How to Develop an eCommerce App like Amazon?

The world of e-commerce is full of opportunities & wealth, and here you can find out how to develop an eCommerce App like Amazon.

In today’s time of internet connectivity, the world has shrunk into a global society. The presence of high-speed logistics services reduces the concept of distance. More and more folks want to be served within the comfort of their homes. They want to go on a shopping spree, get their saloon treatment, and eat lavish food, but without getting out.

E-commerce websites like amazon take care of this desire to shop, sitting at home. The app gained popularity in the past decade; the total number of active users on the app is 300 million, with 51.1% of the customers being women. The world of e-commerce is full of opportunities, and you can find out the best eCommerce clone script to create a platform like Amazon or even better. Consider this article about e-commerce product strategy to increase your chances of success. There are some crucial steps you need to follow to develop an eCommerce App like Amazon.

1. Develop a clear idea about the app

clear idea about the app - eCommerce App like Amazon

Developing the basic idea for your app is the first and most crucial part of app development. With the perfect idea & brainstorming, the road to perfect app development becomes more effortless. First, do market research to know the needs of your target audience. Then, develop an MVP model incorporating the feature after understanding the consumer’s demands; this will help the product succeed.


2. Note down the most vital features

Note down the most vital features - eCommerce App like Amazon

After your initial market research and development of Business Model Canvas completes, you need to develop a list of features you want to incorporate in the e-commerce app. These features should not only include food features commonly in most e-commerce applications but also unique features also. In addition, particular features will prove to make a point of difference for your application. For reference, social media integration, wish list, synchronization, etc.


3. Start the design and development

design and development - eCommerce App like Amazon

The design of your app decides the success or failure of the app in the market. Planning the design can help you save money during the coding process. The process is much faster and cheaper at the same time. You can work on the design process all by yourself or can hire a professional designer.


4. Code backend and frontend

This is where the main action takes place. The Backend and Frontend development is highly crucial to ensure the perfect functioning and appearance of the application. The backend developer is responsible for creating APIs, storage and retrieval of data, and many more.

People often use backend service providers or custom-built the whole thing. You can find out the best eCommerce clone script for assistants in developing the backend. However, the frontend is equally essential for development purposes as it is responsible for those parts of the app with which consumers directly interact.

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5. Obtain feedback on the beta version

feedback - eCommerce App like Amazon

The most effective way to understand the usefulness of your application is to know how the consumers perceive it. Provide them with a BETA version of the application and ask for feedback based on their experience. Look into both the positive and negative feedback; this will help you fine-tune the feature and functionality of your app before the final launch.


6. Optimize the app for SEO

optimize SEO

Most of us think SEO is for a website, but this is not true. The importance of application optimization is immense. Flawless app optimization is the key to your e-commerce app being ranked in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). There are factors like keywords, backlinks, titles that make a noticeable difference. Other than these factors, reviews, ratings, and download count for the app also affect the final SEO.


7. Promotions


Promotional activities are essential for the audience to know your existence. If you have the perfect e-commerce app, but no one knows about it, all your efforts will go in vain. You can promote your app in various ways. Some of the most common ways of promotions are:

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Launch the App :

After completing the steps mentioned above, your app is ready to be launched in the App Store, Google play store, or both. The support provided by Google Play Store is a bit better, making the listing of applications more accessible.


The Epilogue :

After knowing all about app development, it is time for you to get started. Remember, there are plenty of similar apps present in the market, so focus on providing a unique feature to your app; you can find out the best eCommerce clone script on the internet to help you with your dream application development. 


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