How To Download Youtube Videos On PC (Videoder)

Downloading a youtube video has been quite common these days. But, have you ever asked yourself, how can I download a youtube video?

Downloading a youtube video has been quite common these days. I mean it’s a no-brainer, all you just need a basic technology savvy. Despite this, there are still millions of people who do not know how to download youtube videos and they ask themselves, how can I download a youtube video?

Then we might ask: Why do we download videos from youtube when they are already there? Probably because we can watch them offline even when there is no internet. As for why people download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & pretty much every social media platform, I think it is the same common reason. It may be that you want to keep it on your phone to watch it over & over again whenever you want, or that you want to post it in your WhatsApp status. It may be for a variety of reasons, but I also download videos when I find them interesting from any app.

Other than YouTube, I assume you may wish to have an all-in-one app in which you could download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That way you would not have to install separate apps for them. That’s right!


First Method: Android

Follow the steps to download the app  :

Step 1:  First of all, Go to your Playstore,

Are you doing that seriously? STOP IT, the app we are looking for isn’t available on play store for whatever security reasons.

Step 2: You need to open Google Chrome & Search Videoder

Step 3: Don’t worry, I got your back ” Install Videoder App through this link ”

youtube video downloader videoder

You can either use it on your Phone, Windows, or Mac. That’s kind of an advantage you’ll get through Videoder. Not just youtube, but also popular social media apps.


Step 4: You’ll see this straight away when you open the app.

.videoder app how can i download a youtube video


Step 5: I suppose, you must have found a way by now. Yes, you will need to paste the URL of whatever video you want to download ( which you’ll find below beside the like & dislike buttons)

Step 6: There you got, now Select Quality

videoder app

Yes, you’re right, that’s Avengers endgame trailer.


Step 7 : Once you select the quality, your video by now would be downloading.

videoder app

It’s the same process with Facebook or Instagram. You paste the link & download the video.

Alright, that was the first method to download youtube videos. Here you should see


Second Method: iOS

Unfortunately, you may not find Videoder on iOS. But, don’t worry! We got alternatives.

Step 1: Mostly, since your iPhone user, go to your default browser ( Safari )

Step 2: Enter this exact link ” ” 

Step 3: Now, there you’ll see, Enter URL box. In that, paste your link.

Step 4: Once you did that, you’ll see the downloading process by now.



In case, if you’re a person who doesn’t want to download anything or go external sources to download your video. Yes, there is a way.

Third Method: Download a youtube video without an app

In this approach, you can’t download videos of more than 720p quality.


Step 1: It’s effortless, just open a youtube video that you would like to download.

Step 2: Since you want it offline & you want to watch it without the internet, You just need to click the “Download” icon which you find beside the like & share button.

how can i download a youtube video

how can i download a youtube video

Step 3: I think that is ever in question, select your quality and you download it.

Step 4: You’ll find your downloaded videos on Library.


Fourth Final Method: Download Videos on Desktop or PC

I know, you would be wondering how to download youtube videos on your pc or mac. Here it is,


Step 1: After opening the youtube video on your pc.

Step 2: See at the top and locate the video’s URL box.

Step 3: Right there, type ” ss ” before youtube.


Step 4: Quickly, you will be redirected to


Step 5: Right there, click that button and you’ll see the video in your folder. Although, you may rarely find ” 1080P or 4k” Quality for videos.

For this reason, I recommend you install Videoder and download youtube videos through it. It is available on both windows and mac.


You want to know how to convert youtube video to mp3 ?

Step 1: Type & Search ” ”

Step 2: There, paste the video link and click Convert.

Step 3:  That’s it, you’ll see the download button & smash that.

Hope you got everything you’re looking for.


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