Spinal Nerve Pain: What are My Treatment Options?

Did you know about 16 million adults experience chronic back pain annually? Spinal nerve pain is among the most frequent complaints in medical facilities.

Back pain affects the mental and physical health of the patient. It can also limit your movement and ability to perform tasks.

It’s important to address spinal nerve pain immediately. When you delay medical care, the pain might become intensive, thus requiring more aggressive treatment.

Below we discuss some of the treatment options that are available for the treatment of spinal nerve pain.


What Is Spinal Nerve Pain?

Spinal Nerve Pain What are My Treatment Options

Chronic pain develops when damaged nerves send false signals to the brain. The nerve damage can result from cancer, diabetes, hormonal disorders, excessive alcohol use, etc.

Some of the signs and symptoms of spinal nerve pain include:

  • Numbness in affected parts
  • Loss of balance
  • Difficulty in sleeping

Taking Medication

Medication is the first line of defense against bad back pain. You can readily get drugs over the counter or get a prescription from your doctor.

There are different medications you can use to relieve back pain. The medicines are available as creams, ointments, or sprays. You can also get painkillers to reduce the pain.

You can opt for spinal nerve injections in case of severe nerve pain. The injection provides instant pain relief and lasts longer than oral medications.

Some of these medications might have adverse effects on the patient. It’s therefore important to discuss with your doctor the best treatment option that will work for you.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the best treatment option you should try under the guidance of your physician or therapist. The exercises can vary depending on the types of back pain.

Physical therapy usually strengthens spinal structures by freeing compressed nerves. Additionally, it helps to shift spinal disks into the right location.

It’s essential to take care of your overall health and wellbeing. It would be best to habitually exercise and eat healthy foods for optimal health.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

This type of treatment uses electric pulses to disrupt the brain’s interpretation of the pain signals. The stimulation can be done either through implants or stimulation devices.

The stimulation triggers physiological chain reactions that improve the wellbeing of the patient. Spinal cord stimulation is relatively safe and non-invasive. It’s also convenient because patients can self-administer the treatment at home.

View this page for more information about spinal cord stimulation.



Surgery is usually the last option if all the other methods fail to work. Several surgical procedures are effective in relieving or completely curing back pain.

The surgeon can free the compressed nerves or completely removes the affected nerves. However, you must be of good health to qualify for surgical procedures. This is due to the intensity of anesthesia.

Treatment of Spinal Nerve Pain

If you are experiencing spinal nerve pain, it’s advisable to seek a viable treatment option. The choice of treatment depends on the nature and severity of the symptoms.The above guide takes you through the best treatment options for spinal nerve pain.

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