How to Start a Blog in 2023 (FREE Easy Guide for Beginners)

Blogging has become one of the lucrative and best ways to make money online nowadays. Here you find how to start a blog successfully.

Blogging has become one of the lucrative and best ways to make money online nowadays. People getting to know more about what blogging is about and how it works to produce the money. In the olden days, a tremendous amount of people had no idea about blogging until the moment it became popular and people making dollars out of it. As a result, the numbers have been increasing in this community ever since. So it eventually has become the best platform to earn online money in this current period and many folks start to pursue blogging career and making profits out of their blog.

If you don’t know what is the meaning of blogging and if you’re a newbie. Don’t worry, I got your back. I’m gonna interpret everything you need to know about blogging.

What is a blog?

First things first,  Basically, A blog is a site where you share the information or ideas about any topic you know. In simple words, Let’s assume you searched a question on google about “ How to Lose weight ” You will see a ton of links, and out of them, you will click on one link. Straightaway, you are gonna see the information about how to lose weight. So, whatever information you are seeing is called a “BLOG

Hope you got that. Likewise, there are different kinds of blogs out there on google that discusses a diverse amount of topics. For example, if we take, News blogs, Fashion blogs, How to topic blogs, Movie blogs, and many more. So,  The first step you’re gonna do is to choose a topic for your blog. That’s all you need to do before starting a site. Select a niche you’re accustomed to and which you’re more familiar with. Thus, you could write insightful information and provide great value for the audience. As for the reason, You will get exposure and traction to your worthwhile content.

Are you thinking wrong about blogging?

Everyone who thinks blogging is an easy way to make money. This has been one of the common myths prevailing in this platform. But apparently, It’s wrong it’s not like what you thought. If you think so, It would be hard for you to do blogging. Running a blog is neither easy nor hard. You need to have patience and commitment first. If you are so stubborn enough to wait for the results. Then, on one ever gonna stop you.

Anyone, who is expecting blogging is an easy platform to make money. I would suggest you to not start a blog. It’s a waste of investment since you don’t have patience and persistence over this platform.

Why blogging is the best platform?

Blogging is one of the most popular and best platforms in the current era to make money online. However, as I said it’s not an overnight thing. It may be laborious to hold with a lot of competition alongside in the beginning. But, once you start performing things right. No one is gonna stop you.

Even, every professional blogger who is now making rich money had probably worked persistently in their earlier days. No one has become a top blogger without doing hard work. Likewise, Blogging needs so much patience and commitment. You cannot make money within a small time. It also means you cannot make money by just creating a blog site. Maybe, there are people who think they are gonna earn money right after creating a site. But, it’s big Noo


Meanwhile, you may need to know that there are numerous blogs making billions every month. Yeah, you heard right! It’s true. Huffington Post– is the top 1 earning blog with $41.6 million every month according to Forbes list. It sounds crazy right. but, here you should see this. You know the Huffington Post blog has been on google for 14 years. In the span of 14 years, we could think they probably had worked smartly as well as hard to reach that breakthrough. Even top blogs Techcrunch, Mashable, Perez Hilton, Tuts Plus making millions and millions which also have experience of over 10 years in google.

Finally, Does blogging suit you?

Out of everything I’ve said so far, You should think if blogging does really suits you or not. I will say, a person can do it who has commitment and patience as well as persistence. Hard work isn’t enough in blogging. On the other side, you should put smart work as well to uplift your site. Sometimes, even you think you’re working hard. You have to make sure if it’s worth in the end. For that reason, smart work is also important as hard work.

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Although, Let’s come to, Creating a blog, it’s effortless and easy. The actual movie starts after you created it. Creating a site is like pre-credits in the movie. I will just interpret how to create and start a blog in simple words.

Here, make sure you Don’t Do These 5 Mistakes in Blogging

How to Start a Blog

1. Choose a niche for your Blog

As I said before, you may have knowledge about a particular niche/ topic. Just do it only about that, Don’t go for other niches which because it is a high-profit keyword.

