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How to Get Rid of Hairfall – Tips to Control1 min read

How to Get Rid of Hairfall

how to get rid of hairfall


1.Use SLS and parabens free shampoo.

I highly recommend you to immediately shift to free SLS and parabens shampoos. Because the majority of renowned shampoos have SLS and parabens which are harmful to our hair. It strip-outs our natural oils from hair which leads to dry and hairfall. There are brands that provide you free SLS and parabens shampoos like Biotique, wow and Khadi.

2.Apply oil

It is good to apply oil to our hair twice a week for healthy hair. Most of people use coconut oil.but for those who are suffering from severe hair fall. Try Castor oil mixed with coconut oil.

3.Avoid gels and sprays on your hair

It is better to stay away from Hair Gels, waxes and sprays as they damage your hair if you’re using too much like every day. You must stop applying on ur hair if you’re facing hair fall.

4.Avoid Heating Products

Similarly,You need to avoid heating products on ur hair like hair straightener, Hair blower. I suggest you to avoid them as much as possible if you really care about your hair.

5. Don’t rub Towel harshly on your Wet hair

That is a bad way to dry your hair after bathing. Just take it easy with your hair and comb your hair with a long brush and leave it until your hair gets dry. Therefore, This is the process that I use to follow.


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