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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Permanently : Tips & Remedies

Dark circles are black and dull lower eyelids that occur under the eyes. It’s common in men and women that make their eyes puffy and old. It has been assumed that women are more likely to prone to dark circles than men. Though, everyone would eventually get dark circles at a certain point in time. There are many reasons why you’re getting dark circles so early.

What you must do is naturally heal them. Don’t go straight away for products and cosmetics. It’s not always about skin products. Once you start correcting your daily routine and lifestyle. Your dark circles will go away from your skin. The first thing you have to learn what is causing you dark circles.


What are the Causes of Dark Circles?


If you have an allergy, your body will release histamines which results in dark circles and puffy eyes.

Extreme Fatigue:

Extreme Fatigue, Oversleep, or either insufficient sleep likely to form dark circles.

Eye Strain:

Spending too much time on blue screens will cause eye strain which darkens the surrounding of the eyes.


It is inevitable that your skin will get older as you ages. Your skin will get thinner and you’re more likely to get dark circles easily.


An insufficient amount of water and fluids in your body can cause dark circles around your eyes.


1. Sleep Enough

Sleep plays an important factor in your eyes condition. Sleep is directly associated with eyes and so, is dark circles. Lack of sleep and awake at night triggers your eyes to become puffy and dark . Our face can tell if we had enough sleep. In case, you didn’t get enough sleep, your blood vessels tend to enlarge around your eyes, and therefore, you end up getting dark circles. While also, your face will become drowsy and inflated.

2. Alcohol causes Dark Circles

Alcohol will significantly contribute to dark circles. Whether you believe or not, it is obvious and evident that taking too much alcohol causes dark circles under your lower eyelids. We all know after indulging in alcohol, our eyes get red when blood vessels on the sclera get dilated. It happens when you overindulged in alcohol. It dehydrates your skin and body, which results in your blood vessels getting enlarged, and consequently, the dark circles will be more visible.

In the same manner, Smoking also contributes to dark circles and you won’t be seeing any good results unless you refrain from smoking.

3.Sun Exposure

One of the most common causes of dark circles is also Sun UV Rays. In other words, exposure to the sun hurts your skin and eyes. The sun UV rays will cause hyperpigmentation directly on your skin which subsequently results in skin getting dark. For the reason, Do not expose to the sun without any protection on your face or sunglasses. It has some serious effects on our skin.



4.Consumption of Excessive Salt

Consuming high amounts of salt also contributes to dark circles. It is lavish in fast foods. Salt is rich in sodium and potassium which prompts dark circles under your eyes. Not only Salt but also the foods that are rich in sodium and potassium causes dark circles. Those foods like burritos, pizza, and popcorn are loaded with high sodium. If you eat them too much, you are gonna get dark circles for sure.

5.Cold Compress

Cold Compress is a relaxing way to soothe your dark circles and eyes. Cold Compress is nothing, but an icepack. A cold compress can reduce the swelling and decrease the enlarged blood vessels around the eyes. This can relieve swelling and puffiness enlarged beneath the eyes.

How to Make Cold Compress

Pack few ice cubes in a clean cloth and put them on your eyes for around 20-30 mins. Do this every day to reduce your dark circles. This might be a slow remedy but, it’s the most relaxing and cool way to lighten the swelling.


Hence, that’s how you can reduce dark circles. If you’re looking for effective home remedies.


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1 year ago

I didn’t know that alcohol and salt caused dark circles! I should probably cut back on the sodium lol

1 year ago
Reply to  Hailey

yup! they do cause dark circles. Thank you:) share it with your friends and keep following us.