Himalayan cats, or “Himmies,” are popular pets known for their friendly nature, striking appearance, and unique blend of characteristics from the Siamese and Persian breeds. Whether you are looking to adopt a Himalayan cat or merely curious about their distinctive traits, this article will guide you through three ways to help identify a Himalayan cat with ease.

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1. Observe the Coat and Coloring

One of the most distinguishing features of a Himalayan cat is its coat. These felines have long, luxurious fur inherited from their Persian ancestors. Their coat colors range from a creamy white base to various shades of fawn, with darker markings called “points.” Points can be seen on their extremities – ears, face mask, tail, and paws – reflecting the influence of the Siamese breed. Some common point colors include blue, chocolate, lilac, flame, seal, tortoiseshell, or blue-cream.

2. Examine Facial Features

Himalayan cats have unique facial features that contribute to their overall charm. They possess large round eyes (usually blue), set wide apart in a sweet expression. Their face has a distinctive ‘flat’ appearance due to the short nose and broad skull structure similar to Persians. The smaller ears placed low on the head complete the adorable look that makes Himmies so irresistible.

3. Assess Physical Build and Behavior

Despite their elegant appearance, Himalayan cats have a sturdy body build with short legs inherited from Persian cats. This feature can help distinguish them from Siamese cats that tend to be more slender and agile.

In terms of behavior, Himalayans are known for their gentle and friendly temperament. They are affectionate without being overly demanding and tend to form loyal bonds with their human companions. These cats enjoy lounging around but can be quite playful too – especially when engaged with toys or other stimuli.


By focusing on their coat and coloring, facial features, and physical build and behavior, one can successfully identify a Himalayan cat. These striking felines make wonderful pets, merging the best qualities of both Persian and Siamese breeds. In adopting or caring for a Himalayan cat, it is essential to be aware of their grooming needs due to their long fur and specific health concerns associated with their unique characteristics. By doing so, you’ll ensure they live healthy, happy lives as beloved family members.