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2 Home Remedies to Remove Sun Tan from Face and Skin Naturally

suntan remove tan

There are many home remedies to remove sun tan your face and skin. It is really frustrating to see how your face became after you’ve exposed to sun. But, You really need to take care of your face when you are going to expose to sun. However, Among lots of Home Remedies. I will give you three Home remedies that are really most effective for removing Sun tan from your face.


1. Apply Lemon

lemon juice suntan

Lemon juice is regarded as the most effective remedy to remove tan from your face and skin. Lemon juice has a good amount of citric acid and Vitamin C that acts as a good skin lightening agent. Applying Lemon Juice for 15-20 Mins will help lighten your skin while imparting a natural glow and then wash with Lukewarm Water. Though, It is the simplest way to remove tan from your face. But, Wait a min you can also have Lemon+ Honey on your face

Lemon+ Honey pack

lemon and honey suntan

Lemon helps in removing sun tan from the skin While, Honey keeps your skin soft and smooth. Take one tablespoon of Lemon juice and add some honey in it. Wash with Lukewarm water. This is magical and effective combination for removing tan from your skin. Hence, It is considered to be the most effective pack for detanning from your face.


2. Apply Tomato Juice

tomatoes sun tan

Tomato Juice has high levels of antioxidants that can help lighten your tan. It is also an effective and simplest remedy to remove suntan from your face Instantly. Tomatoes are great properties to detan the skin.Just apply on it on face and Leave for 15-20 min and Wash with lukewarm water. This is also considered as effective Home remedy for Suntan.

However, You also need to take careful steps before going outside like Sun exposing places. Maybe, Applying SunScreen Lotions or Moisturizers which really helps you to protect from sun rays that damage your skin.


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