How Hulk Could Become A Better Character In MCU (Fan Theory)

Hulk is a pure-bred monster. However, I feel Marvel has tamed his brutal outbursts. As a passionate fan of the MCU, here's my theory on How Hulk Could Be A Better Character In The MCU.

Hulk is a savage, pure-bred monster. However, I feel Marvel has tamed him and subsided his brutal outbursts. So I’d like to correct this, and to make things better, as a passionate fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here’s my theory as to How The Hulk Could Be A Better Character In The MCU.


The Story Begins With :

Being in a human state again, Bruce Banner is in the lab. Jennifer, his cousin, is fighting a deadly disease and he wants to find an antidote. Bruce is short on time as he seeks a cure for the woman, and just as he is trying to find one, he stumbles upon an ancient vial that’s connected to how he became the Hulk and what caused him to transform from a normal man to the Hulk. Even if he doesn’t recognize it instantly, there is a sense of recognition on his face. But since he doesn’t have much time, he rushes back to work.
As the clock is ticking, Bruce is at the point of no return. The only thing left for him is to take his blood and infuse it into the antidote in the hope that it will work. Jump forward in time. In the end, the next thing you know, Jennifer transforms into Hulk (indicating that Bruce still has Hulk-related material in his body, suggesting that it’s inside idle)
It’s Day 4 on the calendar, Bruce is back in his lab, and he’s feeling bad lately. His mind has been acting erratically. And he’s not sleeping well. On his part, he is trying to regain his sanity and invent a dote for himself to get himself back on track. Once again, he encounters one of the old vials that was related to his transformation into the Hulk. When he looked at it, he mistook that vial for another one he needed.
He imbues it in his antidote. Now that it’s made, it’s just a matter of injecting it. Bruce has a sense of apprehension on his face, he’s a bit nervous and he’s reminded of things that happened in his early days (A bit of hesitation ensues before he pokes the dote.) But ultimately, He stabs it without thinking too much about it, and everything seems to be fine. He’s comfortable and relieved with how things turned out.

The Incubation:

Day 1: After he poked that jab: It’s time for bed. He hit the sack and just closed his eyes. After a while, Bruce who thought the antidote worked is now disappointed. His mind is now unstable again, he can’t get a good night’s sleep as usual. Nonetheless, the night passes.

Day 2: Bruce isn’t too upset, as he thinks the cure might take a while. He spends most of the day catching up on stuff related to his cousin. It is now night, so he is retreating to his bed, hoping to drift off to sleep. This time, however, things have gotten worse. His mind was going wild, and he’d see glimpses of Hulk (his alter ego). Immediately after, his consciousness went away.

Day 3: In the morning, Bruce is still more determined to improve his condition; he again jabs him with the same dote, hoping it will make him better (after the unbearable situation last night). The following day, his mind begins to spiral for a minute and then subside, a phenomenon that occurs 2-3 times a day. And then the night comes, Bruce is anxious, he wants to sleep peacefully. That’s all he wants. As he rests on the bed, there is a feeling of vigorousness in his body. This time, however, Bruce was able to make this time, he gets a good night’s sleep.

Day 4: Bruce awakens and begins to feel weight on his body. As he looks into the mirror, he notices that his veins have popped through. He rushes to the lab to get another shot of the antidote, though this time the procedure is different. He sits and contemplates his bitter past. Over time, his mind has worsened significantly; he’s like a maniac inside. Falling to the ground, his eyes gradually turn green. He feels more weight in his body and his veins become visible.

He’s acting violently and Provoked Bruce sees himself in the mirror and notices how green his eyes are. As a result of his violent behavior, he hit the mirror and accidentally pierced his neck with a sharp mirror object. After losing consciousness, He falls onto the ground. His alter ego hulk haunts him, and he sees glimpses of his ferocious nature.

It’s nighttime 11 pm before the 4th day ends. Bruce is lying on the ground in the lab. He opens his eyes slowly, seeing his body, which is now green and kind of muscular. His realization comes when he looks in the mirror and notices that his Inner alter ego Hulk is coming from within.

At this point, he questioned himself about why this is happening. Taking a look at his pile of vials, he started checking them all in detail. Upon discovering the actual vial of antidote that turned him back into a human, he realized he’d actually used the wrong vial. His face lit up with guilt and without wasting time, he took out the original vial of dote and created an antidote. As he was about to poke him with the antidote, a fierce voice suddenly echoed out of nowhere.

Involuntarily, Bruce throws out his jab and starts acting violently again, but this time it’s way worse. He falls to his feet, his veins come through, and his muscles start to form. Now he’s way savage, spitting out his saliva. It appears as if Bruce’s face is blending with Hulk’s, and his face is turning dark green.

As he is in a frantic state, Agent Ross shows up on his lab to talk. However it’s late, Bruce is getting more hysterical and ferocious every minute. (The Hulk that was put inactive in his body is now hyperactive), And screams inconsolably. Hearing that, Agent Ross takes out his gun and walks to the dark lab that has no lights. Bruce is no longer in his body, Hulk has now hijacked him and is smashing everything in the lab going haywire.

The big sounds in the lab caused Agent Ross to sense something is wrong. He calls for a CIA helicopter and opens the door of the laboratory, but he can’t see anything. As he hears growls, he falls backward and alerts the CIA.


The True Embodiment of HULK :

The True Embodiment of HULK

 The sounds of the feet, Shaky Camera tracking the steps of the Hulk.


Instantly, the clock struck 12 am, completing four days. The fourth day on the calendar was mentioned at the beginning, before everything. Hulk with 4 characters, and as soon as the 4th day is reached, Bruce, becomes the true version of “HULK”, symbolizing Hulk (4 characters) as 4 days incubation period.


A sense of unnerving expression appears on Agent Ross’s face and he utters, “Oh dear god”.




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  1. I have to admit Hulk is not one of my favourite MCU characters, but I like the way he and Banner are intertwined in the Avengers movies to present a more intelligent and capable personality. Much like Jekyll and Hyde in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

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