5 Legit Strategies to Grow Organic Followers on Instagram

It might seem difficult to grow when you've just begun on instagram tour. But not if you read our 5 legit strategies to grow organic followers on instagram.

Instagram is currently the most popular social media platform that everyone is frequently using right now. So isn’t this an opportune time to leverage users to your page? Yeah, but it may be tough and difficult to grow organic followers on instagram. It can be through an ethical way or using bots.  Do you want to take a risk, then use the bots to get fake followers who won’t be loyal to your page.

It’s an aim for every page admin to get an organic audience who would follow them for their work. However, it might seem difficult to grow when you’ve just begun on instagram journey.But before starting the page, you have to be aware of not-to-do things and several strategies to successfully achieve the audience.

Here we’ve discussed 5 strategies to grow organic followers on instagram & what you shouldn’t do.


1. Post Awesome Content

Grow Organic Instagram Followers

When you’re posting content on instagram, it must knock off the user’s sock when they stumble on your page . That’s the moment that decides whether a user wants to follow or just disregard you.  I assume that’s where most instagram beginners are committing a big blunder. If I was a user who came across your page, I wouldn’t follow you unless you got some handy content. Most of the audience expects an unique content. Why would they follow you, if you’re posting repetitive content just like others?

Quality :

That’s right, quality is the biggest factor for growth. Nobody is gonna give a damn about your page unless you have incredible posts that draw their attention. When it comes to app layout, Instagram is the best compared to others. It is a pretty aesthetic app that provides you tons of features such as stories, posts, IG TVs, live, &  reels which are quite much tools to manifest your content and interaction with the users. Just put out your skills and craft your work through these features. If you don’t have a skill in editing, just learn or hire editors to make posts for your page. But never ever post mediocre images, it will disrepute your brand value.

Personally, I use Canva to design the images for instagram & interest. It is a time-saving and really efficient site.

Original Content:

As I’ve seen so far, there are millions of instagram pages that post content from popular pages as if it’s their own. However, it doesn’t give you any productivity, soon people realize & unfollow your page. The audience of your page will be aware if it’s your content or you just plagiarized from others and that is what prompts them to stop accepting your page. Now there, things will act as a boomerang, your audience would just unfollow you and follow the other account you’re stealing posts from. It’s a way that everyone does.

I know there are a few instances you may want to other’s post on your page & inclined to accredit them. It is a friendly way to posts other’s content.

Ideal Size:

Do not Post inappropriate size posts on instagram, it is a bad factor that makes you unprofessional and naive. Here are the best sizes :

  • Portrait : 1080 x 1350 pixels
  • Square ( Best size ): 1080 x 1080x pixels
  • Landscape: 1080 x 566 pixels

As far as I’m concerned,  I recommend using square and portrait sizes. They make your feed look well ordered and aesthetic.


2. Consistency and Scheduling

Consistency is the second biggest factor to grow organic followers on instagram. The more you post, the more people follow you. At least, it’s recommended to upload one post every day. That will keep your account updated and boosts your engagement. In case, if you’re busy with other work, you can schedule the posts & let it do the work for you. Fortunately, instagram gives a feature to monitor our insights and see how our posts are performing. It’s an easy way to track our work and see what output is getting traction in the place.

If more people are interacting with your content, the algorithm of instagram works & your content will be shown to users who are like-minded & share similar interests. That is where you obtain prospective followers to your page.

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3. #Hashtags are Must

hasttags are important on instagram

#Hastags is one of the major reasons why you’re progressing. It’s an efficient way to roll followers to your page that works anytime. Hashtags certainly have tons of advantages. It primarily draws specific users you’re looking for, raises interaction, and reaches the target audience you’re seeking. This is a kind of promotion to build your following list and grow your account.

A lot of beginners may not know the importance of including hashtags in the posts. But, as I said it’s one of the best tactics to grow the organic audience and enhance engagement consequently. The simple formula is to find related trending hashtags and add them in your posts. You can see what your niche pages are using & that may help you. Another way is to, exploring Instagram keyword tool or like a free tool best hasttags to help you find the trending hashtags.

Just like everything, hashtags have negative facet too. There are several spam hashtags such as #followforfollow, #likeforlikes, #comment, #likeforlike, and #followme to get bogus likes & following. You should definitely avoid them to avoid any blocks and terminations. The only work you have to do is find relevant hashtags & grow your brand value organically.


4. Be Professional and Organised

Grow Organic Instagram Followers

There are certain pieces that determine the quality of your page.

