16 Best TV Shows Of 2022

Taking a look at this year's TV shows and ranking them according to factors, we selected the 16 best shows for 2022.

From addictive thrillers to sweeping historical epics, TV shows in 2022 have managed to provide both much-needed escapism and engaging insight into the reality of our world today. It goes from mind-bending thrillers to delightfully absurd comedy, with stops in dystopian science fiction, creative historical reimaginings, and sweeping epics, the last twelve months have been filled with countless hours of must-watch television.

This year, particularly every TV fan had something to sink their teeth into, and while the range of shows on offer was vast and varied, it can be argued that 2022’s TV selection made up some of the strongest, most entertaining viewing in years.

We swept through all of this year’s television shows and selected the 16 best TV shows in 2022, and ranked them based on factors such as the show’s overall quality and its impact among the audience.

Sixteen Best TV Shows Of 2022 —

16. Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story -  Best TV Shows 2022
A glimpse from Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

“Masterful Ryan Murphy docuseries, unfairly drubbed by the critics. It’s also much more layered thematically, much more of a nuanced morality play this time- giving it much more context. The series functions like a detective movie. We know who the killer is, of course, but Murphy fearsomely hovers from subject to subject; looking for culpability, which seems to be the main through line here.” – Mike P, Rottentomatoes.

“I understand the debate of whether or not this should have been made, but this show was impeccably directed, produced and acted. For a docuseries with an ending that is well known, the anxiety, victim empathy, and sheer terror of each scene is palpable and intense. Evan Peters needs to be considered for an Emmy for sure and is absolute must-watch.” – Keith S, Rottentomatoes.

15. Abbott Elementary Season 2

Abbott Elementary Season 2 -  Best TV Shows 2022
A glimpse from Abbott Elementary Season 2

“One of the best tv comedies of the past 20 years. Absolutely adorable. I haven’t seen a family-friendly comedy like this since the 1980s and 1990s. We need more like this! Hollywood, are you listening?.” – Jean E, Rottentomatoes.

“Great characters and comedic writing. Does well to lighten the many heart-breaking realities of public school life in America.” – Shontelle W, Rottentomatoes.

14. Bad Sisters

Bad Sisters
A glimpse from Bad Sisters

“This was absolutely brilliant TV. At times the depiction of the narcissistic main character was so hauntingly accurate that it caused gasps in our household and I have had to give my recommendation to watch the series with a trigger warning to one friend. And if you think you can bear the topic of a seriously toxic narcissist then it’s a rewarding watch, gripping, hilarious at times and definitely frequently touching.” – Anna J, Rottentomatoes.

“Brilliant, charming performances and a script that is witty and clever as any recent memory. The five sisters have no choice but to do away with an evil presence in all their lives. The who-will-do-it sisters versus an endlessly villainous brother-in-law find viewers dying for their success in every episode. Absolutely binge-worthy.” – Monty M, Rottentomatoes.

13. Derry Girls Season 3

Derry Girls Season 3
A glimpse from Derry Girls Season 3

“The way Derry Girls handles drama and tragedy both political and personal, is just so well done. The juxtaposition of a seismic shift in the history of a country and it’s people and that of adolescence is executed spectacularly. Seeing the innocence of youth and also the blasé perspective of youth during a time of great strife is so heartwarming and genuine. As an American, coming of age in 2001 felt a lot like that.” – David F, Rottentomatoes.

“It’s true when people say it’s one of the greatest pieces of comedy of this decade.” – Kate, Rottentomatoes.

12. Reservation Dogs Season 2

Reservation Dogs Season 2
A glimpse from Reservation Dogs Season 2

“This show has such depth and complexity, and has such heart. It is soulful, endearing, cultural, respectful, and has humanity on full display. The jokes keep coming and the characters are real as you and me, and our brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles, and they make all the same mistakes, and they love us too. The genius of being to create a show like this is humbling and gives such hope that humanity with love can achieve so much.” – Leonidas M, Rottentomatoes.

“A refreshing show that deals with social issues without preaching or lecturing the audience. Instead chooses to have well written characters and tell a very touching human story with humour and emotion.” – Sameer, Rottentomatoes.

