. Apparently, that’s not the case. If you switched to private. How could people examine your posts and how could people know that if you’re posting good content or bad content. In these cases, people have more tendency to go away and never come back.

Basically, only those mediocre Instagram pages are more likely to switch to a private account. They assume audience will follow them in keen to see what type of content they’re posting. DON’T DO THIS MISTAKE.

Buying followers:

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning. Buying followers is the worthless thing you can ever do on Instagram. Paid followers are more likely to unfollow your page once they’re done with their task. It’s some sort of tactic people use.

Plagiarizing other’s post as your own:

Instagram will block your account if they find out you’re plagiarising official’s images without permission. Yea, you have fewer chances. But who knows, it’s better to avoid plagiarising other’s content. Only ignorants do these things.

Following people who like your niche and unfollowing them after few hours for your own sake

This is a cheap trick to gain followers on Instagram. People aren’t gonna easily follow you just because you followed them. This is just a waste of time. Just focus on quality.

Following relevant users and unfollowing them after a few hours for your own sake is the biggest mistake Click To Tweet

Hence, these are the strategies and not to do things you need to keep in mind to grow organic followers on Instagram. Let me know what you think. Let me know if you have any concerns regarding your page. I will try to reply as much as possible.


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7 months ago

Great tips! Can you share how to do a proper bio description? I struggle with that the most. And I agree with all your tips – I do them mostly already and I’ve seen great results.

7 months ago

These are great tips! I’m slowly but surely growing my IG. I am NOT a photographer or much of a photo editor, but I have gotten more intentional about what I post and the overall look of my grid. Getting better.