5 Most Important Technology Tools for Bloggers

Every Blogger must need some of the tools to leverage their site. Here, Check out the list of 5 most important technology tools for bloggers.

Bloggers are creative people. They have a great flair for writing which makes them take up blogging as a career, full time, or part-time. However, in today’s context, only creativity is not going to give you the results which you wish to achieve.

Bloggers need to generate the content of high quality which is SEO Friendly. They also need to market the content on online media including social media to drive traffic on their blogs. They need to analyze the traffic sources and then keep fine-tuning their marketing strategy to generate more paying jobs for them.

All in all, bloggers need to keep up with technology to leverage their full potential.We list down top 5 technology tools which are important for bloggers:


1. Google Docs


Google Docs is the best way to create content. You do not need any license per se, you just need an internet connection and a Google account. Google Docs is a great writing tool for collaboration, you can just share the link with anyone, grant access and all those who have the link can run time work on the same document even though they might be miles apart from each other in terms of physical distance.

It also offers many extensions and adds ons for you to use to generate high-quality content in terms of Language, SEO, or anything else for that matter. Some of the popular Google docs add ons which bloggers can use are:

It provides you with loads of Data like overall score, readability score, Targeted keywords, recommended keywords, etc to improve on the SEO Capabilities of your article.

Great grammar adds great professional value to your article. Grammarly extension on Google chrome works like a charm with Google docs and keeps your article free of grammatical mistakes.

Lucid charts extension is an extremely simple way of drawing flowcharts, mockups, UML, etc. It also makes it pretty easy to collaborate with your teams.

2. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Writer’s block is a common thing. There are times when you just can’t figure out the idea. You need someone to tell you new ideas. At times, you have the word around which you want to write an article, but you don’t get the exact topic in your mind to write one.

Topic generators come as a savior in such a case. HubSpot’s topic generator is a good tool to generate topics. It can take up to 5 nouns as input around which it will generate ideas. The free version gives you 5 topics (what they call a week full of topics) and the paid version gives you about 250+ topics (what they call a year full of topics)

So next time, you run out topics, remember to use Hub Spot’s blog Topic generator.




3. Social Media Tools

socialmedia tools

Social Media tools are important for the strategic distribution of your content. Depending upon your niche, you might like to distribute your content Via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. However, the story does not end at distribution. One needs to constantly analyze the Social Media related statistics like Reach, Engagement %age, etc, and work towards constantly improving it.

Social Media Marketing Ideas

Since this is more about distributing your content, platforms like Buffer, Hootsuite come in Handy which helps you to schedule your posts and give you good analytics insights into your social media accounts to fine-tune your distribution.

5 Best Social Media Platforms for Bloggers

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by far the most useful tool to check traffic and the related insights on your website. And all of it for free. Google Analytics provides you with a lot of information about traffic, behavior flow, session timings, etc. Google Analytics is a vast subject and would need a separate blog for itself. However, we will still share useful features of google analytics:

  • Audience

At the audience tab, you can literally see every possible information about your visitors. Are they new users or returning users, their Demographic information, the device they have used, the browser they have used. All this information is essential for you to enhance your content and offerings according to your visitors.

  • Acquisition

Acquisition fundamentally tells you the source of your website’s visitor. Did the visitor come through google search, social media, or any other website? This is important because this tells you about which of your distribution channels are working fine and which ones need to be worked upon.

  • Behavior

This is an important tab for it tells you about the behavior of visitors on your website. How much average time a visitor spent on your website, which page they exited from, which page they landed upon. All in all, this is a good indicator of the engagement of your website.

[bctt tweet=”Google Analytics plays one of the major roles in blogging. Without it, we can’t track our engagement, views, where our audiences generating from and etc.” username=”Mhtspace”]


5. Invoicing Tools

As a full-time blogger, earning money is also your focus. Unfortunately, rents and daily expenses are still not paid by website traffic numbers. You need to have paid assignments. Invoicing is a key job of every blogger or freelancer out there. Not only it helps to collect payments faster, but it also demonstrates your professional behavior.

You can use it as simple as a word or excel template or you can use any of the online tools available. Using these tools you can generate and send invoices very smoothly. You can use Refrens.com’s invoicing tool which is specially designed for freelancers in mind. Not only invoicing, but you can manage all your finances through it.

As a blogger, these are some of the must-have tools you should use. If you are not using it till now, it is ok. As they say, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second-best time is now”. So, don’t waste your time anymore and get going with these tools.


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