In many cases, you want to see the messages sent by another person, but you don’t want to be marked as seen, meaning you don’t want the other person to know you’re seeing their messages. Yes, I know that’s a tricky part of Instagram, whenever you see messages, they’re marked as “seen” for other people. Conversely, WhatsApp lets you turn off read receipts, so the other person won’t know if you’re reading his messages. So you’re wondering, and you’re here to find out how you can read your messages on Instagram without being seen. Well, good news, I’ve got your back, and it’s not too difficult to do that.

There are two ways to read Instagram messages without being seen, one is by restricting the person, the other is by turning off your data/Wifi. When you ask me what’s better, I would answer The former.

First Approach: How To Read Instagram Messages Without Seen

Restrict is quite the equivalent of blocking a person on Instagram, except it’s in stealth mode. In any case, the other person does not know you have restricted him.

What happens when you restrict a person on Instagram? Restricting a person means:

  • You and others will not be able to view ‘person’ comments on your posts until you approve them.
  • Messages from the ‘person’ will be sent to the request box.
  • If you see a message from a ‘person’, it will not be marked as “seen” on his DM.
  • A person will not be able to view certain aspects of your activity, for example, when you are online or last seen.
  • Instagram will stop notifying you when ‘person’ comments on your post or sends you a message.

Now let’s go ahead, and show you how to restrict someone on Instagram.

1. Let’s say you received a message from someone you want to see, but don’t want to be marked as ‘seen’. What do you do?

2. Go to his profile dashboard, click on the kebab menu – the vertical three-dot menu and select “restrict”.

3. All his messages will now be moved to “Request Messages” which means you won’t get notifications from him anymore.

4. But you want to see his message, don’t you? That’s simple. Open his DM and look at all his messages.

5. You have now seen his messages, and have learned his secret. But how do you know that it is not marked as “seen” for him? Don’t worry, let’s see it from his point of view. As you can see, he is wondering why you are not viewing his DM.

6. But you already see his texts, and that’s the fun part about restricting someone whose texts you want to see, but not really. Just unrestrict the person, and reply if you change your mind. That’s all there is to it.

Second Approach: How To Read Instagram Messages Without Seen

It’s more of a temporary solution for reading messages without being seen.

  • Once you received a text from someone, go ahead, and turn off the internet on your mobile phone.
  • Now as the internet is turned off on your device, Instagram can’t mark “seen” so you can now see all his texts without being seen, as long as the internet is off.
  • That’s about it to this approach, once you turned your internet, it will be marked as “seen” immediately. So be cautious when doing this.

This is why I recommend choosing the “restrict” approach over this one. Now go read those messages in stealth mode and have fun!

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