How to Get Approved For Google Adsense in 2023

Even the most successful bloggers had difficulty getting Adsense approval. You won't be an exception, here is how to get approved for Adsense.

It is widely known that Google Adsense is one of the best advertising networks for monetizing websites. AdSense displays ads next to your content for free, making it an easy and free way to earn income. For the same reason, the majority of bloggers consider AdSense their top priority and recommend it to all their fellows. A number of reasons make AdSense the top ad network, including its ability to offer visitors clean, customized ads, thereby securing the highest CTR (Click-through-rate). However, since it’s such a popular network, it is not as easy to get approved as you might think.

There are several guidelines and requirements that Google AdSense imposes on blogs prior to approval. The fact is, even successful bloggers had difficulty getting approved by Google AdSense. Even myself, I have faced difficulties in getting approved. After much struggle, however, I eventually earned approval from Google AdSense.


When should I add Adsense to my Blog?

You must first determine whether or not your blog is ready for Google Adsense. It seems that more and more new bloggers are applying for AdSense without adequate knowledge, and eventually end up being rejected. However, it is imperative that you must first ensure that your website complies with AdSense guidelines. Adsense operates a crawler, also known as a spider or a bot, to scan the content on your blog and determine whether it qualifies for its program. As long as your blog is well crafted and optimized for search engine optimization, It is no doubt that your application will be approved.

How to Apply for Google Adsense?

  • To begin, you must open the Google Adsense Sign-up Page.
  • Fill out your website URL and your email address (be sure to enter the same email address as the one associated with your blog).
  • Please provide all the details as indicated (country, phone number, address).
  • After you enter all the information, click Submit, and you will immediately be provided with an AD code.
  • Copy and paste the ad code into your website’s headers.
  • Please check the box ” I have pasted ” and you will receive an email from Adsense confirming whether you have been approved or denied.

You’re in luck if you got an approval email from Adsense. But what if you were rejected? You need not worry about it since it is common to be denied on the first try. Now let’s look at the things you need to do to get approved for Google Adsense and how I received that approval.

1. Properly Structured and Quality Blog

It can be difficult to choose a blog theme when you are a new blogger. During this process, some bloggers choose heavy themes that slow down the loading time of their blogs. This situation results in AdSense rejecting and not approving the site. Therefore, it would be best to utilize light and clean themes on your site as there are a large number of options available in WordPress and Blogger.

Make sure your blog contains a header, a sidebar, a footer, as well as a content area. When your visitors aren’t satisfied with the structure of your website or when it has loading issues, you’ll see low bounce rates and low traffic. However, this is something that Adsense does not allow. Adsense only approves sites that are generally fast and well optimized.

Here: 35 Best WordPress Multi-purpose Themes

2. Produce a High-Quality Piece of Content

A blog’s primary purpose is to produce and publish high-quality content. At least, We suggest that you write posts that are 800 words in length. Even if your articles are not 800 words, this is not a problem. Rather, ensure that your article adds value and is worth the reader’s time. If your blog does not meet these requirements, it will not be approved for Google AdSense.

Besides, it is recommended that you have 15-20 quality posts on your blog before applying for AdSense. This does not mean, however, that you should plagiarize another’s work. Any attempts you make to trick Google Adsense will be in vain, as the service can easily determine whether your content is original or duplicate.

Read: Adsense Content Quality Guidelines

The practice of plagiarism is expressly forbidden by Google Adsense. In either case, you should not assume that you are able to copy others’ work once you have been approved for Google AdSense. Google will always monitor your blog. Avoid doing this.

3. Use Free-Royalty Images

Free-royalty images refer to free-copyrighted images. Using these images should be a mandatory part of your articles. If you include images that are copyrighted or that have been taken from other websites without the permission of the owner, then Google AdSense will not approve your application. There are many new bloggers who are unaware of this. New bloggers simply search for images they wish to use and pull them out and insert them into their articles. Unfortunately, the reality is often disappointing. Do you think that Google will permit this? The answer is no, they are likely to penalize your site for such actions. Therefore, make sure that you use royalty-free images in your content. I recommend checking out the following websites for free-royalty images:

4. Does your Blog Engage in Malpractice Activities?

If you are a beginner, this may seem complex to you.  Google AdSense has certain program policies you must follow. Should you fail to adhere to these policies, you will be penalized. As Google Adsense states:

Paid Traffic: The practice of purchasing site traffic and driving it to a blog site for the purpose of increasing views is not allowed by Adsense. As I mentioned earlier, Google is always keeping an eye on your blog. In case you commit any actions that are in violation of its community guidelines and rules, it will not tolerate them. This may result in the suspension of your account.

Linking to Unauthorized and Illegal Sites: The term “unauthorized and illegal” refers to site such as keygens, cracks, piracy movies, adult content, etc. If Google AdSense discovers that you are directing traffic to their sites. A ban for contempt against their rules will follow.

Invalid Clicks: The fact that newbies think they can make money from ads if they convince their friends to click on their blog ads is a bit humorous. According to Google, those types of sites will be banned.

