How To Post on Instagram From a Pc (One Simple Method)

Unlike methods that many articles suggested, there is one simple method to help you how to post on Instagram from a pc.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media outlet with over 1 billion active monthly users. Instagram as we know lets you share your everyday life with your followers, but it also offers a chance to see what other people are up to too. However, Instagram is more than just a lifestyle-sharing app. It also serves a very beneficial purpose for businesses to drive sales and traffic. With this in mind, it makes sense why you’d want to post on Instagram from a PC, especially since you need to post every single day to be successful and consistent.

There are many reasons why you might want to post on Instagram from a pc. Maybe you’re on your lunch break at work and don’t want to use up your phone’s battery. Maybe you need to post a bunch of pictures at a time. Whatever the case may be, posting on Instagram from your pc is much faster, either for scheduling or for publishing multiple posts at once.

Now, Let’s take a look at how easy it is to post content on Instagram from your pc with a tool that millions of articles have overlooked. I usually check popular articles before writing an article so I can see what other writers have done and how I can use a different approach to a subject. However, I’m surprised that most of the top articles did not even mention this tool, which is an official tool of Facebook and Instagram. Instead, they recommend extensions or using Inspect mobile view, which doesn’t work properly anymore.


Here’s How to Post on Instagram from a Pc :

Maybe I’m being a bit like Khaby here. I want to introduce you to the official Facebook Creator Studio tool, with which you can post from a PC directly to Instagram without hustle. Unlike methods that top-ranked articles have suggested, there is one simple method that will efficiently save you time, and you don’t have to install any apps, extensions, or software.

Follow the steps:

1. Start by searching on Google for “Creator Studio”.

Search Creator Studio How To Post on Instagram From Pc

2. Upon opening the first page, you’ll be taken to the creator studio, where you signin to your Instagram account or facebook account (If that’s what you need).

Open site How To Post on Instagram From a Pc

3. Enter your account details. Just in case, to use this tool, you need to switch to a business account.

Login in Instagram How To Post on Instagram From a Pc

4. As soon as you enter your details, you will be taken to your dashboard. The dashboard contains a guide to assist you with the tools and what you can do with them.

Dashboard How To Post on Instagram From a Pc

The question now is, how can you post content to Instagram?

5. In the top-left corner, tap “Create post”. You will find options for Instagram posts and IG TV. If you want to post-normal content, choose Instagram feed. When it comes to IGTV content, you can go to IGTV.

Create post How To Post on Instagram From a Pc

6. Simply tap on the Instagram feed, click “Add Content” and select the photos from your device.

Instagram Post Dashboard


8. Following the upload of content, you will be able to adjust the content to add more value which includes general options such as

Instagram Post Options

  1. Describe your post using the caption field
  2. Emojis
  3. You can add your location
  4. In case there is more content to add
  5. To Tag people
  6. Crop images
  7. Delete posts
  8. Advanced Settings

Advanced settings

With advanced settings, you can disable comments for a particular post and provide alternative text for people with visual impairments.

9. Click on Publish if you’d like the post to be published.

10. No, It’s not over yet, you can also schedule posts on Instagram as well. This feature gives you options for when to post including time and date. As a backup, you can also save it as a draft until you decide when to publish it.

Schedule the post How To Post on Instagram From a Pc


11. After you publish the post, the ping message, and the post will appear in the dashboard.

Published post Instagram


That’s how you can easily post on Instagram from your PC. This tool does come with one catch, however. Creator studio currently doesn’t allow you to post reels, but that could change in the near future. Until then, let me suggest you use the tool to post reels on Instagram:


UPDATE: Instagram announced its most anticipated feature for PC users: You can now upload photos from Instagram PC.


The Epilogue:

Make the most of your precious time by creating engaging content and expanding your Instagram business by using the Creator Studio tool and learning Strategies to grow organic Instagram followers. Persistence will always pay off.

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