All Spider-Man Movies Ranked ( Including No Way Home )

As someone who has grown up loving Spider-Man, what do I think is the best Spider-Man film ever. I ranked all Spider-Man movies from least best to the best.

The love I have for Spider-Man was sparked when I was a child by Tobey Spider-Man, followed by Andrew Spider-Man, and now I live with Tom Spider-Man. What are my thoughts about these movies? Which Spiderman movie is the best? And which Spiderman movie is my least favorite? We’re going to talk about that – All Spider-Man movies ranked by someone who has loved the character since his youth.

As part of my preparation for Spiderman No Way Home’s release, I have rewatched every Spiderman movie ever made, and now watching No Way Home has been a truly amazing experience. What I found more fascinating was the way each director depicted Spider-Man and the way in which their adaptation of Peter Parker differed from one another. As for the actors who played Spider-Man and their style of portraying the role, they all did an excellent job. But that is not the topic of my discussion; I am ranking the Spiderman movies and determining which is the best Spiderman movie.

8. The Amazing Spiderman (2012)

all spider man movies ranked

All in all, I find The Amazing Spiderman to be my least favorite Spider-Man movie. There may be many reasons for this, among which is that it mostly follows the same plotline as Spider-Man 1 which I find to be extremely frustrating. As in, Peter Parker’s motivations are often twisted in this film, which cheats itself out of a meaningful plot line.

The main motive for Peter Parker to go into Oscorp is to learn more about his parents, which leads him into the Oscorp facility, and then, after getting bitten by the radioactive spider at Oscorp, his original reason for getting into Oscorp was forgotten. He then suggests a formula to Dr. Conners, as if it were something he had come up with, and then his uncle dies, which has changed his motive to find the killer, but guess what? This will be forgotten too. Now, again let’s just pretend his motive has changed, as Peter has now turned his attention to ‘Dr. Conners’, to whom he has given the formula without knowing its full details or the potential consequences. Clearly, things go awry, Dr. Conners turned into a lizard, and the lizard’s absurd motive to turn everyone into lizards, just because he thinks humans are flawed, but lizards are flawless — Wow, what a fantastic character writing.

Towards the end of the movie, Gwen Stacy’s father pleads with Peter that he must stay away from his daughter in order to keep her safe, but you know what, that wish is going to be forgotten in a flash, so this movie was simply a piece of crap.

Nevertheless, the movie does have some positive things, including Andrew Garfield’s performance and Emma Stone’s chemistry. Also, I enjoyed some of the good moments in the film, such as the after-effects Peter experienced after getting bitten by a spider, and the Aunt May and Uncle Ben scenes. I believe they saved both flick.

7. The Amazing Spiderman 2 (2014)

the amazing spider man 2

The only reason I rank The Amazing Spiderman 2 higher than its first installment is because it is easily the Best-looking Spider-Man movie ever. This movie is much more entertaining than the Amazing Spiderman 1, thanks to the score, the visuals, and the charismatic performances again by Andrew and Emma. Unlike the first part, where character motivations were erratic, this movie at least knows what it is doing and where it is heading with clear motives (even though they’re silly). The best thing about this film is it’s full of stunning shots and scenes, and I really appreciate how filmmaker Mark Webb applies a refined approach to Spider-Nan, his suit, his web shooters, and his swinging style, which is where the Amazing Spiderman 2 excels. Furthermore, Gwen Stacy’s tragic death was so heart-breaking ( Even though it could have been avoided, “ludicrous dialogue: this is my choice”), but the moody tone of the movie and Andrew’s performance saved it from being “lousy”. On a final positive note, the ending is the second-best ending in a spiderman movie as it perfectly captures what it means to be Spiderman, and how kids look up to him.

As for its flaws and shortcomings, the writing is just as substandard as in its previous film. This movie had too many cringe-worthy moments, and the dialogue writing is cringe-worthy. Maxx, played by Jamie Foxx, did a good job, but his character was botched with ridiculous motives which is also the case with Harry’s character. In my humble opinion, Dane Dehaan was miscast as Harry Osborn. Everything that was executed with his character and electro was shoddy.

6. Spider-Man:  Far From Home (2019)

spiderman far from home

Compared to its ancestor, While Spider-Man:  Far from home is an entertaining Spider-man movie, it lacks the soul Spider-Man: Homecoming had. A major complaint I have with Far from home is how heavily Peter relies on Stark’s technology as if he wouldn’t have survived without it, and it defeats the character essence of Peter Parker, a.k.a Spider-Man. (update: I’m glad Marvel fixed this in No Way Home). Moreover, the third act of the movie fell flat, got uninspiring, and fizzled out like every other typical superhero movie. Although it has some great visual scenes and comic scenes, it falls short of being a better film than Homecoming which was better when it comes to character motives and peter parker’s character development. However, on a more positive note, Far from Home sheds light on Peter’s character, his desire to live as a typical teenage boy, and how he wants to shirk responsibilities, which humanized his character (similar to what was done in Spider-Man 2).

Even though Jack did a great job with Mysterio, his character motives were rather silly. Taking everything into consideration, Homecoming is still superior to Far from Home.

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5. Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Spider-Man: No Way Home all spider man movies ranked

For me, Spider-Man: No Way Home is the most-entertaining Spider-Man movie since Spider-Man 2, and it’s a pure euphoria for not just Spider-Man fans, but for comic-book fans all over the world. Watching No Way Home on the big screen will surely be one of your most memorable theatre experiences. It is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious cinematic events in the history of comic book movies.

