5 Tips To Keep Your Lips Healthy and Pink

No matter whether it’s a girl or a boy, who does not want those smooth, & pink lips. Here are 5 amazing tips to keep your lips looking healthy & free of dead skin.

Oh, God! Hail those soft juicy lips. No matter whether it’s a girl or a boy, who does not want those smooth, pink, badass lips. Some people are lucky enough to inherit it from their parents or by the grace of God but for some, it is still a dream. But this is no longer the case; in this article, I will reveal how to keep your lips healthy , free of dead skin, germs, and how to make them soft, smooth, and pink. Let’s go!

Having bad lip health can be because of several habits like not using a good quality lip balm or not taking a healthy diet, or maybe you are consuming certain substances that are not at all healthy for your lips. 

Here I have prepared a checklist of NOT-TO-DO things that you must have a look at and if you have a habit of doing any of these, stop it right away:

  1. Biting lips with teeth
  2. Touching dirty hands again and again on lips
  3. Tearing lips with nails
  4. Using unhealthy ways of lip care available on the internet
  5. Taking an unhealthy diet

1. A Healthy Diet

Eat healthy how to keep lips healthy

Taking a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals is the most effective way of keeping your lips healthy and soft. Unlike products, healthy food nourishes the lip from the inside out which is very very important. It helps in repairing the dead lip cells by supplying certain nutrients and healthy food items also works as a natural exfoliator.


2.Drinking a lot of water every day 

drink water frequently How To Keep Your Lips Healthy

This is a very common point that even every celebrity tell now and then, drink water stay happy etc, and most of the people do not find any sense in this, but I have a rule I listen from the greatest, apply in my life to my best extent and observe the results and here is what I observed after drinking lots of water every day: 

  • My lips started healing themselves, 
  • The replenishment process began to happen naturally and smoothly and gradually with due course of time my lips became soft and glossy.

And if you are a girl who loves to use lipstick everyday you will definitely understand the struggle that how hard it is to hold lipsticks for a long day, but trust me by making your lips soft & smooth, you will not only be able to maintain your lip health but will also be able to hold your long-lasting lipsticks for a very prolonged period of time. 

Pro Tip: Try to have a little patience in yourself as it is a natural process and natural processes take time to give the desired result and trust me the results are worth waiting for.


3. Exfoliating Your Lips

exfoliate lips

Using a lip scrub can be an excellent way of exfoliating your lips, which will help you in removing all the dead lip skin, and gradually your lips will start replenishing themselves naturally, there are several lip scrubs available in the market, but if you a natural person, you can even go with the natural ways of exfoliating lips, there are abundant ways of doing that.



4. Using Lip Balms

lip balms

Lip balms are a very essential element of making your lips healthy, pink, soft and smooth. It provides moisture to the lips that keeps them nourished throughout the day.

Let’s take an example of winters, we all have experienced our lips becoming dry, and begin developing cracks in them and starts looking terrible, in that case using a good lip balm will not only provide moisture to your lips but it will also stop them from getting dry and cracking, and if you go with a high rated premium lip balm, it will not only protect your lipid from drying but will also provide a luster to your lips.


5. Avoid Licking and Biting Your Lips

biting lips How To Keep Your Lips Healthy

Being an observative person I have seen a lot of people biting their lips and ripping them with their teeth, they may have done it out of nervousness or maybe it’s just one of their habit to play with their lips, but trust me my friend this can be very very bad for your lips, as it results in bad lip health that is cracking of lip skin, blood from lips, etc.

For soft and healthy lips, you should: stop all the bad stuff, you need to strictly change your habits from today only, and then only you will be able to maintain healthy lips.


The Bottom Line :

Achieving properly nourished and healthy lips is not a big task, all it wants is proper care. Take care of your lips day and night, respect them, and pamper them and soon you will definitely make your way to achieving soft cute lips.

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