Blogging vs Youtube : Which is More Propitious Platform ?

I understand you're tossing back & forth between YouTube and Blogging and wondering which is right for you; almost like Blogging vs Youtube.

As a blogger, I understand you’re tossing back and forth between YouTube and Blogging and wondering which is right for you; almost like Blogging vs Youtube.

This is another of the most common questions asked by online workers on a daily basis. Blogging and YouTube, of all the internet platforms, are the most profitable platforms for capitalizing on your insight and skill. With so many people gaining profit from these platforms, I understand you and more people are eager to get involved.

Simply put, YouTube and blogging enable you to share your expertise with the world. When your expertise is well received by the audience, you will be able to earn plenty of money. The only thing you have to do is have a lot of knowledge that resonates with people.

In the modern world, knowledge is important, and people are increasingly interested in gaining knowledge online. For that, we have a lot of resources to learn on, however, blogs and YouTube are the most popular platforms. Whether you prefer to watch a video or read information, it is a matter of choice.

Now, this leads to you as a beginner getting trapped down a rabbit hole & being uncertain about which platform to use. Hence in this article, we’ve addressed all your concerns by providing information about the key features of blogging and YouTube and answering which platform is more profitable.


What is the Purpose of Blogging?

Blogging is the act of posting and sharing information about a particular niche on a website and making it available on the internet. For example, if you were to search on Google “How to lose weight”, there would be thousands of results displayed on the page. Once you click the first link, you will be able to view an article about how to lose weight.

That’s what we call a blog in the technical sense, and the person writing the article is referred to as an “author”, i.e., a blogger.

We stumble on tons of different blogs on Google as we run across many different searches and questions. Whether it is a News Blog, Fashion Blog, Health Blog, How-To Topic Blog, Movie Blog, or another type. Each blog adheres to its niche and focuses on the relevant subject matter. Or in other cases, a blog like MHT Space breaks the ground and embraces a multi-niche by exploring the worlds of movies, health, and technology.

As a first step, you should determine a topic for your blog and an area of expertise that interests you. In the end, blogs are primarily about the provision of information and generating revenue through a variety of methods.

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What is the Purpose of Youtube?

Youtube is a video-sharing website that allows you to upload videos, watch them, and interact with them by liking, sharing, and commenting. I assume that most people are familiar with YouTube and its functions. Most likely, you have encountered channels related to technology, make-up tutorials, how-to videos, health, games streaming, and entertainment which are all similar to the blogging platform.

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Blogging vs Youtube:

Now let’s compare and contrast YouTube and blogging.

1. Startup for Blogging & Youtube

investment on blogging

Blogging :

It is mandatory to invest money in web hosting and domain registration in order to create a blog. Web hosting is a service that hosts and stores your website files and makes them accessible on the Internet. In other words, it makes your website available on the Internet. As far as domains are concerned, usually, a domain is simply a name of your blog name that precedes .com or .in.

If you’re just starting out, you may have trouble creating a blog. This is the reason we have explained How to Start a Blog in simple terms.


YouTube channels can be easily created. All you need is a Gmail account. This process is as follows: Create a gmail account, open YouTube and click on “Create a channel” in the upper right-hand corner. Just like that, you have a YouTube channel. If ever there were an easy way to launch an online platform, it would be YouTube. It requires no investment.

Summary: Investing in a blog takes time and effort. On the other hand, YouTube doesn’t need it.  

2. More Monetization Options for Blogging

blogging has more income sources

Blogging :

In the present day, there are billions of blogs that earn millions of dollars on a monthly basis. Among these, Huffington Post is the world’s top-earning website. Perhaps you should use this as motivation to work on your website every day so you can make some money. However, it is not as simple as you may think, earning income from blogging is somewhat difficult compared to YouTube.

In the early stages of a blogger’s career, he or she is rarely paid before gaining traction. As a blogger, you are going to face a lot of competition from other top blogs. This, yet, should not hinder your ability to succeed, as what you need is a piece of content that is more valuable than the rest.

Once this is accomplished, earning money is what you deserve for your knowledge. The most common way to earn money from blogging is through the use of AdSense. Google Adsense is a program that displays relevant advertisements on your blog posts. It works as follows: when a user clicks on an advertisement from your blog, you receive a portion of the revenue generated by that advertisement. Nevertheless, it is not as simple as it seems, as you may be rejected on your very first attempt. Therefore, ensure that your website is optimized with appropriate content and a clean look, or you may be disqualified altogether.

