How To Increase Conversion Rate In eCommerce Site

The goal of any eCommerce site is for its customers to perform the desired action. Thus, we will enlighten how to increase conversion rate in eCommerce business.

The eCommerce market is tough and you need to grab as much attention from the crowd as you can. The goal of any eCommerce website is for its customers to perform the desired action on their site, such as ordering, reviewing, subscribing to the newsletter, clicking, etc. And the results obtained can help you measure the conversion rate of your site. But why and how? Increasing the conversion rate on your site can help you gain visibility, sales, and retain customers. Thus, we are going to enlighten how to increase conversion rate in eCommerce business and ultimately how you reach your goals. But first, let’s learn some more about it.   


What’s A Good Conversion Rate For E-Commerce?

how to increase conversion rate in ecommerce

Conversion rate is defined by any action that is performed on your site. Generally, a conversion rate of 2% is determined to be excellent for good sites. Each site has different goals and thus different measuring values. But most commonly, conversion rates depend upon items purchased, email signups, social shares, social proofs, etc. This helps in determining if your current marketing strategy is effective, does it improve customer satisfaction, etc. Thus, the need arises to optimize it as much as you can.

How to Increase Conversion Rate using these 10 Strategies :


1. Define Value Proposition

This is one of the most crucial aspects of your website and business that you need to tackle. Properly defining the value proposition of your products and services can help you attract customers to your website rather than the competitors. A value proposition defines your product’s or service’s unique values, how it makes your life easier, why customers should buy from you, and much more. When creating a value proposition, you need to be different from your competitors or have at least one feature or element that separates you from the rest.


2. Competitive Pricing

Another way to grab your customers’ attention and increase conversion rates is by justly or competitively pricing your products. It will come as no surprise that many other eCommerce businesses are selling the same products as you, then how are you different? What makes your product special? Even if your product is more beneficial than the rest, customers will always opt for the cheaper option. Thus try to offer your products at slightly lesser prices than your competitors in the beginning and gradually increase them. It can also be beneficial to employ WooCommerce sales tax plugins to set up individual sales tax based on customer’s geo-location which will automatically be added to the total amount.   


3. Add Live Chat Support

Online shopping is a gamble for many shoppers, either it could turn out great or a disaster. Many customers abandon their carts because they are not sure about the credibility of the product or service. Thus by enabling live chat support on your website, you can offer customers a chance to bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers and help them answer their queries. This will help in building trust, awareness, and ultimately sales, all of which have a positive impact on your conversion rates. 

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4. A/B Testing

No marketing strategy is perfect and thus you need to test which one works the best for your business. For example, if you are torn between 2 landing pages or product images, or even a call-to-action button, you can run an A/B test. This test will split half of your traffic to Page A and the other half to page B, and you can check the results at the end, determining which page had the highest conversion rate.  


5. Offer Free Shipping

Customers love the word free and anything offered for free would grab their attention quickly. Many eCommerce websites offer free shipping on their site and consumers have become accustomed to such services and expect them from every business. Thus, if you are charging money for shipping, you are losing potential customers. You can also offer a limit of amount to cross to avail of free shipping. 


6. Attractive Headlines

Capturing your customers’ attention is a tough task but one that should be most focused on. First impressions are lasting and thus as a customer enters your site, the first thing they will notice is the headline on the landing page. It has been researched that 8 out of 10 people only read the headline before deciding to move further. Thus, your headline should be captivating, unique, bold, include statistics and numbers, all the while being precise.

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7. Add Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are an effective marketing strategy that can help you increase your conversion rates up to 40%. Pop-ups help you grow your email list and offer your customers discounts and coupons that are sure to retain them or lead to a purchase. There are many different times of pop-ups available, such as exit-intent, welcome-page pop-up, delayed, and sign-up. Offer your customers amazing incentives and prevent them from leaving your site.  


8. Use FOMO

Fear of missing out is a powerful tool that can lead to increased sales and conversion rates. Creating a sense of urgency in your customers by enabling a countdown timer, making limited time offers, showing the number of products left or using phrases like “only 3 left!”, “Offer valid for a limited time”, etc can easily capture their attention and make them click on the order now button.  

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9. Simplify Checkout

Another way to win your customers’ favor is to simplify the checkout form and process. Customers often abandon their cars when the checkout form is too complex or contains unnecessary fields and pages. Thus one of the ways to optimize conversion rate is by employing a single-page checkout, removing fields, and adding multiple payment options to offer convenience for your customers.  


10. Add Trust Badges

Another way to convert customers on-site is by adding trust badges. These badges relay to your customers that your site is safe and secure to shop. It is also beneficial to keep your site active by posting blogs and how-tos, enabling live chat support, and keeping your social media accounts active. All of these techniques help in building trust in your customers.  

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The Epilogue:

Choosing a theme, hosting service, and payment gateway does not mean that your website will receive the traffic and sales you want. On the other hand, increasing the conversion rates can help you achieve these results easily. Although you need to optimize your website, landing page, checkout page, and much more to ensure that it happens. Our above-mentioned tips can help you optimize your conversion rate and take your brand awareness and sales to a new level.

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