5 Benefits of SMS Marketing for Your Business

SMS marketing is now becoming popular again, Read on to know more about the benefits of SMS marketing for your business.

Short Message Service, SMS or messages have been around since the 1990s. Text messages haven’t changed much over these years, but nowadays, they are a boon to businesses and startups. In fact, SMSs are now becoming popular again, and it’s not the individuals that are using these message services but the businesses.

You can hire an SMS-as-a-service channel for your business, in which they offer various services such as bulk SMS, SMS marketing, SMS reminders/alerts, etc. SMSs have become more valuable than direct calling in the business world, and data say that 90% of text messages are opened within three minutes.

It is now a standard procedure for business enterprises to hire SMS solution/service providers for promoting, assisting, and guiding their business to success. SMS services are also crucial for knowing the customers’ feedback, which is essential for the decision-making process in an organization.

Businesses’ marketing and promotional activities have migrated to social media and email marketing, but the text message remains a crucial channel through which firms connect with customers. It is a wonder that SMS marketing is still strong in the age of social media and virtual reality, and it is believed to stay like this for a long time. Read on to know more about the benefits of hiring SMS service and reasons to use SMS marketing for your business.


1. A direct channel

Text messages are easy to use, and you can send real-time or scheduled text messages to customers or individuals who may be interested in your product/service. You can easily inform them about your new products or services, and they’ll read it immediately. It is one of the affordable ways to advertise and inform your customers/potential customers about your service and products.


2. Time-saving

Everybody likes to get their work done in minimum time, and SMS solutions promise the same. This is really beneficial for businesses in the long run, such as the bulk SMS option which will send multiple text messages to hundreds of people with just a click. SMS scheduling is also a feature that makes the work easier—you don’t need employees to wait for the scheduled time to send messages to every individual separately.


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3. Increase customer engagement

When you bring a new product to the market, you need present and potential customers to know about it immediately. SMS alerts and reminders will help you successfully inform these customers about the new product and get more sales faster.


4. Monitor, and Improve with Feedback

After the messages are delivered, you can analyze the read messages, the replies, the number of people who clicked the link to visit your page, orders placed, etc. This information will help you customize the SMSs for the next campaign.


5. Personalize your communication

You are in total control of the type of messages you send to your customers. The content, total word count, links attached, etc., are decided by you. You can even have a one-to-one conversation with customers if the SMS service provider has that option.


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The Epilogue:

These benefits are what make SMS marketing attractive to modern companies. Even in 2021, the relevance of SMS marketing is still high, and businesses will continue to use this method for promotion, sales, and customer relationship management.

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