Imagine all the Spider-Men you’ve ever seen on the big screen coming together in one place? Certainly, this film is the culmination of three generations of Spiderman movies. There’s the childhood hero we grew up with and the charismatic hero we all admire, and then there’s the newbie hero who has yet to realize all of his utmost potential. That is indeed an extravaganza, and it is an event that we would never have dreamt of coming true, in our wildest dreams. Thank you, Marvel and Sony, for turning this fantasy into a reality.

Nevertheless, I must admit that Spider-Man: No Way Home is not perfect. It is important for me not to get swayed by nostalgia, which may ultimately affect my judgment of the movie. Therefore, I am laying my cards on the table. One of my major problems with the movie is its script, which at times becomes overly clumsy, and the fan service outweighs the narrative especially in 2nd half. It also had moments when I thought, “Well, that could have been handled better, it could have been more epic, I felt there were missed opportunities”.

While I may be in the minority, my qualms don’t diminish the worth of this movie. This is merely a feeling of “could have been better and more”.

Certainly, There are a lot of positive aspects to No way home, but it suffers a bit with some of the flaws, even though they are more personal in nature. In any case, I’m so thrilled and satisfied with what marvel and Sony have done, and I give Jon Watts enormous credit for delivering everything that fans wanted, and I’m grateful for what we’ve seen regardless of flaws, since a film isn’t always going to be perfect.

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4. Spider-Man 3 (2007)

spider man 3

In terms of story and pacing, and how overcrowded the movie is, Spider-man 3 is rather underwhelming in comparison to its predecessors. As far as I know, Sony got their hands on the script, and that changed everything. I think there were a lot of flaws in the film that could have been avoided. Based on what Sam Raimi has done in his previous installments and the seeds he planted in previous films, the antagonist of Spiderman 3 should have been Harry Osborn (the Hobgoblin) or even Dr. Conners (considering his role had bit importance in Spiderman 2). But it’s too bad that Sony ruined their own movie. However, Sam Raimi’s essence remains the same as it was in his predecessors. Thanks to him for making sure that the heart of the Spiderman was intact through the little great moments that save this film from salvation. Because even with its flaws, the movie at its core had great emotional weight through the end, particularly Harry’s laudable character arc, and additionally, the Sandman character was enjoyable.

Nonetheless, It seems that Spider-man 3 and Far From Home are in competition. I couldn’t decide which was better, but the only thing I can think of, though, is that Far from Home is better in terms of pacing than Spiderman 3, which feels dragged out in a lot of areas.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

spiderman home coming

Everything about Spider-Man: Homecoming is truly fresh, unconventional, and unique, and it is arguably the most hilarious spiderman film of all time. Regardless of what others think, Homecoming is a really entertaining high school movie that suits Peter Parker’s character so well, yet also rewrites the original Spiderman origin story to make it fresh and innovative, as it should be. But it also had a couple of flaws that made it “less than the best”, primarily that it lacked the grit as much as Spider-Man 1 had with better stakes. Other than these few qualms, it’s the best origin Spiderman movie after Spiderman 1.

What I like most about homecoming is how accurate it is to comics in terms of character traits and persona. It is Peter’s silly side, his interest in science, his kindness, helping nature, and his courage that make him what he is. In addition, Ned, Peter’s friend, adds much comic relief, and Vulture’s character, stemming from Peter’s effort to do better, and losing his suit, feels so personal in the film. I don’t know why people call him “not Spider-Man”, but he literally fought vulture with a onesie, and even after Stark took his suit, his drive and determination to stop crime and injustice can be seen to speak for itself. It shows how worthy he is, and how kind enough he is to spare the vulture’s life (since spider-man doesn’t kill anyone). Considering all of the factors, Spiderman Homecoming is an amazing reincarnation of Spiderman, and Jon Watts really understood the character, and he nailed it just as much as Tom Holland did as Spiderman and Peter Parker.

2. Spider-Man 1 (2002)

spider man 1

Despite the fact that people tend to say Spider-Man No Way Home is better than Spider-Man 1, in my view, Spider-Man 1 still holds superiority in certain aspects, such as the quality of the script and how epitome it was.

There are other several reasons why Spider-Man 1 works better than No Way Home:

  • There is such seamless pacing throughout the film, with great harmony.
  • Spiderman 1 has less clunky dialogue.
  • Essentially, The Spiderman 1 is a total film, which covers every dimension of spiderman, including Peter’s love, Uncle Ben’s narrative, Aunt May’s moral support, Harry’s character arc, as well as the evil acts of the green goblin ( cherry on the cake ), cohesively making this movie more definitive and more classic.

I think I’m making sense here, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean Spider-Man No Way Home is any less good.

1. Spider-Man 2 (2004)

spider man 2 all spider man movies ranked

In my opinion, Spider-Man 2 remains not only the best spiderman movie of all time but also one of the greatest comic book movies ever made. Spider-man 2’s theme and its essence sums up and illustrates why it stands out from the rest.

The idea of a hero struggling to balance personal life and superhero life, while avoiding the obligations of responsibility, is the basic core of Spiderman 2. It is a theme that is rarely explored in other superhero films, which is part of the reason why Spiderman 2 is one of the best comic book movies. The movie explores the basic tenet of responsibility and sacrifice. Peter Parker is indecisive about his life choices at the moment. The moment where Peter Parker lets go of his responsibility is the point where the film humanizes the character, and it is enough to explain why this film stands out from other superhero movies. There is much realism and sensitivity in this story, as well as first-class storytelling. It is an overlooked theme and the fact that Spider-Man did so well to deal with that idea under the direction of Sam Raimi with Tobey, Kirsten, Alfred, and James making one of the most extraordinary stories in the canon of comic book movies.

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