10 Best Free SEO Tools to Boost Your Blogging Efforts

SEO tools help to analyze your site data and boost your traffic. Learn more, 10 free SEO tools to boost your blogging efforts.

Creating a blog that thousands or even millions of people visit takes much more than just writing quality content and posting frequently.

You need to optimize your blog and content for the right keywords, speed, and do much more.

Sounds overwhelming?

Don’t worry, with the use of the right SEO tools, you can boost your blogging efforts for the maximum results.

In this blog post, I have covered 10 free best SEO tools that you can start using to boost your blogging efforts.



For keyword research

ubersuggest free seo tools

Performing keyword research is the first step to creating an SEO optimized blog post. Ubersuggest lets you perform keyword research and identify content ideas.

To start, simply enter your keyword in the search bar and this tool will give you all the numbers and data that you need.

Uber Suggest lets you analyze:

  • Domain Overview
  • Organic Keywords
  • Organic Monthly Traffic
  • Domain Score
  • Backlinks Score
  • Traffic
  • Top Traffic Pages
  • SEO Keywords
  • Top SEO Pages
  • Content Ideas
  • Backlink Data


WordTracker Scout

Competitor keyword research made easy

WordTracker Scout free seo tools

You can perform keyword research with many tools, but keeping an eye on your competitor’s keyword use can take you a step further.

WordTracker Scout is a free chrome extension that you can download and visit your competitor’s blog to see what keywords they are using.


The Hoth

For SEO auditing

The Hoth free seo tools

 This tool lets you analyze the SEO of your blog and also gives your site a score.

The Hoth also gives you access to a backlink checker, keyword planner, PPC calculator, headline generator, and domain authority checker.

Basically, it’s a free version of SEMrush.


Answer the Public

To generate a string of keyword ideas based on people’s queries

Answer the Public free seo tools

Answer the Public makes keyword research a no-brainer. Simply enter a keyword in the search bar and click on enter, Answer the Public will give you an extensive list that includes questions, phrases and long-tail keywords.

The data generated from this tool can give you insight into what people want to be answered.


Keyword Surfer

To know keyword volume

Keyword Surfer free seo tools

Have you felt the desire to know search volumes for your keywords without switching between your browser and your keyword research tool?

Well, with Keyword Surfer, now you can know the search volumes of your keywords while surfing the web.

Install this free chrome extension and perform a search, you’ll also be able to see the word count and the number of keywords for top-ranking pages.


Also Asked

To know what people are asking

Also Asked free seo tools

Also Asked lets you find what people ask about particular keywords when they search online.

You can use this free SEO tools to find content ideas in your niche and help people by answering their questions with your blog post.

You can also perform a search based on country and language.



Search content ideas

FAQfox free seo tools

The key to writing great blog posts is to answer people’s questions but to do that you need to know what are people asking.

FAQfox lets you discover content ideas from different websites.

For example, you can type ‘blogging’ in the word and quora.com as the URL and it will show you what questions related to that category people are asking on quora.



To see your blog the way search engines see it

Browseo free seo tools

Enter your site URL in the search bar and the result will show you how search spiders see your blog.

Browseo also allows you to see elements hierarchy and analyse and highlight basic SEO metrics.

If you’re from a non-tech background, this tool can come handy to understand the SEO of your blog.



For testing the speed of your blog

gtmetrix free seo tools

Speed matters a lot for the success of your blog. If your blog takes too much time to load, visitors will go away.

With GTmetix, you can measure the speed of your website and find opportunities for performance improvement.

A test on this tool gives you both Google Pagespeed and Yahoo YSlow scores and recommendations.



To check for content copies

copyscape free seo tools

Protecting your blog from being copied by content thieves is super hard and it feels terrible to find your creation all over the web without any credits back to you.

To know if someone has plagiarised your content, you can use Copyscape. This tool lets you check the web for pages that have copied your content.

Simply enter a URL, and Copyscape will tell you where else your content exists online. From then on, you can follow the course of proper action.


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Madhur Kushwah

Madhur Kushwah

Madhur Kushwah is a Hubspot certified content marketer. Currently, he writes for a leading ed-tech company and Marketing Hashtags.


  1. Thanks for sharing great information, helpful for beginners to get right tool for blogging. I also learn about these blogging tools. In seo its very important that we have enough knowledge about these tools.

  2. You’ve got some great tools here. I feel like a lot of bloggers associate keyword research and SEO with a higher price tag. It can be discouraging for those who are worried about whether or not they can afford to do the research necessary. With the tools you’ve listed here, you’ve shown that keyword research can be done without breaking the bank!

    • Yeah, keyword research is the first step to writing an SEO optimised post, and these tools ensure that it’s smooth, free and working.

    • The Hoth is certainly a great platform with multiple tool. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

  3. I am a massive fan of Uersuggest. I have heard of a couple of the others but quite a few I never heard off. Thank you for introducing me to them. I will be checking them out now for future blogs, products, and pages

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