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5. Make Sure You Buy Good Host

Choosing a hosting platform is always the biggest factor for any beginner. Even I had a difficult time choosing a hosting platform at first. For those who do not know what hosting is. A hosting platform provides technology and services to enable users to view a website on the Internet. Website data is stored on special computers referred to as servers. Without hosting and servers, it is virtually impossible to create a website. Think of hosting as the CPU, without which the computer cannot function. In the same manner, a website cannot work without hosting, and it cannot be created either.

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One of the primary reasons hosting is important is that it affects your website’s performance. When a website isn’t performing well or loading quickly, it’s usually due to your hosting platform. It can negatively impact the performance of your search engine optimization, resulting in traffic losses. Ideally, performance needs to be at least 80%, as measured by GT Metrix or Google Page Speed. This is taken into consideration by AdSense when determining whether or not to approve your application.

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Slow speed also affects your site’s reputation from the outside. When it comes to waiting for your content to be displayed, visitors are rarely patient. They expect everything to load instantly.

6. Contact, About, and Privacy Policy pages are mandatory

In Google’s view, bloggers ought to have contact, and about pages if they wish to be accepted. By doing so, users can contact you via the contact page while visitors can learn more about you. Google Adsense also checks all that information to determine whether you are in fact legitimate. In addition, a privacy policy page must be included with these pages. Click here if you do not understand how to write a privacy policy. You can then use this free tool, Privacy Policy Generator. This will make adsense think that your site is legitimate. I did the same thing and eventually was approved for Google Adsense.

7. SEO Optimized Content

Your blog’s success is always dependent upon optimizing your articles and utilizing SEO. A good strategy for SEO is to make sure you have a keyword that targets your article.

on-page seo MOZ

This is called on-page optimization. Beginners may not be aware of this strategy. Learning about on-page and off-page SEO is extremely important. However, the basic principle of SEO can be seen in the above image. It is an on-page SEO technique in which you have to optimize your blog from within. On the other hand, off-page SEO requires you to take action outside of your blog such as backlinks, social media, and marketing. I may have downplayed the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), because it is a more elaborate and complex subject than you may realize. Please do not overlook it since it is fundamentally connected to the success of your website.

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With great SEO, comes great success.- Nuff said.


What if your AdSense Application gets Rejected again?

Create a New Gmail account

I have been rejected by Google AdSense eight times in a row. Even though it’s kind of discouraging to get rejected in a row, I have learned a lot and invested a lot of time and effort in getting this AdSense account approved. Upon receiving disapproval for the eighth successive time, I decided to begin afresh by creating a new Gmail account. I started over with a new email and reapplied for Adsense. Then, BOOM! Within three days, Adsense sent me an email confirming my approval. That was all I could ask for! For this reason, I recommend that you create a new email account and try applying from it if you are still rejected despite following my suggestions.

(Or) Keep writing quality content

It is simply a matter of producing high-quality articles on your blog and making it profitable. Your site can be successful if you write high-quality articles and optimize your search engine optimization. There’s a good chance users will land on your website automatically, and you’ll have the chance to get approval.


If you still got rejected by Google AdSense.

Don’t despair. Google AdSense is not the only option. You can monetize your blog in many ways. There is no need to rely solely on Google AdSense.

You can find alternatives to Google Adsense that offer similar services and advertising on your blog. Be sure to check out the options and earn money from it :

The Epilogue :

Irrespective of whether you are approved or not, all that is required is that you create high-quality content that is optimized for search engines. It is not necessarily about traffic. Nobody gets traffic at the beginning of their venture. It takes time for your posts to rank higher in Google search results. Once you have gained traffic in significant numbers, you can apply to big advertising networks.

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  2. I was rejected for Adsense as Google thinks I am my daughter for some reason… anyway, no way to fight it, so onwards to different options. Will have to check out Thanks for the great article!

  3. Thanks for this! I have recently applied for Google Adsense and completed all the basics but only got an email that they are unable to review my site because of the pandemic. So, I dont know if I should apply again with another email haha.

  4. This came just at the right time. I was looking for a post that could explain everything about Adsense clearly. You have nailed it. Thanks for sharing. Added to favorites. Will return.

  5. I am new to blogging and I had no idea what I was doing. I applied for Google Adsense and got rejected so I tried to fix it based on their suggestions (disclosure page and domain issue) and eventually they accepted me. I still don’t know what I’m doing but somehow I got in. This was very helpful information. Thanks!

  6. It’s all great advice.
    One thing to note is at the moment, Google Adsense is rejecting application due to COVID as they have difficulty processing them.
    It happens for our current blog as it is on a new account, if that happens you just need to wait a few days/weeks to resubmit it!

    Thank you

  7. Thank you, that was really useful for me. I will have to add a Privacy Policy page before applying. Is there a minimum amount of traffic you need to be approved? Also, all the images on my blog are from Google but ‘labelled for commercial reuse’. Are those images okay?

    • Yea ! There’s no such thing about minimum traffic. As i said in the article, it’s all about content. Needless to say, you can use google images and give them credits at the bottom. But, i still recommend using free royalty images to avoid risks. 🙂

  8. Google Adsense is definitely the preferred ad network before you’re able to qualify for a premium ad network! That being said, there is one mistake that I see A LOT of bloggers make – when creating that high quality content, DON’T rely on just doing roundups. While that’s a great way to network with other bloggers and roundups certainly have their place, having too many roundups and not enough of your own unique posts can turn ad networks like Google Adsense off of your site.

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