Best Superhero Movies Of 2022: Ranked

With the year soon coming to a close, let's take a look back at all the superhero movies released in 2022 and rank them according to their quality.

2022 isn’t an amazing year for superhero medium of movies if I’m being honest. If anything, it feels like the superhero genre is being exploited too much, to the degree where it becomes exhausting and dull. Certainly, that’s been the case with MCU films lately, isn’t it? Variety’s latest findings indicate that MCU fans have been overwhelmed by their recent projects and their overabundance of content.

However, It is fortunate that some superhero films have been able to make the most of this genre in a remarkable manner, and told us interesting stories that are worth-telling and worth-watching. In this article, I will rank the 9 superhero movies that were released in the year 2022 from worst to best.

9. Morbius

Morbius: The Morbin’ Time

”Morbius proves that no matter how many famous faces or shiny visuals you squeeze in, Sony will always find a way to impressively misunderstand basic storytelling with a plot ripped from the early 2000s. It rushes through its elaborate story, hastily skipping important character moments thanks to a messy script and disorganised edit. The final product is an empty shell of a film that leeches off the Marvel brand and only creates more confusion for fans as Hollywood studios attempt to learn about the fundamentals of setting up a multiverse without sticking to their own pre-defined rules. If the character of Morbius being a parasite that absorbs energy from those around them to avoid expiring isn’t the perfect metaphor for Sony and Marvel’s relationship – I don’t know what is.” – Jack Aling, Letterboxd.

Not just the worst superhero movie in 2022, but also one of the worst superhero movies of all time.

8. Secret Headquarters

Secret Headquarters

“Secret Headquarters is the kind of bad that makes me want to apologize to most modern blockbusters and Netflix originals for showing us what a bad superhero movie really looks like. But, then again, this is barely a superhero movie… this is more a throwback to kids-save-the-day movies… and those are owed an apology too.” – Joel Hilke, Letterboxd.

”’Oh wow, a new superhero movie? Such a unique concept! This embarrassing Spy Kids look-a-like had one of the most basic plot with some really bad clichés. Owen Wilson is literally a bargain-bin Iron Man with a horrible design. Personally, the kids were all extremely annoying, and I didn’t care about anything that was going on. The worst part got to be the dialogues. They were cringy as ever, with Michael Peña giving the worst lines. The humor didn’t land at all, and while I can see children enjoying this movie, please give them something else to watch…” – GUIBOB, Letterboxd.

7. Samaritan


“What if we made a superhero movie, but dark? Groundbreaking. The script feels like it was computer generated with Stallone uttering inane dialogue and guttural screams in an attempt to distract you from the bland action. Why is this PG-13? Have Stallone rip some arms off and this gets a hundred times more entertaining. 

At least there’s an attempt at something original, but it’s very much in the same vein as something like Hancock. Studios hoping to make a quick buck off our superhero-obsessed culture.” – Joe Aragon, Letterboxd.

6. BlackAdam

Black Adam

“Black Adam is another generic superhero movie in a long line of generic superhero movies. Strangely, I found almost every other character much more interesting than the titular character, a character whose dialogue I’m fairly positive was written by a child. Maybe it’s canon for Black Adam to only deliver one-liners, if that’s the case then congrats on the comic accuracy.”

“I suppose the movie’s saving grace is the action, which is prevalent and inundated with needle drops and slow motion, but it’s at least very entertaining and distracts you long enough to make you forget about the embarrassingly weak villain. It’s a shame more risks weren’t taken, but it’s also not surprising.” – Joe Aragon, Letterboxd.

5. Thor Love And Thunder

Thor Love And Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder is what could’ve been an incredible addition to the MCU, is corrupted by a disposable plot that doesn’t respect its characters, undercuts real-drama, and essentially amounts to surface-level storytelling that doesn’t take itself seriously by any means. It literally feels like Taika is fooling around with the character, and has no real ideas to contribute to thor. However, thanks to the chemistry between thor and jane, its lighthearted tone, and the actor’s performances, they saved the film from being absolute dog stool.

4. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness - best superhero movies 2022
Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness

Although Multiverse of Madness is arguably the uniquely-directed MCU film delivering peak multiverse ambition, peak concepts, and great performances, it is unfortunately corrupted by a subpar script that undercuts the entire material and detracts from the overall experience.

It’s one simple principle: a film’s quality is determined by its script, it’s the heart of every film. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has only one problem: the script.

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3. DC League Of Super-Pets

DC League Of Super-Pets

“Not exactly my most anticipated film of the year by any means, but certainly one of the most surprising. This is actually an extremely funny movie, very clever from start to finish. It has jokes stacked upon jokes constantly. If I saw this movie when I was, like, 12, I’d probably watch it every single day.” – Chris Stuckmann, Lover of film.

” Lol, this was SO much better than it had any right to be??? The beginning’s a bit rough (did not care for Johnson’s Krypto at the start lmao) and the villain is a lil’ annoying, but I adored the supporting cast (Natasha Lyonne will never fail to make me laugh) and it’s ultimately quite moving at moments as well.” – Zoë Rose Bryant, Letterboxd.

2. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - best superhero movies 2022
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Wakanda Forever is expectedly a poignant film that pushes to tell the next Wakandan’s story with the given material under unfortunate circumstances. The director, Ryan Coogler was able to structure a proper script that fit both the real-life circumstances and fictional events, and within that box, he succeeded in highlighting the themes of grief, death, and life that all contributed to Wakanda Forever becoming a pretty good film, yet powerful at its core.

Together with its better direction, wonderful performances, great score, and surprisingly better CGI in an MCU film in a long while, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is probably the standout film in Phase 4. However, that’s not to say that the film is without its flaws. The biggest qualm with Wakanda Forever is its thin plot, which actually has very little depth, besides spending most of its time grappling with grief as an overarching theme…more

1. The Batman

The Batman - best superhero movies 2022
The Batman

“In a time, where the genre of superhero is taken for granted, and devoid of special care, and art. The Batman comes into the rescue to revive the genre, and it’s a breath of fresh air”

Unlike the previous depictions of Batman and Gotham City, Matt Reeves’ depiction is trailblazing, dystopian, noir, and pessimistic, making The Batman seem a lot more fresh and modern without falling into staleness for the most part. In fact, I’ll even go so far as to say that The Batman’s Gotham City representation is superior to The Dark Knight trilogy.

It is a bleak, slow-burn, political, and the most detective-esque Batman film ever made and it only gets better with each viewing. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this movie is first-rate on every level, from the cinematography, score, direction, and production design to the performances. However, the film has its flaws when it comes to the general story, which may be uninteresting at times, given how similar it is to many detective Hollywood movies – particularly Se7en, which Matt Reeves himself referred to as inspiration. Moreover, the romance between Catwoman and Batman seemed contrived from my point of view. Nevertheless, it is excellent in all other departments…more

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