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How to Remove Virus from your PC and Laptop

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One of the most common issues on the computer is a virus. Everyone would probably have faced this issue in their life. PC users can relate to this. I think so!

I don’t think it’s very complicated to remove viruses and malware from your pc. It just needs some medicine (software ). That’s it, but you really have to be careful using your pc. There are so many factors that would cause virus and infect your pc. If you wanna know how to prevent the virus in our pc. Go Ahead.

How to Prevent Virus in PC

  • Shouldn’t be downloading Unnecessary files and Softwares
  • You must not engage to Popup ads in chrome. ( You definitely have faced this )
  • Downloading Softwares in unofficial and third-party sites infect the pc .
  • Do not download games from unknown sites.

That’s all you should do to prevent viruses and other malware on your pc. You better get a simple software to keep your pc protected which I will talk about in a min. How to clean the Virus? Here we go.

How to Remove Virus and Malware in PC

1. Download Malware Bytes now !

Download: Malware Bytes 

Personally, I’ve used many anti-virus softwares but none of them really worked that much. Moreover, they slow down my computer and it sucks!. Later, I found this Malware Bytes Software and downloaded it in my pc. Though, It has done a good job of cleaning the virus.

After Downloading the software. You can see the scan button

malware bytes virus software

Click that button and clean the virus and malware from your pc successfully. You can also turn on real-time protection. It’s your choice but personally I don’t suggest you to do that.

Perhaps, there are some people who couldn’t pay to download malware bytes software. I have steps for them to follow 😉

2.  Download Adw Cleaner

I do suggest you download Adw cleaner software to remove malware and harmful files from your pc. It’s free you can clean the virus freely without spending money on it.

Download: Adw cleaner

After downloading the software.

adw cleaner virus software

Press that Scan Now Button and after scanning, you will be asked to reboot your pc or laptop. Don’t think it’s completed. The virus is everywhere. You have to download some software’s for removing files that cause virus and malware

3. Download CC cleaner

Don’t get irritated. I know it annoys you. But, I successfully cleaned my pc with these software’s. I had to download them for better performance and no chances for the virus.

Download: CC Cleaner

It has a paid version too. But, you can clean the junk and malware files in the free version. It’s easy to scan like what I said in the beginning

cc cleaner virus software

Smash that analyze button and clean all your junk and malicious files. I hope your pc will get better by now.


4. Delete Temporary Files

You have to delete temporary files weekly. It’s good to remove them to maintain your pc performance better and prevent from viruses.

All you have do is to


run virus

Type %temp% on the box and click ok. you will some bunch of files. Just delete them. You don’t have to worry, those are unnecessary files.

Okay, We’re in the endgame now. It’s the final step.

5. Disk Cleanup

It’s easy to do that. Just go to your MY PC Folder.

  1. Right-click on Local Disk C
  2. Go ahead to Properties.
  3. Click Disk Cleanup like below.

disk cleanup

Clean that up and That’s conclusion for us.

Hope your PC will get better now and running efficiently without any issue. Comment down below if you have any questions and if you have successfully cleaned the virus following my steps.

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Sunshine Marie
Sunshine Marie
1 year ago

Hello if I suspect that I have a virus on my computer already is it safe to go online without virus protection and download?