17 New Biggest Movies Coming To Netflix In 2023

Let's take a look at these Netflix movies releasing in 2023 which include films from Veteran filmmakers Snyder and David Fincher.

Well, well, well, hold onto your popcorn, folks, because Netflix is dropping some highly-anticipated movies in 2023, and they’re covering all the bases! from horror to science fiction, drama to action, they’ve got something for everyone. Netflix is not playing around, they’re on a mission to dominate the entertainment industry with the help of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and renowned filmmakers like Snyder and David Fincher.

And, as if that wasn’t exciting enough, a recent promotional video spilled the beans on the release dates for a ton of movies set to launch in 2023, including Zack Snyder’s Star Wars-inspired flick Rebel Moon and Chris Hemsworth’s action thriller Extraction 2. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at these Netflix movies releasing in 2023.

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Biggest Netflix Movies in 2023 —

You People – January 27

You People
Image: Netflix

You People is a romantic comedy starring Jonah Hill as Ezra Cohen and Lauren London as Amira Mohammed, two people of different faiths who fall in love. The film follows two people who hit it off after discovering their mutual appreciation for hip-hop and urban style. Nonetheless, the disparity in their histories puts their friendship to the test. While Ezra’s parents are open-minded progressives, Amira’s are “unyielding yet concerned” parents who refuse to let her live her own life. The film hits streaming on January 27.

Your Place or Mine – February 10

Your Place or Mine
Image: Netflix

Two polar opposite best friends arrive on the set of Your Place or Mine on February 10. Debbie, a Los Angeles resident, prefers stability, while Peter, a New Yorker and her best friend, welcomes change with open arms. In the film, the protagonists switch residences and learn that sometimes, what we want isn’t what we need.

Luther: The Fallen Sun – March 10

Luther: The Fallen Sun
Image: Netflix

The Fallen Sun is a reimagining of the Emmy-winning TV series Luther which streams on March 10. As played by Idris Elba, John Luther is a talented but disgraced investigator who is troubled by his inability to apprehend a cyber psychopath and is currently doing time in prison. In the film, Luther will escape from jail and complete his mission “by any means necessary.”

Murder Mystery 2 – March 31

Murder Mystery 2 - Netflix Movies 2023
Image: Netflix

On March 31st, the sequel to 2019’s Murder Mystery will be released on the platform, promising another detective story. Nick and Audrey Spitz (Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston) are now full-time private investigators and are having a hard time getting their business off the ground. But when their friend is kidnapped during his own wedding, they find themselves in the center of a multinational kidnapping.

The Mother – May 12

The Mother
Image: Netflix

A ruthless assassin emerges from hiding to protect the child she abandoned while on the run from dangerous men. The Mother is an upcoming action drama starring Misha Green, Peter Craig, Joseph Fiennes, and Jennifer Lopez. This Netflix original movie starts streaming on May 12, 2023.

Extraction 2 – June 16

Extraction 2 – Netflix Movies 2023
Image: Netflix

Chris Hemsworth makes his return as action hero Tyler Rake in Extraction 2, which will available on June 16. Rake, the Australian black ops mercenary, is back for a second dangerous mission after just escaping the first. This time, he must free the family of a vicious Georgian thug.

They Cloned Tyrone – July 21

They Cloned Tyrone
Image: Netflix

In They Cloned Tyrone, starring Oscar-winning actor Jamies Foxx, Star Wars’ John Boyega, and Wanda Vision’s Teyonah Parris, an unlikely trio takes on a malicious government conspiracy. The film will be available on Netflix on July 21.

Heart of Stone – August 11

Heart of Stone – Netflix Movies 2023
Image: Netflix

Rachel Stone (Gal Gadot), whose character was inspired by Ethan Hunt’s role in Mission: Impossible, is the only woman who stands between her worldwide peace-keeping organization and the loss of its most essential and most dangerous asset. Bollywood Actress (Alia Bhatt) also stars in the film which hits streaming on August 11.

Lift – August 25

Image: Netflix

Lift, starring Kevin Hart and Vincent D’Onofri, will be released on August 25. The film follows an international heist crew who is recruited to avert a terrorist strike but must carry off the robbery mid-flight.

Damsel – October 13

Damsel – Netflix Movies 2023
Image: Netflix

Here’s a variation on the classic fairy tale: the damsel-in-distress (Millie Bobby Brown) learns that her marriage to the prince is nothing more than a ploy to get her blood on the altar and pay off some sort of ancient debt. Damsel premieres on Netflix on October 13.

Pain Hustlers – October 27

Pain Hustlers – Netflix Movies 2023
Image: Netflix

This new conspiracy thriller Pain Hustlers, starring Chris Evans and Emily Blunt, follows a blue-collar woman (Blunt) who loses her job and is forced to accept a position at a failing pharmaceutical start-up (Evans), where she soon becomes engaged in a cunning plan. The film releases on October 27.

The Killer – November 10

The Killer – Netflix Movies 2023
Image: Netflix

An upcoming neo-noir drama directed by David Fincher, The Killer is based on a series of French graphic novels of the same name. Tilda Swinton and Michael Fassbender star in this film about an assassin of no name who, after years of being the best at what he does, begins to crack and suffers from a psychiatric crisis and now must fight both his employers and himself in an international manhunt. This drama premieres on November 10.

A Family Affair – November 17

A Family Affair
Image: Netflix

The romantic comedy “A Family Affair” tells the story of a young woman, her mother, and her Hollywood boss who must confront and deal with the challenges of love, sex, and identity after an unexpected romance. It will be available for streaming on November 17.

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Leo – November 22

Image: Netflix

Adam Sandler is back in this coming-of-age animated musical comedy which drops on November 22. The story is told from the perspective of Leo the Lizard, a 74-year-old classroom pet who has spent his whole life in the same primary school classroom and is now in his final year there. After learning he has only a year to live, he tries to flee but instead becomes entangled in the affairs of a group of anxious high school classmates.

Leave the World Behind – December 8

Leave the World Behind
Image: Netflix

The film adaptation of Rumaan Alam’s novel of the same name, Leave the World Behind, is a psychological thriller. This story follows a family on vacation who are abruptly approached by two strangers who inform them of a mystery blackout. As the world around them crumbles, the threat increases, and both families must figure out how to stay alive.

Rebel Moon – December 22

Rebel Moon – Netflix Movies 2023
Image: Netflix

Rebel Moon, directed by Zack Snyder, has been eagerly anticipated and will finally be released on December 22. Inspired by Star Wars, this film depicts the invasion of a peaceful colony on the outside of the galaxy by the brutal forces of Regent Belisarius. Among all other releases, this is definitely one of the biggest anticipated movies on Netflix.

Maestro – TBD

Image: Netflix

The film is based on the life of Leonard Bernstein, who was a renowned conductor, composer, pianist, music instructor, author, and humanitarian. Cooper is producing the picture alongside industry heavyweights Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and Todd Phillips. The film is scheduled for a 2023 debut on Netflix.

Honorable Mention:

Untitled Wes Anderson/Roald Dahl Film – TBD

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar Set Photo

Awe-inspiring filmmaker Wes Anderson helms this adaptation of several Roald Dahl short stories, including The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar. The cast so far includes Benedict Cumberbatch, who will play Sugar, Ralph Fiennes, Dev Patel, and Ben Kingsley. This book’s description reads, “Meet the boy who can talk to animals and the man who can see with his eyes closed. And find out about the treasure buried deep underground. A clever mix of fact and fiction, this collection also includes how master storyteller Roald Dahl became a writer. With Roald Dahl, you can never be sure where reality ends and fantasy begins.”

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