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How to Start a Youtube Channel in 2021 ( Ultimate Guide for Beginners)

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how to start a youtube channel


In this current period, most people showing interest in different careers that expand from Youtube, blogging, affiliate marketing, to social marketing. Amongst, youtube has been a powerful and lucrative career that brought profits to many content creators. In fact, there are numerous creators on youtube making millions of dollars every month. Even, it’s hard to believeΒ small kids are also making millions by just reviewing toys and playing games. There is a lot of competition on youtube. So, you have to be exceptional and make your video as perfect as possible.

Before you go onto youtube career. Maybe, you need to study and consider 3 things before you start a channel. These may help you and give you clarification about a youtube thing.

Things you have to Consider :

1. Niche / Topic

If you don’t know what niche/topic means. It’s simple, what kind of videos you would to make?

Are you going to make entertainment videos? How-to videos? Technology videos? Prank videos? It’s all up to you which kind of videos would you like to make.

But, here’s one thing you need to see. Are you kind of a person who just uploads random videos for just making money? If you’re among them, maybe, you better stop starting a channel.

Youtube is the best video platform where you share your ideas and enlighten knowledge people with your videos. You cannot upload random videos degrading how effective youtube is. It’s a platform owned by Google, whenever you upload random videos,Β  youtube blocks you for plagiarising content by violating their common guidelines and policies.. Can you take other’s content and post it on your account just for the sake of the views and likes. It’s just a warning from me. So, if you’re such kind of person. Better not start youtube πŸ™‚

So, let’s discuss what niche you should choose particularly?

There are tons of topics you can choose like :

  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Beauty tips
  • Makeup
  • Music
  • News
  • Sports
  • Technology and Science
  • Vlogs
  • Pranks
  • Reviews

There are tons of topics you can choose. Although, It’s all depends on what topic is more favorable to you. Suppose, If you are greatly skilled and have a lot of insight knowledge about technology. You can share and bring amazing content to the audience. So, it’s on you. However, I would suggest you to not make videos which you’re not much familiar with. Instead, produce videos on your own knowledge and enjoy what you’re doing. This will make you wanna do more and more.


2. Commitment and Patience

Commitment and Patience plays an essential role in growing your youtube channel. Without these two qualities, you might not achieve what you dreamt of. A Sedulous person always has these qualities. As a result, they could able to achieve their dreams and ambitions. Talking about youtube, it reflects the same. Either if you’re a blogger or youtube content creator.

Youtube and blogging have been most lucrative careers for millions of people and it will indeed play a huge role in the future. There is going to be an enormous amount of competition on youtube in forthcoming days. It’s lucky that you can start the youtube channel a way advance and start working on it to grow and achieve aspirations as you craved. Although, do not forget to have these qualities. If you’re a person who desires overnight success. Youtube isn’t the right place for you.


3. Schedule your video and Be Consistent

Being reckless about youtube won’t give you visible results. As you have to be aware and schedule the videos. You have to plan out the content you’re going to upload and get your video ready ahead of time. So, you don’t need to worry about publishment day.

It’s good practice Uploading 2 videos every week is a good way of growing your channel. At least, you have to be active on the youtube channel. Even you aren’t uploading content, you try to improve your video optimization like descriptions, keywords, and eye-catching video titles.

Here’s you have to see. Quality is superior to quantity. An account with videos every day and an account with two videos every week. Which is gonna be a quality youtube?

Although, What I can say is you must schedule your videos and always craft your plan about what you’re going to do tomorrow. Write down on paper which videos you want to make and start shooting them even before in advance.



How to Create a Youtube Channel

Creating a youtube channel is effortless and it’s easy to create. What you need to have is a Gmail account. That’s it.

Let’s do this. I suggest you to create a separate Gmail account first apart from your personal account because it’s better to separate business mails from personal ones. So, you wouldn’t need to entangle and get confused.

how to create youtube

Sign in your account or create the account. After signing up, Open Youtube

As you can see, Click that ” Create a Channel ”

After that, You will be asked to choose if you want to continue with your mail name or want to create a custom name for your youtube channel.