11. Andor

Andor -  Best TV Shows 2022
A glimpse from Andor

“A true return to form for Star Wars storytelling. It may not be as action-packed or flashy as some of the more recent star wars films, but it doesn’t suffer from horrible plotlines, cringe-worthy acting, and capitalizing on nostalgia (cough, cough..Sequel Trilogy). It is a normal story about what people experience under the rise of the empire.” – Matt W, Rottentomatoes.

” This is a REAL refresh in Star Wars Universe, pretty much as Rogue One was! It’s crude, sad, and powerful. There is no time for magic, no superheroes, and no “Deus ex-machina” moments! The “Happy End” is a bitter cup of pain and courage to carry on, pretty much as our today reality.” – Alessandro B, Rottentomatoes.

10. Ozark Season 4

Ozark Season 4
A glimpse from Ozark Season 4

“Is ‘Ozark’ the best TV series there’s ever been? It’s certainly up there. Netflix creates and builds these dramas so well. It’s incredible with some of the best acting I’ve ever seen. I’d expect some sort of spin off like they did with ‘Better Call Saul’ and ‘Breaking Bad’.”– Dan R, Rottentomatoes.

Wow! What a ride this programme has been and all ended perfectly in this season. The acting performances are outstanding and deserve to be nominated for everything they can. I have been gripped and wanting more every single season and I am genuinely disappointed that the ride is over. I have not been so engrossed with characters and the story since breaking bad.”– Dave H, Rottentomatoes.

9. Wednesday

Wednesday -  Best TV Shows 2022
A glimpse from Wednesday

“The series starts out funny and weird but draws the viewer in with an ever more intensifying and increasingly more thrilling mystery plot from the first to the last episode. But unlike many, nay most of the recently produced shows on Netflix, D+, or Amazon, this show sticks the landing.” – Sebastian B, Rottentomatoes.

“Giving 5 stars for Jenna Ortega’s magnificant acting. Plus the morbid humour. Excellent writing. Wednesday not blinking and smiling makes her character fit the script perfectly.” – Lucia R, Rottentomatoes.

8. Peacemaker

A glimpse from Peacemaker

“The Suicide Squad director James Gunn is able to comfortably translate his comedic style to the small screen, delivering an entertaining but also emotional satisfying series. John Cena gives a surprisingly strong performance, reprising his role from the aforementioned movie and providing more depth for the character.” – Joshua C, Rottentomatoes.

“James Gunn came out of nowhere bringing us an unknown and one of the most underrated characters ever and then deliver us one the best CB series of all time.” – Jorge G, Rottentomatoes.

7. The Boys Season 3

The Boys Season 3 -  Best TV Shows 2022
A glimpse from The Boys Season 3

“The Boys: S3 has surpassed that all too common third series slump – they explore areas that you wouldn’t even think existed. New ideas keep the characters’ journeys fresh, and I think all the character’s decisions follow really believable logic. This is so satisfying as a viewer. And the actors are clearly having a lot of fun, alongside a lot of room to stretch their creative legs!” – 
Jonathan L
, Rottentomatoes.

“The genius of this installment is within it’s lead characters’ development. Butcher becomes what he hates, to defeat Homelander, who is now completely broken, just like a human and demonstrates those human feelings for his son. This character development, alongside others, like Kimiko and Hughie, and intimate father-son triangle drama, AND tremendous action is what makes this the strongest season of The Boys yet.” – Big S, Rottentomatoes.

6. The Bear

The Bear -  Best TV Shows 2022
A glimpse from The Bear

“Raw, shouty, enraged, stressful, bizarrely taut drama about cheffing in a failing indie business. As with the angry chef/kitchen-based dramas that have come before, this is addictive. The very real feel to its characters, settings and day-to-day routines are all fuel to the fire of that addiction. The whole story is macabre and morbid, with a stressful narrative and a lot of realism.” – David C, Rottentomatoes.

“We need more shows like this that are willing to take chances and not play it safe with cookie-cutter tropes and coloring inside the lines. If you ever worked in the food service industry you will most definitely feel the pain of the characters on this show. Simply brilliant.” – Michael B, Rottentomatoes.

