8 Video Marketing Ideas for Small and Medium Businesses

Great video marketing is not just about production quality. It’s about creating a connection with consumers. Here are the 8 video marketing ideas.

There is no doubt in the amazing potential of business video marketing in increasing your reach and customer base for medium and small businesses. Here’s some proof. As per studies, 72% of consumers would prefer to learn more about a service or product by watching a video. Out of them, 46% admitted to having taken their decision after watching it. That’s not it. It has also been found that companies using video marketing had a 49% increase in revenue every year compared to the ones that still haven’t. So, if you still haven’t got into the video marketing bandwagon, now is the time. Or if you are someone who has been using video marketing for quite a long time now and is running out of ideas, then don’t worry. We are here with 8 incredible marketing video ideas for your business. So, let’s get started.


What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing Ideas

Video marketing is a powerful marketing strategy used as a part of marketing campaigns for the enhancement of effective engagement of your target audience. It means creating awareness about your product or service. Businesses use video marketing to introduce the audience to their brand, increase engagement on social channels and reach out to them. Small or medium businesses are using videos to increase, convert and retain the consumer base successfully.

Great video marketing is not just about production quality. It’s about creating a connection with consumers using a combination of movements, sound, and visuals in a video. Showing the human angle of your brand will make buyers trust and connect with your brand and eventually use the service or product.

So here are the 8 video marketing ideas to apply, and within no time, you will convert from leads to loyal consumers:


1. Introduction Video

So, viewers aren’t just going to love your brand; they require a reason to invest their time and money in your company. Adding an introductory video of your business will help with that. In that video, you can explain how your company can effectively resolve its issues. Or what you have to offer to make their life better.

There’s a simple formula for business intro videos- Tell the story about how the product was created to resolve a problem and then how the brand resolves the issue. You also need to add a personal touch for emotionally connecting with the viewers.

Add this video to your Website and YouTube homepage for visitors to connect with you as soon as they enter your website.


2. Customer Testimonial Videos

After watching your introduction video, customers would want to know more. So, build their confidence further with testimonial videos. Watching fellow consumers rave about your business will be more real and convincing than the traditional advertisement. You are showing how people love your brand, and it’s worth a try.

It could be a basic interview with customers regarding their experience using your product. It could be made more immersive and organic by filming the customers at their homes or workplace. Once the testimonial is filmed, promote it through social media organically. Or you can add it to the “what customers say” section on your website.

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3. Show your Expertise

Consumers, whether new or old, are searching for expertise in your brand. They want to use services and products from high-quality, skilled brands. This is why they search for credibility before investing. Establish trust by making videos that tell about your intensive experience in the industry. Showcase your knowledge and passion by explaining the complex concepts of your service or products using visuals. Tell them how you are engaged at a more core level as compared to bigger companies.

You can create videos based on tricks and tips on different concerns related to your business’s industry. These educational videos will be great for both future and existing buyers, so you can post them on various platforms. educational videos


4. Create Employee Bio Videos

Being a small or medium business, your team must be a small intimate group of employees. Showcase these friendly, personal qualities with employees in bio videos. Bio video needs to be a simple mix of personal and professional details like expertise, job title, hobbies, where they’re from, etc. These videos will make your business appear more human for prospective consumers who are learning about your business. It shows them you care about your employees and will care about them too.

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5. How-tos or Product Demonstration Video

Once the customers purchase your product or service, they need to be followed up to promote loyalty. Tutorial videos are the best way to provide customers with ongoing service without extra effort. You can highlight the benefits and uses of the product that may have been missed by the customers and would appreciate knowing them.

Great customer support is the best way to make you stand apart from large companies. Tutorial Videos need to be detailed and focused. Explain each feature, purpose, how-to-use, issues, and tips or tricks. Do add how your customer service is readily available in case of any issues or queries.


6. Latest Announcements

You need to ensure that people are excited about your brand by promoting new features or products through video. Use energizing audio, stunning visuals, and more to generate interest from viewers in the latest developments in your brand. This is useful so that people don’t get tired of your service or products and switch to competitors. You can post these videos on Twitter and Facebook from time to time. Email is also a strong way to circulate announcement videos and encourage past customers to stay onboard.

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7. FAQs

FAQs are another effective and common way used by businesses to serve consumers. Addressing concerns beforehand will add more value to your brand. Instead of text answers, create FAQ videos to keep people engaged and resolve their problems at the same time. Featuring your support team to explain solutions to common issues with the product is a personal, compelling way to resolve issues.


8. Support a Cause

Customers’ main focus is on how your service or product affects them, but they also care about how your products or service affects others. If your company supports a cause, the best way to highlight the charity is through video. Seeing visuals of your business’s contribution to the cause will make your brand more authentic. It will create personal connections with buyers. Make sure the video is organic and seems natural and non-promotional.

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The Epilogue:

No matter what size your company is, you need to be a part of the video marketing game to gain success. Video is an emotional medium to show the personal, human aspects of your business and establish a connection with the customers. Using the marketing videos given above will definitely give you an edge in video marketing.

With planning and a touch of creativity, you can make marketing videos to amaze your audience and create wonders for your brand!

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