Green Tea is one of the healthy drinks that provide weights of benefits to our health. It is primarily filled with antioxidants, nutrients & anti-inflammatory properties that have beneficial effects on our health & make our body soothe by rejuvenating & cleansing every function.

Green tea as a herbal tea, you may not be aware of some benefits even you’re taking it daily. It boosts your immune system and triggers weight loss. But it can give more health benefits you might not be aware of.  Learn more about the true benefits of green tea to relish it every morning.

1. Lowers The Risk of Cancers

Green tea has great potential to protect us against the risk of cancers with the help of its properties. Cancer can be caused due to various reasons. It kills you if you’re not treated properly. However, there is a saying ” Prevention is better than cure ” and that’s why green tea comes into play. Green tea is a good source of antioxidants and nutrients that protect us against the uncontrolled growth of cells that triggers cancers. For this reason, green tea drinkers has a lower risk of cancers.

I assume you aren’t aware of this health benefit, but you do now as it can prevent cancers like :

These all are proven by researchers who believe green tea can eradicate growing cancerous cells & protecting drinkers from these kinds of cancer.

2. Supports Brain Health

One of the health benefits of drinking green tea is it can make you stay alert and focused by boosting your brain health.

The primary properties are caffeine and  L-theanine which can improve brain function, memory health, mental process, & watchfulness as cohesive.

While caffeine deals with brain-boosting activity, amni acid L-theanine is responsible for anti-anxiety and dopamine inhibitory that gives us calming effects and helps us to be more productive.

3. Supports Heart Health

Green tea could do anything not just with brain health, but also it supports heart health with its anti-inflammatory properties.

It safeguards the heart against the risk of cardiovascular disease and oxidative stress by reducing LDL bad cholesterol levels & triglycerides.

As per the study, people who relish green tea every day are relaxed & have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

4. Helps Reduce Cholesterol & Weight Loss

As you may know, green tea can significantly reduce LDL bad cholesterol & blood fats. It also deals with weight loss by accelerating your metabolic rate.

I would prefer the word “drastic” weight loss as of my personal experience. You take green tea every day, I can vouch you will lose around 2 kgs in just a week.

Green tea helps burn fat and reduce bad cholesterol which is converted to good cholesterol by the help of its antioxidant properties. On top of that, A study was conducted in which people lost weight drastically, plus most people favored green tea for abdominal weight loss.

5. Green Tea Safeguards Your Immune

Personally, one of the aspects I like about green tea is it helps with cold and cough.

Green tea has anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, antifungal, and flavonoids which help boost the immune system and safeguard against common viruses.

It will soothe irritation in the throat and reduce inflammation providing relief.

6. Healthy Hair and Clear Skin

Since Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It makes sense it protects our skin and hair from ultraviolet (UV) effects, pollution, and smoke.

It also offers an anti-aging effect and helps against wrinkles on the skin while also protecting from skin disorders that trigger dry and red flaky skin.

Having said that, green tea does a multitask with hair by stimulating hair roots and healthy hair growth.

7. Help you Live Longer

It’s obvious when green tea is soothing our health & providing benefits to our body. It’s sure we can live longer.

” Researchers studied that people who drink tea three times a week are less likely to suffer from heart diseases, stroke & related diseases” which indicates a longer healthy life expectancy.

8. Prevents High Blood pressure & Diabetes

Given the privileges of green tea, it also controls high blood pressure and improves the flow of blood with the assistant of its antioxidants compounds.

There is also a study suggests that drinking green tea on daily basis reduces high blood pressure and lowers the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Moreover, diabetes caused by the inability to produce insulin can be countered by drinking green tea which helps to improve insulin sensitivity & regulates blood sugar levels.

So what more benefits you need from a single beverage?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What’s the time to drink green tea every day?

A. 10.00 am & 2 hours before sleep.

2.  Are there any side effects of drinking green tea?

A. Yes, if you exceed the limits, you can have side effects such as mild headache, sleep problems, vomiting, liver injury, dizziness, diarrhea, irritability, convulsions, and confusion. It causes due to caffeine present in green tea. If you take in high doses, you’re likely to face the mentioned side effects.

3. How much to drink green tea?

A. Consuming 1-2 cups per day is safe. Either, you can also have it every other day.

4. Can pregnant women have green tea?

A. Yes, you can have it every day in small amounts. 1 cup per day is suggested to avoid complications.


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