What type of blogs?

  1. Fashion Blogs
  2. Food Blogs
  3. Travel Blogs
  4. Lifestyle Blogs
  5. Music Blogs
  6. Fitness Blogs
  7. DIY Blogs
  8. Sports Blogs
  9. Business Blogs
  10. Personal Blogs
  11. Movie Blogs
  12. News Blogs
  13. Gaming Blogs
  14. Finance blogs

As you can see above, there are tons of blogs out there running on google.

Among, Fashion blogs are the most common blog on google. Fashion blog provides about apparel styles, dressing, makeup, and more. It discusses the whole fashion thing. If you’re passionate about fashion, you can go for it. So, every blog explains its own topic and dives through it. Eg. Food blogs discuss food like how to cook something.

Go ahead for the topic you’re passionate about and interested in. I personally don’t suggest you to go for topics which because they get more traffic. You must believe whatever you are writing in your article gives insightful value to the audience and worthwhile to read. If you’re writing interesting things. You will automatically start getting traction and the second thing, just enjoy whatever you’re doing.

2. Choose A Domain Name for blog

Once you choose a topic. You need to select a domain name based on your topic. A domain is something you see before .com or .in

There are so many domain names available in the market. So you better be unique about the domain names. People should get attracted when they see your page name. Besides, It plays a crucial role in blogging too. It should need the purpose and tells what’s your site about. Suppose, if you’ve already created a domain name like about and later few days you may want to post articles about travel. But, your domain name is Food space. How can you put out them?.  For this reason, You really need to think prudently before creating a blog site. Otherwise, You regret investing money on it.

Anyway, You can choose .com., ,.co,.in etc. These are called domain extensions. Most commonly bloggers use .com

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure(HTTPS) is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is used for secure communication over a computer network and is widely used on the Internet. Go for HTTPS Sites, which promises security and privacy to your site and data. While HTTP is less secured and protected which may get hacked and it is easy for hackers to dive through blog and steal information about users.

So, Before buying the domain, make sure you obtain (SLS) Secure Sockets Layer which makes Prefix HTTPS.

What is a DomainName

3. Hosting

Once you chose the niche and domain name for your site. It’s the final step to buy the site. But, before that, it’s really really important to learn about hosting.

“A web hosting service provides the technologies and services needed for your website to be viewed on the Internet” – Website data is stored on special computers called Servers. Without hosting and servers, you cannot create a website. That’s why it’s really important. Suppose, without CPU computer doesn’t work. Just like that, without hosting the website cannot work and cannot be created. Only because of hosting, Your website is live on google and why people seeing your site.

Which are the Best Web hosting

  1. SiteGround
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostinger
  4. InMotion Hosting
  5. A2Hosting
  6. Kinsta
  7. WPEngine

There are many sites that claim Siteground and Bluehost is the best Web Hosting Provider.

  1. It is value for money
  2. Response time
  3. SuperSpeed

They both have created Supercacher, an in-house cache technology that makes a WordPress blog ultra-fast. Supercacher is an innovative website optimization software that uses the platform accelerator from Varnish. Simply stated, SiteGround should make sure that heavy traffic and high loads can be handled quickly by your blog.

I suggest you to go for either site grounds or Bluehost. The bloggers who are using it stated it is the best web hosting provider.


Now, How can you write your content?

Which Blogging Platform?

That’s a simple answer. Just go ahead for WordPress. WordPress is a great platform where you can create pages or posts and anymore without having to learn all that complicated HTML code.

Top Best Blogging Platform

(Source: Howtomakemyblog)

As you can see, WordPress is the big winner over other blogging platforms. You just go ahead for Managed WordPress Hosting which is available in every hosting site.

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How to Buy Domain and Hosting

Though, as I said at the beginning. I would suggest everyone go for site grounds. If you want to buy in site grounds. Follow ahead. The process is similar in every hosting platform. So, you could what’s happening.