It can be determined by five factors :

  • Usernames
  • Your bio style
  • Image colors and Themed Posts
  • How you approach your followers

Username :

Username is the first thing that people see on your page. It determines how professional you are & your work. You may have lame usernames like ( instagram_014 ) or ( David_jacob_127). Don’t use any kind of usernames that may reflect how your page would be. Just choose a catchy brand name & make it as your username. So, your audience can easily remember it.

Your Bio Style:

Writing a bio description is pretty simple. It isn’t that hard if you think smartly. It is just a sentence on what you do and what your page is about.

Following, promote your work and add keywords of your niche in form of line. Lastly, direct your users to your blog or channel ( leave a link ). This is the most common and best bio you could write. It’s all simple and clean 🙂

Image Colors and Themed Posts:

To allure the audience, Choosing a common theme for your posts is pretty necessary. That draws the attention & makes them scroll your feed to see how fascinating your content is. It is the second thing users see when they stumble on a new instagram page. If you win their attention, you’ll get a new follower.

How You Approach Your Followers:

Finally yet importantly, Interacting with your audience should be polite and accommodating. Even though the opposite one is offensive to you, it’s your stature to be within your limits and talk to them diplomatically.


5. Ask Some Popular Relevant Accounts to Give a Shoutout

This is one of the most common & popular ways to grow your following list. Most of the pages nowadays are using the aforementioned tactic when they want to spread their brand word & get traction. Insta shoutout is simply when a user promotes your work or brand on their own account.

The process is to ask other popular relevant pages to give your page a shoutout. If they approve, you would get some public recognition.  It’s certainly a promotional strategy you should try,

Things that Makes Your Instagram Page Substandard :


Don’t Set Private Account:

Many popular instagram pages still do & losing tons of potential audience.  Trust me, this is the biggest mistake you must not do. I know what is their intention, they assume people would follow their page to see how their content is. But, how could people follow you when you’re not even allowing them to see how your content is like. I mean yes it’s PARADOX. But my vote goes to the latter. In case, if you’re page is currently in private mode, switch it to the public immediately

Buying Followers:

Buying followers is the cheapest method that an ignorant would do to avoid the grind & hard work. You may lose them sooner or later, they’re not your loyal audience, it’s temporary.

Plagiarizing & Inappropriate Content

You will receive a copyright strike down from instagram if you try to post other’s content on your page  It mostly happens if you take posts relating to controversial matters. You may also get banned if you cross the limits & violate the terms of instagram. Just stay alert & perceptive of what you’re posting. Just make sure it doesn’t have inappropriate subject.

Following other pages and unfollowing them once you got the follow.

I have been seeing this being done by the number of new instagram handles. But, people aren’t gonna easily follow you just because you followed them as a reciprocation. Especially as pages are increasing, people aren’t gonna fall for you & click that follow button.

Just don’t perform shoddy tactics to avoid the efforts. It’s not what you think it is.




So, these are the strategies and don’t do things I can tell you to grow organic followers on instagram. It may seem difficult in the beginning, but not anymore if you’ve read my tips.

It’s just quality & consistency that leads you to success.



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  1. Great round up on growing your Instagram page. This is an important piece for marketers, as Instagram will only continue to grow in value. I especially like the concept of working with other influential Instagram accounts. Relationship building and collaboration is critical to marketing success.

  2. Great tips, surely gonna follow.

    I would like to add that best-hashtags.com is a free service which can tell you which hashtags are more popular. I am using it and it’s good.

  3. Nice post. I found it helpful. I’m trying to grow my Instagram account to 1000 followers before the end of the month and I post quotes. What do you think I can do?

  4. Great tips! Can you share how to do a proper bio description? I struggle with that the most. And I agree with all your tips – I do them mostly already and I’ve seen great results.


      Writing a bio description is pretty simple. It isn’t that hard. All you have to do is just introduce what you are and what work you do ! Eg. (
      Blogger, Content Creator, Techie )
      And next , promote your work and add keywords of your niche in form of line. This is Must, this would exhilarate your engagement rate and exposure on instagram. Your page reaches to people who are following relevant pages. And lastly, direct your users to your blog or channel ( leave a link ). This is the most common and best bio you could write. It’s all simple and clean. 🙂 Hope you understood.

  5. These are all great tips. As with anything marketing related, content is the cornerstone. No matter how often you post or how many you engage, no one will want to follow you if you just post junk (or nothing at all).

  6. These are great tips! I’m slowly but surely growing my IG. I am NOT a photographer or much of a photo editor, but I have gotten more intentional about what I post and the overall look of my grid. Getting better.

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