5 Quick Ways To Get Youtube Subscribers

Subscribers are the engine of your channel. It is they who promote your videos in search results. Here 5 quick ways to get youtube subscribers.

It is hard to ignore such a popular platform like youtube and the fierce competition on this social network is a common thing. YouTube has a huge number of videos on almost any topic. Internet users often turn to YouTube to find answers for questions, get useful tips, or just watch something entertaining. 

Why do you need youtube subscribers?

5 Quick Ways To Get Youtube Subscribers

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Subscribers are the engine of your channel. It is they who promote your videos in search results with their views, likes. This asset needs to be constantly increased and worked with. The hardest part is getting the first hundred. People rarely subscribe to a young channel, so a huge amount of effort is required. The journey from 0 to 100 often takes 2 months or more.

It turns out that the more subscribers you have, the more views you have, and, accordingly, the higher your videos rank in the search. And hence more views and new subscribers. It all goes round in a circle. 

Tactics to get more youtube subscribers :

Let’s start the discussion about simple and effective methods to attract subscribers to your channels. 

1. Comment on other videos

This tactic works 100%. How it works – subscribe to channels of similar topics. As soon as a new video comes out immediately leave a comment. It works best when you write about the topic of the video, and below you invite people to visit your channel.

The only thing is that it takes a significant amount of time. 

2. Make your videos attractive

Of course, it’s not a piece of news to you that there are a lot of low-quality videos on YouTube. But this is not a reason to lower the bar. Only high-quality videos have a chance to win the audience’s attention. 

3. Make the first 30 seconds of your video the most memorable

Experts advise starting with 2 minutes video because they get more engagement from viewers. If you feel that your content is better to be expressed in a longer video go for it. Try not to exceed 12 minutes of video length. 

Your first 30 seconds should be the most informative to keep users attention high and persuade them to watch till the end. Make an introduction video that your potential subscribers can watch if they want to get to know more about your persona and don`t waste these precious 30 seconds on something less important than the theme of your video. 

  • Create engaging trailers

A quality trailer helps you attract new subscribers. To do this, it should be short, no more than a minute, relevant, and informative. Tell viewers why they should follow you by using a call to action.

  • Pay attention to previews

The preview is the calling card of the video, so it should be as attractive as possible. It depends on the cover whether users want to watch your video. Your preview should be consistent with the topic you cover. If your topic is about a movie it’s better to set a picture with the main heroes. If you discuss cars in your video choose a nice photo of the model you talk about, preferably with a human being on the photo as well. 

4. Use CTA wisely

CTA is a simple marketing act and a must-to-do to attract more subscribers to your channel. Many bloggers try to start their video with a CTA but this is a bad idea. And if you remember the 30 seconds rule you easily understand why. However, YouTube offers simple functionality for adding CTAs directly to videos – end screen and in-video recommendations. Also, you can include this CTA directly in your video somewhere in the middle of a video or at the end. And do not forget to use a description box for CTAs. 

5. Digital Marketing services

Following all the recommendations is a good way to get subscribers. However, you can speed up your promotion. The man follows the crowd. It’s easier to trust a channel that already has profile activity. How to be? You can use quality websites to get real YouTube subscribers. Even with a minimal budget, you can update your channel`s public image. 


Use the strategies listed above and you will have more loyal subscribers. Never stop looking for new ways to attract subscribers, track the trends and competitors activity. Remember: it always seems impossible until it is done. 


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