Amazon Prime Lite Subscription India: Price & Benefits

Amazon is currently experimenting with a more affordable plan for India, which is the Prime Lite plan, that offers fewer benefits, but there's some downside to it.

Amazon is now exploring a cheaper version of Prime — Prime Lite. Over the years, Amazon has introduced a number of different monthly options for its Prime membership and adjusted costs accordingly. Until Amazon decided to raise the price of a Prime membership in December 2021, it was one of the more inexpensive options. The Amazon Prime subscription fee was increased to Rs. 1,499, and the annual plan has remained costly ever since. But now Amazon is currently experimenting with a more affordable plan for India.

Amazon Prime Lite Subscription Plan Price

The new Amazon Prime Lite plan is priced at Rs. 999, which is obviously a reduction from the original Rs. 1499 plan. This plan offers customers a more inexpensive alternative with reduced benefits. The company’s website now reflects the official price, which is also displayed on the app’s mobile edition. This points to the expected release of the subscription service in the country very soon.

Amazon Prime Lite Plan Benefits & Downsides:

If the Amazon description is to be believed, the new membership plan will give users full access to all of Amazon Prime Video’s features, without any cuts or restrictions. However, users will not be able to see content in HD and there will be advertisements. Amazon has not specified whether its advertisements will be short or long. Members will have access to special prime offers and advance sales. The subscription does not offer access to Amazon Prime Music, free EMI, Prime games, or complimentary e-books.

The videos are standard definition (SD) quality, but you can’t watch them on TV or a browser because that’s all the plan enables. It features two-day free delivery in addition to free standard delivery and morning delivery for Rs 175 per item for qualifying products and addresses.

Amazon Prime Lite Plan Launch Date

At the moment, only a small number of Prime members in India may access the plan, as it is still in the beta testing phase. After the beta phase is over, Amazon may begin offering it as a more affordable subscription option for Prime members who also want to watch Prime Video.  The Rs. 1,499 annual package is still available and provides access to all Amazon services for people who desire everything.

Amazon Prime Plans in India

There are four Amazon Prime plans available in India, and the monthly subscription fee begins at Rs. 179. The pricing for the three-month plan is Rs. 459. For an entire year of Amazon Prime, you’ll need to fork over Rs. 1,499 which offers everything including 4k streaming. Now Amazon introduces its new plan — Prime Lite for Rs. 999.

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