How to Increase Your Website Loading Speed ( 5 Easy Ways)

When a website takes a long time to load, how can users wait? That's when you lose visitors. It’s time to learn how to increase your website loading speed.

Would you be willing to shop from a website that troubles loading? Definitely not, and you’re not alone who would do that. 79% of online shoppers say they don’t like to purchase from a website that takes forever to load. If you don’t want it to happen to your website read on to discover why website speed optimization is important and how to increase your website loading speed.

Attractive website design, persuasive landing page & intelligently crafted sales funnel undoubtedly help to boost conversions. But, not when your website speed doesn’t let users get in. Well, our website optimization techniques to improve website speed will help users to land & browse effortlessly on your website. But, for achieving the bottom line of your business it’s not enough. In order to increase your conversions and generate excellent profit, you need to plan an infallible sales funnel and execute it with well-crafted necessary elements.

It’s not one, two, or three things you need to learn for building an infallible sales funnel that drives massive traffic. There are many things involved in it, such as copywriting, email marketing, advertising, persuasive landing pages, and so on. And, if you want to learn everything from basic to advanced. Learning from the best-reviewed digital marketing institute in Jaipur or in any other city in India where you live in will be the most appropriate option for you. Faster loading websites & breakthrough digital marketing strategies go hand in hand to skyrocket your sales.

Now, you know how you can upskill yourself for driving more sales and generating better profit for your business. It’s time to learn why website loading speed is important for your business and after that, we will dive into how to increase website loading speed with 5 easy ways.


Why is Website Speed Optimization Important?

How to Increase Website Loading Speed

The lives of many people today are busier than ever before, and there are numerous websites that people visit to meet their need for information. What if a website is slow to load and the users do not have enough time to wait? That is the point at which you lose visitors, which in turn results in a high bounce rate. These are the reasons why it is important to optimize website speed for users and businesses.

  • Good user experience
  • Increase conversions
  • Helps your website rank higher
  • Give an edge to your competitors
  • Increase website traffic

I’m sure, these points surely made you realize why having high-speed websites is important for your business. And, you probably want to know what your website speed is at the moment. For checking this out, you can use free websites like GT matrix or PageSpeed.

According to Google, an ideal website page load time is less than 3 seconds on desktop & mobile. And, on average the loading time of most websites is 22 seconds which is way too much higher. If your website loading time is more than 10 seconds. You really need to use effective tips to boost your website speed which I have mentioned below.

Website loading time can increase or break down your website traffic & sales. We don’t want you to lose your potential customer just because of a slow page loading. Look through the points below to learn how to increase website speed on WordPress and HTML.


1. Optimize Images

Larger images take time to load and increase page load time. Make sure you use PNG format for graphics & JPG for images on your website. And, you can also decrease the size of these images by using free websites like compress jpeg and

Besides, you can also create a template for your images through CSS sprites on your website. It will enable you to load all of your images faster & together which significantly increases user experience and decreases site loading time.

You can use online tools: tinypng, or optimizilla which I frequently on my website.


2. Reduce Unnecessary Plugins & Java Scripts

Java scripts & plugins serve a purpose but also increase website loading time. Identify what you don’t need & what’s not getting you effective results on your website and eliminate those plugins & java scripts. It will make your website much lighter and easy to load. Besides, if you really need to add a specific function look for the plugin that takes less space.


3. Switch To High-Speed DNS Provider

Sometimes even though you’re doing everything right on your part to improve your website speed. Some other factors mess around.

DNS ( domain name system) is one of the factors that determine your website speed. When a user puts your website URL or clicks on your website through the search results. DNS serves to set out to convert the URL into an IP address and this process time consumption depends on the quality of your DNS service provider.

You can even check out your DNS server monthly report and if you don’t find it optimal it’s time to switch to a faster DNS server provider. For keeping an eye on your website speed. It’s important that you do a page speed test regularly to know the speed insights of your website.


4. Utilize Browser Caching

Enabling caching on your website will store information when a user comes on your website. And, the next time when the same user comes the page information is already saved that reduces the server load time & lagging.

But, the cache is short-term storage and it generally expires within a year. For getting to know your cache expiry date you can use Y slow and also set the expiry time how long do you want it to be. Isn’t it a great way to increase website speed time?


5. Eliminate Redirects to Optimize Site Speed

Every website has broken links and for fixing this issue we make another mistake to use directions. Directions send users to the next page that needs an additional HTTP and time to load. Search your website redirect pages and reduce unnecessary redirection to boost your website speed.


The Epilogue:

Faster loading websites generate more traffic and drive more conversions. On the other hand, slower page loading discourse users go on that website they have faced trouble in loading. The choice is yours, in which category do you want to put your website. If you choose the first one. Use effective ways to boost your website speed to please google, your users, increase website traffic and sales.

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