Ben Affleck Is Reportedly Joining The MCU For A Key Role

MyTimeToShineHello, a trusted Marvel source, was the first to report Ben Affleck’s switch to the opposing side — MCU. According to the source, Ben Affleck has been in talks with Marvel Studios about the idea of playing Dario Agger from the DCEU. If this is indeed the case, Affleck may return to Marvel Universe, but this time as an opponent.

In the comics, Dario Agger is the head of Roxxon Energy and a genuine minotaur because he sold his soul. In his quest to invade Asgard, he has frequently allied himself with Malekith, the Dark Elves, and the Dark Council. He is mainly a Thor villain who has clashed with The Mighty Thor. Since Agger has also fought The Hulk, it is probable that Affleck will not feature in a new Thor film, but rather in a project like the rumoured World War Hulk.

On the other hand, Affleck is technically still a member of the DC Extended Universe, as he has at least two confirmed cameos in The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which premiere on June 16 and December 25, respectively. But once the DCEU films of this year enter theatres, everything changes. Ben Affleck’s future as Batman is up in the air now that a leadership (James Gunn) is in charge at DC, and it would make sense for him to exit the DCEU now that Henry Cavill, The Rock, and even Gal Gadot have all departed.

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It’s a thrilling possibility, but until we hear otherwise, we should treat this as just a rumor, albeit a highly probable one.


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