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Finally, The First 11 Years of MCU has completed “The Infinity Saga“. Almost all people in the world loved Marvel movies. After Endgame, Marvel wouldn’t be the same as without Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. It is difficult to see the upcoming marvel without them. Many fans loved RDJ Who has done an excellent job as Tony Stark a.k.a Ironman. In the same way, Chris Evans was perfect as Captain America. Both of them did a splendid job in their roles. After Phase 3, Everyone is eagerly waiting to see how marvel would explore new things and new trilogy. As of course there will be a lot of changes in the marvel cinematic universe which means we wouldn’t see marvel what we saw in the past 11 years.

However, Kevin Feige The President of Marvel Studios had already announced Phase 4 movies and shows coming in MCU. But,Don’t forgot what he said in the end.

He goes on to say “ he didn’t have the time to talk about fantastic four, the mutants which of course X-men, Deadpool, etc and Guardians of the galaxy 3.” Ever Since Kevin said, Everyone is so excited to see phase 5 movies. There are many reports and leaks that have dropped off in social media which were reported by reliable sources.

So, First with Confirmed Movies

  1. Black Panther 2
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3
  3. Captain Marvel 2
  4. Blade
  5. Fantastic Four
  6. X-men

We all know Black Panther 2 was already announced by Kevin Feige. And Blade, Captain Marvel 2, Fantastic Four, GOTG3 and The Mutants as well did confirm by Kevin Feige himself. But, he didn’t say any release dates for them.

Coming to other movies that have been confirmed by other reliable sources.

  1. Antman 3
  2. Deadpool
  3. Spider-Man 3
  4. Nova
  5. Silver Surfer
  6. The New Avengers

Well, Marvel fans might know about the above movie’s speculations. Recently, Antman 3 movie speculations have gone viral in Social Media who actually confirmed by Charles Murphy.¬†And Deadpool 3 and other movies have already been in Social media too. There has been a lot of speculations and reports of Deadpool, Spiderman 3 , Nova, Silver Surfer and Ofcourse The New Avengers¬†coming to MCU.

And with these movies. We will get Disney Plus Shows in Phase 5 as well. At present, They’re in Development.

  1. Doctor Doom
  2. Miss America v
  3. Valkyries
  4. Weapon X
  5. War Machine

These Disney shows are much speculated and could come in Phase 5¬† reported by reliable sources. One thing you have to be aware of Disney plus shows are directly connected to MCU movies. Disney Shows will actually happen in MCU itself. Although, Don’t think it is okay to watch movies without seeing Disney Shows.

However, MCU is evolving more and more with the new trilogy, Heroes and Villians.

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