Is Covid Man-Made Virus? US Scientist Reveals The Truth

US Scientist who worked at China's Wuhan Lab answers the question "Is Covid Man-Made Virus?" and explains how the virus leaked out of the lab in the first place.

In a report published in The New York Post on Monday, a US scientist who worked at a research institution in the Chinese city of Wuhan revealed Covid-19 was a man-made virus that had leaked from the laboratory, according to the scientist, which answers the most-asked question in past two years — “Is Covid Man-Made Virus?”

Andrew Huff, a former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, a New York-based non-profit dedicated to the study of infectious diseases, stated that Coronavirus had leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China over two years ago. Further, he blamed authorities for the “biggest failure in US intelligence since 9/11.”

Huff claimed in his new book, The Truth About Wuhan, that the US government funded Coronaviruses in China. Since no biosafety provisions existed, China’s gain-of-function experiments led to a leak at the Wuhan laboratory while they were being carried out in an attempt to enhance the biological properties of organisms.

He also revealed in the book that a number of factors contributed to the death rate. “Foreign laboratories did not have the adequate control measures in place for ensuring proper biosafety, biosecurity, and risk management, ultimately resulting in the lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

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For over a decade, the organization has studied several coronaviruses in bats with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and has built close relationships with Wuhan. In the United States, the NIH is the main agency for biomedical and public health research.

“China knew from day one that this was a genetically engineered agent,” Huff wrote, who worked for EcoHealth Alliance from 2014 to 2016. The non-profit had assisted the Wuhan lab for many years in developing the “best existing methods for engineering bat coronaviruses to attack other species.”

“The US government is to blame for the transfer of dangerous biotechnology to the Chinese. “I was terrified by what I saw,” he told The Sun. “We were just handing them bioweapon technology.”

The New York Post also reports that the WIV is responsible for China’s most risky Coronavirus research, according to a recent investigation by ProPublica/Vanity Fair. This research institute has been subjected to intense pressure from the Chinese Communist Party to produce scientific breakthroughs in order to elevate its international standing despite the lack of resources available to it.

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