5 Worst Foods to Avoid to Prevent Acne

Check out, the list of 5 worst foods you should avoid to prevent acne breakout. Sugar foods, Fast Food, Artificial Sweeteners.

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your skin pores are blocked with oil, bacteria, or when the cells are dead. It’s a common skin condition that befalls in young adult years from around ( 14- 22) which is a period where people hit puberty and become victim to pimples. Though, according to some dermatologists, men are more likable to pimples than women. Once you got acne on your skin, you may get frustrated and will try home remedies to get rid of pimples.

However, do you know foods can also contribute to acne? Do you know there are some foods you should avoid to prevent acne? If you’re not aware, there are various types of foods you should stay away from to reduce pimples. Once you start resisting them, i assure you that you’ll definitely see changes and get clear skin.


1. Dairy Foods

dairy products to prevent acne

There are several studies that have found consuming dairy foods on a daily basis causes acne. Especially, teenagers are most likely to be caused. Those people who are consuming milk and dairy products regularly have more odds of acne breakout. It has been stated that cow’s milk increases our insulin levels and IGF-1 factor that contributes to oil sebum on your skin and results in an acne breakout.

Although, this effect only applies to teenage and young adult people. It’s mainly because, in the process of hormonal development, the substances on milk are advantageous to teenage bodies. So, it’s better to restrict consuming dairy food. You can eat them at a limit.

Dairy Foods:

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Sour Cream
  • Butter

2. Soft drinks

soft drinks

Soft drinks also are known as artificial sweeteners. Lots of people take these sweeteners like coke, pepsi, and sprite. But, you also have to be aware of its serious effects on your skin. Due to high levels of sugar and insulin contained in soft drinks, our skin reacts to them, and thus, it is likely to cause acne breakouts on the skin.

Many multinational beverage corporations adding ingredients such as high amounts of sugar, chemicals, artificial additives that lure people to consume more. But, we are not aware of how much it causing damage to our skin. While there are also several studies that have not still proved soft drink causes acne. Anyway, many people believe there is a bad connection between acne and soft drinks since they have encountered it. For alternatives, you can consume fruit juices and honey instead of unhealthy sugar. By this, you can prevent acne.

3.Fast Food

worst foods acne

Fast food provides nothing nutrients except its delicious spicy flavor. It has the least benefits and most negative effects on health. Fast food like burger, pizza, nuggets, french fries, milkshakes, and hotdogs have a high amount of refined carbohydrates, fats, and calories which are responsible for acne production on the skin.  It not only causes acne breakout but also serious problems if you eat them on a daily basis.

There are also some studies that have proved fast food has processed and refined foods which would raise our blood sugar and insulin levels that are directly linked to acne breakout and aggravate our acne condition. In some cases, you may don’t know what oils restaurants use. We can’t trust anyone, they could use substandard oils to minimize their expenses. If that’s the case, we are more likely to get pimples and suffer the skin condition.

For that reason, it’s better to stay away from those foods rather than aggravating our skin condition by consuming them.




sugar foods to prevent acne

Sugar is one of the prime culprits that cause acne on our skin. Assume sugar as an opponent. Skin doesn’t like sugar and it hates sugar. There are lots of reasons why you shouldn’t eat sugar on a daily basis. One of the reasons includes substances contained in the sugar increase our insulin levels and deteriorate inflammation leading to excess sebum production on our skin. Consequently, we all would be triggered to acne breakout.

There are loads of unhealthy sugar foods you should avoid to prevent acne. In any other form, you may eat sugar without being aware of the fact you’re consuming it. Instead of eating sugar, you should use honey. Many dermatologists and doctors recommend honey to use in place of sugar.

  • Candy
  • Fried Foods
  • White Bread
  • Icecream
  • Sodas
  • Chocolate
  • Pastry cake

The above-mentioned foods contain substances that can have a bad effect on our skin. We have to minimize these as much as possible.

5.Refined Carbohydrates

Refined Carbohydrates and Carbs are also one of the biggest reasons for acne breakout. You may don’t know what refined carbohydrates mean. The foods like:

  • White bread, rice noodles, white flour
  • Sodas, sweeteners, pasta, and crackers.

Consuming these foods regularly contributes to acne development and worsen our skin condition. It’s for a simple reason, it will increase our blood sugar levels and causes insulin levels to rise. So, it is affirmed that the foods which increase the insulin levels cause acne breakout and develop sebum on our skin.


How to Get Rid of Pimples?

  • Avoid these junk and sugary foods
  • Use Salicylic Acid Facewashes
  • Protect your Face from Pollution and Sun
  • Keep your Hands off the skin


So, Let me know what do you think about this. Are you gonna stop eating these ?

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  1. I have acne prone skin and it might be due to my diet because I really love my dairy and sugar haha. I’ve been able to move from soda to seltzer water and from white flours to others, but there are still a few more steps I could take for my dermatological health. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, that’s really good step to reduce pimples. Move on to healthy phase from unhealthy foods. Your skin condition will improve for sure.

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