So, now it’s time to fill profile picture, channel description, and you can add links to your social media links.

youtube description

Upload an attractive profile picture


I suggest you to pick up a fascinating channel name. You have to be very unique about your name. For instance, my blog name is MHT Space. M means Movies, H means Health and T means Technology and space indicates that these three topics are planets in space. Sounds different right ? The fact is that I took 1 week to figure out a perfect name.


Bring our your creativity skills in this column. Write about yourself and what your videos about. Channel description is an important part of creating channel which most of the people ignore. So, do not forget to write perfectly and other thing is you have to lure and attract people with your channel description. Because, that would benefit your channel value.

website links

It’s time to connect your channel with social media pages and your website if you have.


Do not ignore to create pages for your youtube channel. Social Media is one of the biggest sources of traffic and it drives visitors and your followers to your latest video. Every time you launched a video, your subscribers receive notification from you. Apparently, sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes youtube doesn’t come to your favor. You must not depend on notifications to get views and engagement. That’s why social media comes into play. So, create social media pages and do a post every time you published a video and redirect your visitors and subscribers through that link.


It is also a good way to associate your channel with your site. If you ask me, should you create a website? I would say, wait ! until you get healthy engagement and a good amount of subs. You can create a site after it.

Finally, we have successfully created a youtube channel.

youtube cover

Nah Nah! Not yet, there are few things needed to be done.

Click that customize channel Button

You will be redirected to this one and so now you might have got what should you do? right! As you probably would’ve uploaded a profile pic by now. But I didn’t because I’ve created that youtube channel just to show you how to create a channel lol haha

So, Shoot that Channel art button. You definitely know what is it. It is like a cover picture on Facebook. But don’t think it’s easy to customize the cover picture on youtube.

It’s a bit difficult though πŸ™‚

It recommended 2560×1440 pixels to customize your channel art perfectly. It’s kind of diffucult to you to do that thing.

So, I suggest you watch this video πŸ™‚

After you are done with the channel art. That’s it you’ve created a youtube channel successfully

From now it all depends on you. You have to work consistently on youtube to get success and do not ignore the fact that you should have patience and commitment πŸ™‚

Let’s talk about how you can upload videos

At the bottom top of the right. You can see that button. You can upload videos through that button daily.

The Important part of youtube is this :

After you’ve uploaded a video on your channel.

how to upload youtube video


Type an eye-catchy title based on your topic to attract visitors. But that doesn’t mean you type a fake title to get views lol

Video Description:

As I’ve given an example. You provide visitors what the video is about


Design an attractive thumbnail on photoshop and upload it for that video as I did.


If you click that. You will be asked if you want to create a playlist. The playlist is like creating categories.

Eg: Informative Videos, Tutorials, How to, Give-away

If your video is a tutorial. then put that video in the tutorials playlist.


If your video targets kids who are below 13. Then, Checkbox yes and if not, click no

how to upload youtube video

Age Restriction:

If your video has 18+ content. Then put” yes”

Paid Promotion:

After you got big viewership on youtube. Some companies approach you for their product promotions. So in that video, if you’ve done promotion. Then Click “Yes”

Tags/ Keywords:

This is a major part of uploading a video. You have to be cautious about this tags category.

“How to create a youtube channel ” ” How to start youtube channel” “Create youtube channel” “how to upload youtube videos”

As you can see. You might have got an idea how to do and what is it


Select Video language and now you can upload subtitles if you want to add.

Date and Location:

Provide a date and location. Viewers could able to see where the videos coming from.

License and Distribution:

You can’t able to do anything with that unless if your video got copyrights. I’ve told you right. NEVER COPY A VIDEO OR AUDIO FROM YOUTUBE

Allow embedding: will allow users to copy your video HTML code and insert in their site just like I did in how to make a youtube banner in the top

Turn on ” Publish to subscriptions feed and notify subscribers”


Choose your video category. If it’s a tutorial video. Choose How to category

Comments and Rating:

Choose what you would like to

It all depends on how you run your channel. Quality, Persistence, and Patience lead to success, and being consistent on youtube grows your career.

Be sure to follow, comment and share this post to your fellows πŸ™‚

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Crystal Green
1 year ago

This is a very thorough tutorial. I appreciate you sharing it with us because I am looking to do more with my YouTube channel soon. I wasn’t able to create a channel URL until I get enough subscribers.

1 year ago
Reply to  Crystal Green

Thank you πŸ™‚ share it with your friends