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Hair Care Tips for Men 2021 – Hair Care Routine

Some people may have no idea about what products they can use for their hair. It’s actually an important thing that you should use the correct product for your hair. If not, Your hair might get damaged.There are some men who are trying to get rid of hair fall and the same men may not know about tips which could make their hair healthy. You actually need to do in a correct way of your daily hair care routine. You have to know Hair care tips that you should follow regularly. There are certain things you need to notice and take care of hair. Every men should consider features and ingredients of products they use. because some products do contain harmful chemicals and toxics that could damage their hair.In some factors like Shampoos, Hair oil and Conditioner. They should know what ingredients contains in products they are using. So, I’m gonna give 5 Hair care tips that could make your hair healthy.

1.Use SLS and Parabens Free Shampoo

If you’re using a shampoo that contains SLS and parabens then you should throw away.

SLS means Sodium Laureate Sulphate. This chemical is used to produce lather in shampoos and also included in soaps. As per some reports Using SLS on the skin is also a bit harmful,.SLS is very harmful for our hair. While SlS doesn’t affect that much on skin.Go through this link if you’re want to know regarding SLS “What is SLS and Parabens?“.

Use Free-SLS and Parabens shampoo. If you have oily hair you may wash your hair 4 times a week.SLS shampoo will definitely damage your hair .while Free SLS Shampoo doesn’t.

2.Apply oil

Most of the men don’t like to apply oil on their hair as it makes feel uncomfortable. But, It is a very essential thing you need to do for hair. Maybe you are such a person who doesn’t want to apply oil at any case. But I suggest you to apply oil before bedtime and Do Head bath in Morning Itself. That is enough for your hair,You just need to apply 2 -3 times a week if you have Dry hair and 2 times for Oily hair.But, 2 times a week for any kind of hair is necessary if you’re a person who take care of hair.

3.Use conditioner

It’s good to use a conditioner after shampooing the hair. There are some myths about conditioner that it could lead to hair fall. Yeah, I’ve heard many myths about Conditioner. It could lead to hair fall only when you use the conditioner in the wrong way. If you don’t know how to use the Conditioner. It’s Simple, All you need to do is Just Take sufficient amount of Conditioner and Apply only on the ends of your hair. The maximum you try to avoid Scalps. Conditioning on the scalp is Over conditioning that leads to Hairfall. Use a Natural Conditioner. Not a Chemical One.

4.Be Gentle with your Hair

After having head bath, most of the men harshly rub their hair with a towel. They rub their wet hair with a towel roughly and excessively. The hair is so weak particularly only when it is wet. If you’re hard on them. It tends to fall. So, Be kind and gentle with your hair when it is wet . Just leave it until it gets dry or else if you don’t have time then, Take a Table fan and Sit before it. Yeah, You might be wondering what about Hairdryer. I Don’t actually recommend it for daily. because it actually dries out your hair too much and also Heat is not so good for your hair.You can use in only occasionally purposes.

5.Away from gels and Waxes

I suggest you to avoid gels and waxes as much as possible. I’m not saying you shouldn’t apply the gel. You can use some best waxes. Just apply occasionally or some purposes. Excessively Applying gels and waxes frequently may lead to hair fall and damage your hair as it is very harmful.

6.Have Haircut that suits your Face

Have a good haircut that suits your face shape. Don’t spoil your hair by trying haircuts that wouldn’t suit you.Just take an advise from Barbers and Have it. Go and have a haircut every month and ask the barber to cut ends of your hair.


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