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How to Promote Your Blog in 4 Ways

Whether you are new to the digital world or already have an established online presence, the primary goal for every brand is to get more traffic. A strong web presence is developed when you have an engaging audience. Creating content and maintaining a blog requires a lot of time and effort. When you have invested so much in content development, you want to take that one step extra for converting into successful outcomes.

You guessed it right! Focusing and investing in the right kind of promotions is the next step towards achieving success. Powerful promotional strategies have proved to be a game-changer for so many blog owners. When the digital world is flooding with posts and new content on a daily basis, you want to stand out and build your own unique identity in this competitive environment. 

Realize that just resharing your blog post links on all the social media channels, or simply sending out an email is just a temporary solution. To pay-off on your content development efforts, you need to have a well-thought plan of action for your blog’s promotions. 

Before you start out with actual blog promotions, know that at the end of the day, the most convincing element for the visitors will be your content. To establish a long-term relationship with your readers, ensure that you consistently provide content that is beneficial to them. Select a niche for your blog and focus on solving their problems through your content. Publish value-adding content for your target audience, you want them to revisit your blog and see it as a reliable source. 

Don’t want to feel disappointed after hitting that publish button? Want to stay stress-free about the blog’s performance? Keep reading this post further as we outline essential must-follow promotional strategies to increase the exposure of your blog. 


1. Email marketing

How to promote your blog with email marketing

Email reach is getting old, however, if you have a consistent email marketing plan, it is still one of the most effective strategies. Work on collecting emails of your visitors, by placing an email submission option on your blog or on other channels that you use. Encourage visitors to enter their emails in order to know about your new posts. If needed, provide some incentives to them. 

Utilize the data to build an email list. Send well-formatted, structured, and informative emails on a regular basis. Notify the readers each time you publish new content. Gain attention through a catchy subject line, describe ‘what’s in it for them’ in your body, and add a call-to-action at the end for letting the readers know of the next step you want them to take. Do not forget to attach the link to your blog post in the email. You can also email your followers to revisit your old posts relating to some trending topics or can ask them to share your content with their networks. 


Do not shy away from taking any necessary steps. Only when you do it, will you witness the willingness of people to follow your blog and to promote it. People tend to ignore you incase you spam their inboxes with too-frequent emails. Developing a proper schedule for email marketing can help you get more effective results. 

Email reach is getting old, however, if you have a consistent email marketing plan, it is still one of the most effective strategies Click To Tweet


2. Social Media marketing 

how to promote your blog with social media

There are tons of social media channels available these days. Almost every other person has a profile on one or some of these channels. Having a profile and posting or sharing relevant content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. can help you to reach out to a wider bracket of audience. 


Join various groups specific to your niche on these channels and start to show your interest by providing valuable insights. Only sharing your link on various social media groups is not going to help. You need to be active and tailor your content according to the needs of each social media channel before publishing it. Try to post more interactive and interesting content to engage your existing followers and to attract more new users. Also add social sharing icons to your blog post, to remind readers to reshare your content on their social network accounts. 


3. Guest blogging

This method is about writing and posting content on some other famous website/blog. You use this strategy to gain the trust of the established audience base of that blog and to drive some traffic back to your website. You can achieve this by adding your blog link in your bio or by linking your blog posts in the content itself. 


Figure out a list of websites that post similar kind of content to yours, and pitch to them about your interest in writing a guest post. Connect with influencers and other relevant content producers too to get more referral traffic. Guest blogging is a great SEO strategy that works over the long-term by creating awareness of your brand and getting quality leads for your blog. 


4. SEO practices 

Develop strong SEO strategies to increase your visibility and to rank higher in the search engines. Leverage on the current trends by keeping up with the latest information and updating your content development plan accordingly. The aim is to persuade more users to click on your website link. Maintain consistency by keeping your content relevant to a field, and just build content around a selected theme to provide new insights. 

You want people to easily find your website, targeting specific keywords that users are entering into search engines can help optimize your website. Try to include those keywords and its variations in your content, tag headline, meta description, emails, social media posts, etc. When going for crosslinking with other related content, make the anchor-text keyword-rich. Mentioning keywords multiple times will let readers know that you are providing exactly what they are looking for. 

SEO practices are a must-have in your promotions list. Framing and following the right SEO practices will automatically drive quality and quantity traffic to your blog. 


The blogging space has a low barrier to entry. Start with planning your promotions now to drive traffic and increase your visibility. As you grow, evolve your strategies with time and needs. We hope that you use the above-mentioned techniques to stand out and promote your blog. 


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Tiffany McCullough
3 months ago

Great post! I’m still learning how to promote myself and this has helped. Thanks!!