Here’s how I got approved for AdSense: How to Get Approved For Google Adsense

Another common source of income is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing refers to the process of earning commissions by promoting products and services of other companies. Simply put, when a user clicks on your unique link provided by the company and purchases their product, you will receive a commission from that company.

Affiliate marketing has proven to be a lucrative platform for online workers. In fact, it has proven to be more successful than AdSense. It is even possible to earn millions through affiliate marketing.

Other alternatives include:

  • Media.Net
  • Adsterra
  • InfoLinks
  • Sponsorships

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Making money is a steady process everywhere whether it is blogging or youtube. There is no overnight success in this field; as such, you will need to put a lot of effort into your videos and create quality content consistently if you want a progressive income.

In regards to earning methods, Youtube is similar to blogging. As a common source of monetization for YouTube videos, Adsense is common. There is, however, one catch. You cannot monetize your videos without having 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to your youtube channel. This is a standard that YouTube enforces for preventing third-rate channels, and a standard that you have to meet to enable monetization.

Yet, despite these challenges, most YouTubers rely on Adsense as their primary source of income. If truth be told, it has been shown to be more effective on YouTube than on blogs, since Adsense ads are displayed in a video format that is more interactive than static images. Therefore, YouTube creators earn more Adsense revenue than bloggers.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to receive money from various companies who wish to advertise their products in your videos. We call this sponsorship.

Summary: Both platforms have a slow earning process. However, blogging offers more options for monetization, while youtube offers better chances for advertising.

3. Content Alteration on Blogging and Youtube

recorrection on blogging and youtube

Blogging :

You may sometimes make grammatical mistakes in your articles. Even so, it’s not a major problem since you can still edit your work after it has already been published online. On top of that, you can add more information to your article in order to make it more informative and comprehensive. Therefore, when it comes to re-rectifications, there are no restrictions on the blogging platform.


The biggest problem on YouTube is finding mistakes in published videos and not being able to fix them. As in, you have no other option but to delete and republish after fixing the errors. It is one of the drawbacks that you will have to deal with in the course of your YouTube career.

Summary: Blogging allows you to make changes to the information, but video cannot be altered.

4. Preference over Blogging or Youtube

Blogging :

As the name suggests, a blog is a place where you read the information in written form. For some people, reading texts is more convenient than watching YouTube videos, and they would rather learn from reading online. But not everyone shares the same taste.


On this platform, you can watch videos to learn information. Many people acquire information in different ways. While some people are more likely to consume knowledge through reading, others prefer watching videos. The people who prefer watching videos over reading prefer YouTube over blogging.

Summary: Everyone has different preferences, you might be more inclined to blog or watch videos on YouTube.

5. Enough Courage to Make Videos

blogging youtube


There’s no need to put your face on the blog, just some text, and a dash of knowledge. Because of this, I’d say this environment is more suited to introverts and shy, timid people. These people tend to blog more.


If you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel, you should think about the basics. It is up to you to choose whether you want to do the video voiceover or face-to-face. In that case, the YouTube platform appears to be the best option.

Summary: It depends on one’s preferences. YouTube is for those who are fine with showing their faces or voices, while blogging does not require either.


Here, then, are the differences between blogging and youtube, in my opinion. Personally, I believe that both platforms offer the equal potential for enhancing your career. Each platform has its own benefits and advantages. As technology advances, so do people’s interests in it. It is impossible to underestimate the value of blogging or YouTube.

What matters is not which of these platforms is the best. What matters is which one of these platforms you’re gonna leverage.



No Plagiarism on Blogging and Youtube

plagiarism on youtube and blogging


Much like Google, YouTube automatically detects duplicate content or music in videos. In cases where your video content matches an existing video, you will receive a copyright claim. When you receive three copyright strikes continuously on YouTube, you will be banned and suspended. What a nightmare! Avoid this at all costs.

Having said that, occasionally you may be using someone else’s work in a fair way. In such cases, it’s recommended to credit the original source and include a copyright disclaimer. This will reduce the likelihood that a copyright lawsuit will arise.


