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How to Stop Hair Loss Naturally – 7 Ways To Stop Hairfall6 min read

How to Stop Hair Loss Naturally


There are an immense amount of people who are suffering from hair fall and ending up having bald patches. We try many things to stop the hair loss like changing the shampoo, applying oils, and applying some remedies. However, the actual fact of the hair loss is it primarily depends on a person’s lifestyle and what he/she consumes daily. There are lot of people who don’t care about what they’re eating daily. Those people are more likely to endure from severe hair loss.


Don’t think changing hair shampoo will reduce your hair loss. It may contribute a little bit. Besides, it isn’t a permanent solution for your hair fall. Your hair loss also depends on what foods you’re consuming.

It’s really important to keep your hair healthy. Hair is an essential part of beauty which you must care about it by following some ways

  • Do you check the shampoo ingredients before purchasing it?
  • Are you using gels or hair waxes on your hair daily?
  • Many people don’t like to oil their hair, are you among them too?

There are lots of factors that are associated with hair. Even if you don’t eat healthy food, your hair will die out of vitamin deficiency and it loses it’s strength and leads to hair fall. In terms of shampoo you are using, waxes and gels. So does your hair affects. However, for those who are doing mistakes and desperate to get healthy hair.

1. Avoid Heating Products ASAP

Excessive heat on your hair will lead to drastic hair fall. You may use products like a hair straightener and blow dryer. But you don’t know how much they do affect your hair strands. Your hair would get damaged if you overuse heating products. Excessive heat on your hair will make more vulnerable and your actual hair fall condition aggravates. Moreover, heat can break down the keratin in your hair, which affects the strength and texture of the hair. So, you better stay away from heating products. Maybe, for like 1-2 times a month is fine for hair.

2. Conditioning

Conditioning is very essential for your hair. A lot of people I know ignoring this post-treatment which is really a healthy factor for your hair health. There are so many benefits you can get by using conditioner post shampoo. Conditioning the hair gives nourishment, smooth, strength, and shiny which you would definitely notice after the head bath. It could also strengthens the hair shaft, split ends, preventing breakage, and prevent hair loss.I’ve asked many people whether they’re using conditioner or not. Most of them responded, ” No we don’t really use that much citing that it could cause hair loss”.  IT IS JUST ONE OF THE MYTHS. It doesn’t really trigger hair loss unless you use conditioner properly. You should use 1-2 times a week. Do not avoid using conditioner.

3. Oiling

Oiling plays an essential role in reproducing healthy hair. As it has lots of benefits that make your hair healthy and prevents hair fall. It actually boosts your blood circulation and helps the natural distribution of oils along the hair shaft. Moreover, oiling makes your hair grow healthier, nourish, improve the quality of the hair shafts. If you have frizzy or dry type hair, it helps to make your hair manageable. There are tons of benefits you can get by oiling your hair. Maybe, some people might have oily hair who are like me. You don’t need to use much oil. but, 1-2 times a week is enough for oily hair and 2-3 times for normal and frizzy hair. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil.

Personally, I use Castor oil + Coconut oil Combination. It is perfect for me and helps me to regrow my hair.

4. Don’t Over brush

Some people spend big time brushing their hair too much. The fact is over-brushing can cause more breakage and damages your hair. Over brushing can actually cause friction to the hair which will result in more damage and causes spilt ends. It mainly prompts when your hair is in a wet condition. Many people tend to comb their hair when it is wet. But, believe me it’s an only state when your hair is more likely to get weak and causes hair fall. The weak point of your hair is when it is in a wet state. So you should better avoid brushing your wet hair. Especially, People with weak hair must be cautious while brushing. Better brush gently.

5. Healthy Food

You may know or may not know. Eating junk foods will actually affect the quality of the hair which also makes a good sense. As junk foods don’t contain any kind of useful vitamins and proteins which are associated with the hair roots. Eating too much junk foods like fried foods, Caffeine, Biscuits, and artificial sugar contained items causes progressive hair loss. If you really care about hair, here’s the list of the best food for healthy hair :

  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Fatty Fish
  • Avocados
  • Sweet potatoes

6. Use Free SLS and Parabens Shampoo

Do you really know about SLS and Parabens? Which I teased at the beginning. I’ve asked you if you check the ingredients of shampoo when you’re purchasing it?

Why you should use free SLS and Parabens Shampoos?

SLS means Sodium Laureate Sulphate. It is a chemical used to produce and form lather in shampoos. A lot of companies add this ingredient in order to form foam in tons of products such as bar soaps, detergents, shampoos, and possibly facewash. Using SLS and parabens shampoos strip-outs our natural oils from hair which also means leading to hair loss and deteriorating hair condition. The majority of companies use them just for producing much lather and fragrances. There are brands that provide you free SLS and parabens shampoos like Biotique, Wow, and Khadi in India. 

7. Don’t overuse Wax and gel

There is only one good thing about applying waxes and gels is you can style your hair and shaping your hair like what you want. Besides that, is there any kind of advantage?

However, using excessive of gels will definitely damage your hair adversely. Hair gels contain a high concentration of alcohol. It dries out your hair and makes your hair weak which leads to hair fall straightly. In some cheap waxes buildups dandruff also so, there is more chance that your hair dies. If it is  really want to apply hair gel. Use Expensive and Quality products. Otherwise, your hair will more likely become fragile and hence, leads to hair-fall.



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Cristina Ioana
7 months ago

Very informative. To be honest, I don’t use oil on my hair but I will def try if that will help with the hair loss.

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