  1. Open SiteGrounds Managed WordPress Hosting Plan

Wordpress Managed WordPress Hosting blog

  1. Select the Plan which you like the most.

Startup Plan provides 1 Website, 10GB Storage, and 10,000 Visits monthly.

GrowBigPlan provides Unlimited Websites, 20GB Storage, and 25000 Visits Monthly.

GogeekPlan provides Unlimited Websites, 30GB Webspace, and 100000 Visits Monthly.

I recommend you to take up Startup Plan since you are starting up a first blog. It Includes SLS and HTTPS too and many features to buy it blindly.

  1. Type your Domain name and Extension


  1. Fill all your Account Information and Client Information and Payment Details

sitegrounds blog

sitegrounds blog

  1. Select your Period Plan as you wish. It depends on the money you have and If you want any domain privacy or SG site Scanner just check it.

sitegrounds blog

And Therefore, You will receive mail and you need to do some things that are left. I suggest you watch this tutorial to Create WordPress on Site Grounds.

After coming back to me. The next step you have to do!

4. Setup a Theme

WordPress, The best platform has tons of beautiful and clean themes that are easy to drive through your blog. Choose a light and clean theme that makes users to access your site quickly ensuring it wouldn’t slow down your site speed. Internet users like to be in responsive sites. So, you need to choose a theme that looks simple and responsive on the phone. Most of the readers come from mobile so make sure you have a flexible and responsive theme. Once you completed selecting the theme. You do have to revise some settings on-site.

As according to wp beginner, these are the Best WordPress Themes :

5. Change Settings

wordpress blog

So, from the above image, you are seeing left sidebar from WordPress.

  • Go for Settings
  • You will be navigated to General settings where can add or change your Blog title and Some information regarding to site. After that,

wordpress blog

  • Slide to PermaLinks Sub-column

wordpress blog

  • You can see above image, You better change to post name because your followers or people can easily drive to your site by post name.
  • You can change any other settings as your wish.

6. Add Plugins

Plugins you need to Install

1. WPForms: Every website needs a contact form because it makes it easy for your visitors to get in touch with you.

2. Monster Insights: MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It allows you to connect your website with Google Analytics, so you can see exactly how people find and use your website.

3. Yoast SEO: SEO helps you get more visitors from search engines to your website. While WordPress is SEO friendly out of the box, there is so much more you can do to increase your website traffic using SEO best practices.

4. W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket: It allows you to instantly improve your WordPress website speed and performance with no technical skills required.

5. Updraft Plus: It allows you to set up automatic backups and safely store them on a remote location like Google Drive, Dropbox, S3, Rackspace, FTP, email, and more.

6. Elementor: Elementor is the most advanced frontend drag & drop WordPress page builder. Create high-end, pixel perfect websites at record speeds. Any theme, any page, any design.

7. Insert Headers and Footers: While managing your WordPress site, you may sometimes need to add code snippets to your WordPress header or footer for verification, inserting ad retargeting scripts, etc.

12 Best WordPress Plugins You Must Have

These all plugins are necessary for WordPress which comes as handy for you.

7. Post a Blog

wordpress blog

Hope you got it what I have shown in Image.

After finished writing your blog. Yoast SEO will help you to rectify the mistakes you made in the article. It guides you on what you should apply and what to get rid for. If you got green smiley, it indicates you’re on-page SEO is good.

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Therefore, this is how you can create a site. You should organize everything on your site and keep posting good quality posts till you get engagement and high traffic. It can take up to 6-12 months to reach the first milestone. You have to sketch out your plans and reach the breakthrough. Nothing can stop you if you’re posting high-quality and informative articles. After having enough posts and followers. You can apply a request for Google Adsense.

Getting approval for AdSense is tricky. Here, How to Get Approved For Google Adsense.

Here, learn more :

Comment me on the box if you have any concerns or issues you’re getting. I can help with that.

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