It is plagiarism when you use someone else’s content when blogging. For this reason, make sure you attribute the content to the original author. However, sometimes your use of someone else’s images may be considered fair use. Under these circumstances, citing the original source is mandatory to avoid potential penalties.

In the event you do not do this, adsense will stop providing advertisement services on your blog. Therefore, it would be wise to only use images from free royalty sites like Unsplash and Pixabay in order to avoid possible copyright claims.


The Epilogue:

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or a YouTuber. Success comes from perseverance, commitment, and patience. It may take you a year or longer. But, gradual success is better than overnight success.  To achieve this, it is best to stand out from the crowd and provide information in a unique way. Quality trumps quantity every time.


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  1. An interesting post giving the pros and cons of each. Blogging can actually be free if one chooses blogger as their choice of platforms. A domain name is not required and no host costs. I think it all depends on if you wish to monetize.

  2. Your article is very well written.I’ve got a lot of information from this. You have portrayed the difference between YouTube and blogging very well.your language is so simple that everyone understands it and show interest to read your post.
    Thank you soo…much for sharing this post.😊

  3. This was a super interesting post! I currently have both a blog and an (currently) inactive youtube channel. While I definitely feel more comfortable blogging, I think there’s just some content that is more interesting/entertaining if it’s in video form. Hopefully i’ll be making a youtube comeback soon! Great post xxx

    Melina |

  4. I only just started my blog as a result of the lockdown 😀 I’ve been wanting to set up a blog for a very long time though but never quite had the courage to go through with it, so the courage point makes so much sense!
    This was a very interesting and insightful read, and I can definitely take away some of that for my own blog!

  5. No matter what platform you decide to use, there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Both blogging and creating YouTube content takes a lot of time and effort. It’s all about doing what you enjoy, and a long way down the line consider making money.

  6. This is a nice roundup. Very useful comparisons between the two platforms. I think there is a lot of value in doing both, actually. YouTube is challenging if you aren’t used to speaking. It can be difficult to get used to putting together a script and executing on camera. So…for those jumping into video production, I highly recommend filming a number of practice runs to get used to being on camera.

    • Yea! That’s 100 correct. Both would be perfect duo if you’re courageous enough to speak on camera and have writing skills. You can leverage both platforms. However, that certainly depends on a person’s interest.

  7. My husband does you tube and with all the changes it is getting harder to get anywhere now and despite having close to 2k subs really not making what he use to. But this is all still very good information especially for me since I am very new to blogging.

  8. I’ve been hesitating to create a YouTube channel because Im uncomfortable in front of a camera, but I can create a PowerPoint presentation, some animation and have some friends as narrators 🙂 thank you for the insights.

  9. I still would usually go for blogs when I want a deep research but as a creator, Youtube would actually give more clicks for adsense than the blog. Although both takes time before it takes off.

  10. Great info! I started my blog first then youtube, although I haven’t posted a YouTube video in soooo long. Video editing takes so much time! Thank you for sharing all the real details of both of these. In 10 months though, I’ve only made about $20 off Adsense! It takes so much time!

    • Yup ! You have to try youtube as well since it is equal to blogging. First year is always like learning process. It’s more like a foundation to your channel. Although, let’s beat off your work 🙂

  11. When I started this journey I went back and forth on starting with a blog or youtube. I ended up starting with a blog because I felt like I could put more time into that. Moving closer to starting that Youtube channel though! Great read 🙂

  12. I haven’t started a youtube channel yet, I’m still focusing on blogging but I definitely consider it. Thanks for sharing these informations x

  13. I am relatively new to blogging and this was helpful to determine if I wanted to also do vlogging to compliment it. Also, with links to share how to get paid!

  14. You made some great points. People always tell me I should start a YouTube because youtubers make so much money. I know they do but I also know it’s a lot of work, which I don’t mind. But it’s just so much that goes into that I had no idea about. I thought blogging was hard. Sheesh YouTube is complex! Thanks for this post.

    • Thank you 🙂 Both platforms are equal interms of hardwork. It’s your preference which you want to choose.

  15. It’s true that both take a lot of hard work, but again it does depend on which platform a person prefers. Your guide was a very detailed comparison between both platforms.

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