5. Barry Season 3

Barry Season 3 -  Best TV Shows 2022
A glimpse from Barry Season 3

“Not much on television, or on any screen for that matter, meets this level of quality anymore. Hader and team are able to hit grand slams every season with no decline in writing, performance and story. Truly a great show, and after three exemplary seasons, should be in the conversation with the top shows in the past few decades.” – Jeff A, Rottentomatoes.

“The show maintains its high quality while the plot progresses nicely. The actors also deliver some truly intense performances this time around. The show tackles some very relevant problems – sometimes in a very mature way other times with pure absurdity, for the most part it strikes a good balance though.” – Lasse L, Rottentomatoes.

4. Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things Season 4 - Best TV Shows 2022
A glimpse from Stranger Things Season 4

“Stranger Things 4 brings the story of Stranger Things really to its peak. The villain, the horror in the new season of Stranger Things is just excellent. Despite, there being a slower storyline, Stranger Things 4 went from a 4 kids’ show to becoming a global threat type show, where you feel that the villain will win this time.” – Oswald C, Rottentomatoes.

Definitely, the best Stranger Things has to offer. This is the biggest and most ambitious season yet and every risk they take pays off. The Duffer brothers know how to turn a character’s story around and make you feel for a character that you maybe didn’t car about or didn’t like as a character and turn them top tier. The performances all around the board are outstanding with the standouts being Sadie Sink, Joe Quinn, Joe Keery, and Millie Bobby Brown. – Cade M, Rottentomatoes.

3. Severance

Severance - Best TV Shows 2022
A glimpse from Severance

“Severance is one of television’s best offerings, featuring a perfect blend of atmosphere, tension, and aesthetics. The mystery is highly compelling and the show utilizes its bizarre sci-fi concept to the fullest. Incredible performances and directing enhance the experience, making it one of the greatest television debut seasons ever.” – Advaith A, Rottentomatoes.

“The premise is creepy but all too real for the employment industry. Severance gives us a peek into corporate salve labor mentality and the people who struggle with it. All packed up in a neat Sci-Fi mystery, that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The main cast members are fantastic, everyone brings their A-game in both the Severed and Unsevered world. The production design is fantastic, every inch of this show feels polished to the max.” – Sheheryar W, Rottentomatoes.

2. House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon - Best TV Shows 2022
A glimpse from House of the Dragon

“The show is awesome. It absolutely redeemed GoT. The acting, the directing, the setups, the cinematography, the dialogues are rock solid. The show continues the legacy from S1-4 of GoT in respect to creating realistic, humane and multi-layered characters. For the most part the plot is naturally driven by characters’ motivations, conditions, needs and desires.” – Vlad M, Rottentomatoes.

“Absolutely brilliant! At a time when sequels and spinoffs keep disappointing and butchering the original materials (yes, I’m especially thinking about you Marvel, and LOTR), House of The Dragon provides everything you’d want from it. HBO’s Game Of Thrones universe proves that it still has plenty of great stories to tell flexing its incredible storytelling, writing, and production quality at pretty much everything else that’s currently on TV right now.” – TAZI O, Rottentomatoes.

1. Better Call Saul Season 6

Better Call Saul Season 6 - Best TV Shows 2022
A glimpse from Better Call Saul Season 6

“In a world of garbage tv shows – Better Call Saul stands tall above the swill content being produced today. Excellent writing, beautifully crafted, clever, funny and heartbreaking. The acting is top notch and you couldn’t ask for a better experience in story telling. Hats off to this team.” – Zeke K, Rottentomatoes.

“It’s one of the highest points of tv shows history. Better Call Saul is a plea for the complexity of human lives, it’s an Ode to the everlasting fight of good vs evil. The descent to hell of Jimmy Mcgill to become Saul Goodman sees the light of day in this season and boy oh boy does it deliver. From the decent guy with a lot of showmanship to the vapid shallow two dimensional con man we saw at Breaking Bad, Bob O’denkirk gave us the performance of his lifetime. A Masterpiece.” – Houda B, Rottentomatoes.

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